Thursday, March 20, 2008

Thai nude beaches

Are there real Thai nude beaches? A lot of people will tell you, that they do not exist or that it is forbidden by Thai law (or by the purist Lonely Planet, if you wish - and even they mention Leela Beach on Koh Phangan).
Guessing by the amount of interest those keywords create on this blog, a lot of people seem to want to stay nude on their Thailand beach, or at least topless. Nude and topless sunbathing in Thailand, this is a readers experience...

Thailand nude beaches on Koh Samui and Koh Phangan:
"The first is Golden Buddha Beach Resort in the Andaman Sea. An isolated eco-resort with a 10 km beach, we walked nude every day, stayed nude at our beachfront house and swam in the nude. Other guests do not mind as topfree is the norm and it is easy to find our own space. On each visit, a few other couples and individual travellers were nude as well. As requested by management, we covered ourselves when Thai staff are near by -- for a few minutes every day.
The second is the Sanctuary on Koh Phangan's Leela Beach. A spa accessible by boat from the overcrowded Haad Rin town where the famous moon beach party takes place. The Sanctuary is very different and laid back. Top free is again the norm. We were nude at the beach (in full view of the restaurant) and at our hut. We were joined by a few people during our visit. There is another beach five minutes north which sees more regular nude use (again in full view of the restaurant/small hotel). We only covered up for yoga, when going to/from the beach and when a large group of Thai tourists happen to visit."
Leela Beach Image Gallery:

The Sanctuary at Leela Beach Lighthouse Resort on Leela Beach Leela Beach Lighthouse Resort Leela Beach
Leela Beach View from Leela Beach Leela Beach Sunset at Leela Beach
Thailand nude beaches on Phuket, Koh Phangan and Koh Tao:
Many time questions about nude beach in thailand and nudity, here are some answers:
Nudity is in Thailand forbidden! But there are many qiet places to do it! On every small island you can find a place to enjoy naked swimming and sunning. Some examples where are sometimes people nude:

1.On the freedom beach near patong. There is a small (15 meters) sandy beach on the left of freedom beach. Its a good places for nudity.
2. Near the Naithon beach is a small public beach with one restaurant. The owners there accept when you stay nude one the chair and swim nude. Please not in the restaurant!

Koh Phangan:
1. Ao Hin Lor is a long nice rock and sandy beach where start in Booms Cafe Bungalows until Blue Hill Resort. There are many paradise nice places for enjoy nudity.
2. Another very good and nice place is near the Wok Thum Beach. When you drive from Thong Sala the way to Wok Thum , after a small viewpoint restaurant you will see a big place without any building on the left. One the end of this place is a small path for go down to the beach, then you see a nice beach.
3. A small but nice beach is near Bovy Resort (Pirates Bar). But the watertide on this beaches goes down in the afternoon. Best time is morning and early afternoon.

Koh Tao:
1. A very small nice beach is near Freedom beach. On a small path you can walk from Taa Too to there.
Not forget: Maybe sometimes Thai people come to this beaches, then not go nude. Most on the weekend the Thai like to go on the beach for picnic.
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