Monday, June 30, 2008

Travel to Phuket already declining

The Nation:
"Several major airlines including Thai Airways International are cutting long-haul flights into Thailand next year
in line with a forecast 12-per-cent drop in the number of inbound tourists, said the Association of Thai Travel Agents.
ATTA president Apichart Sankary said that although the Tourism Authority of Thailand targets 17 million visitors next year, only 15 million may arrive.
Starting from today, THAI will suspend its New York-Bangkok service. The company has also reduced flight frequencies, re-routed flights with particular impact on its US operations and introduced other cost-cutting measures.
"Other airlines such as Lufthansa are also considering reducing long-haul flights between Thailand and Europe," said Apichart.
Thailand is expected to miss this year's visitor target of 15.7 million. ATTA, which encompasses inbound travel agencies, expects the number to reach only 15 million.
While domestic tourism will be more sluggish than last year due to political conflict, Apichart attributed the lower number of foreign visitors to efforts in Europe and the United States to lure tourists from the Middle East.
Maitree Narukhatpichai, president of Phuket Tourism Association, admitted that foreign tourists' bookings for the island
this month had dropped 15-20 per cent from last year's level due to political tensions, which were driving away visitors from major markets.
Seni Phuwasethavorn, president of the Koh Samui Tourism Business Association, said the high season would not be as active as last year due to the higher cost of traveling.
For instance, the ferry fare from Surat Thani to the island will soon be increased by 20 per cent. Currently, Samui's hotel occupancy rate is at 60 per cent, down from 70-80 per cent in the same period last year."

Bangkok Post:
"Tourism prospects in the approaching high season in Phuket and Phang Nga may not be as brisk as anticipated earlier, as continued rising oil prices are expected to deter some travellers.
Maitree Narukatpichai, president of Phuket Tourist Association, forecast that
average hotel occupancy in Phuket in the coming high season from November to April would be 70% this compared with 75% in the 2006-07 high season.
Phuket has a total of 50,000 hotel rooms, up from 40,000 three years ago when many properties were still rebuilding after the 2004 tsunami.
The association projected tourism revenue in Phuket this year would amount to between 94 billion and 95 billion baht.
The hotel occupancy rate in May and June, the trough of the low season,
was only 10-15% compared with 50% in the same period last year. The low rate was attributed mainly to high oil prices and the resulting surge in airfares.
Air tickets normally account for about 60-70% of the total expense of visitors.
Phuket has long been popular with Europeans, who are now facing fuel surcharges in the hundreds of dollars on top of the cost of their long-haul air tickets.
However, Mr Maitree said it would be too early to project the precise hotel occupancy rate in the high season, as most of the bookings would be concluded in August.
Should bookings decline, he said local hoteliers may need to design special tourism package to attract the visitors.
Chittiporn Suthipibul, deputy managing director of Khao Lak Resort in Phang Nga province, said hotel occupancy in Khao Lak from May to October was estimated at only 15%, up from 10% in the same period last year. However, the occupancy rate during the high season was expected to rise up to 85% compared with 70% a year earlier. Khao Lak currently has 5,000 hotel rooms, about 80% fewer than before the tsunami.
Last year, Khao Lak attracted 1.8 million visitors, up from 1.1 million in 2006. The figure was expected to top 2.3 million this year. The industry generated about six billion baht in revenue to the area in 2007, with revenue expected to grow to 7-8 billion baht this year."

Friday, June 27, 2008

Beijing Olympic 2008 Venue District Schedule

Beijing OlympicsBeijing Olympics

Beijing Olympic 2008 will start soon. Get ready with the biggest sport event this year.

Going to Beijing is very exciting, but not every tourist knows Beijing well. In the other hand, the sport events are held on a various kind of venues, in every districts of Beijing City.

Here is the list of the venue, including the Beijing district and place, with the games held on.

New Competition Venues in Beijing (Venus - Location - Game)

National Stadium - Olympic Green
Athletics and Football

National Aquatics Center - Olympic Green
Swimming, Diving, Water Polo and Synchronized Swimming

National Indoor Stadium - Olympic Green
Artistic Gymnastics, Trampolines and Handball

Beijing Shooting Range Hall - Shijingshan District

Wukesong Indoor Stadium - Wukesong Sports Center, Haidian District

Laoshan Velodrome - Laoshan, Shijingshan District
Cycling (track)

Shunyi Olympic Rowing-Canoeing Park - Mapo Village, Shunyi District
Rowing and Canoe/Kayak (flat-water racing and Slalom Racing)

China Agricultural University Gymnasium - China Agricultural University (East Campus), Haidian District

Peking University Gymnasium - Peking University, Handian District
Table Tennis

Beijing Science and Technology University Gymnasium - Beijing Science and Technology University, Haidian District
Judo and Taekwondo

Beijing University of Technology Gymnasium - Beijing University of Technology, Chaoyang District
Badminton and Rhythmic Gymnastics

Existing Competition Venues in Beijing (Venus - Location - Game)

Olympic Sports Center Stadium - Olympic Sports Center, Chaoyang District
Football and Modern Pentathlon (running and equestrian)

Olympic Sports Center Gymnasium - Olympic Sports Center, Chaoyang District

Workers' Stadium - Gongti Lu, Chaoyang District

Workers' Indoor Arena - Gongti Lu, Chaoyang District

Capital Indoor Stadium - Baishi Bridge, Haidian District

Fengtai Softball Field - Fengtai Sports Center, Fengtai District

Ying Tung Natatorium - Olympic Sports Center, Chaoyang District
Water Polo and Modern Pentathlon (swimming)

Laoshan Mountain Bike Course - Laoshan, Shijingshan District
Cycling (Mountain Bike)

Beijing Shooting Range Clay Target Field - Xiangshan Nan Lu, Haidian District

Beijing Institute of Technology Gymnasium - Beijing Institute of Technology, Haidian District Volleyball

Beihang University Gymnasium - Beihang University, Haidian District

Temporary Competition Venues in Beijing (Venues - Location - Games)
Fencing Gymnasium - Olympic Green
Fencing preliminaries and finals and Modern Pentathlon (fencing and shooting)

Hockey Field - Olympic Green

Archery Field - Olympic Green

Tennis Center - Olympic Green

Wukesong Baseball Field - Wukesong Sports Center, Haidian District

Beach Volleyball Ground - Chaoyang Park Chaoyang District
Beach Volleyball

BMX Field - Laoshan, Shijingshan District

Triathlon Venue - Ming Tomb Reservoir

Urban Road Cycling Course - TBD
Cycling(Road Race)

Venues outside BeijingVenues (Categories - Location - Games)
Hong Kong Equestrian Venueses - Hong Kong

Qingdao International Sailing Centre - Qingdao

Qinhuangdao Olympic Sports Centre Stadium - Qinhuangdao
Football Preliminary

Shanghai Stadium - Existing - Shanghai
Football Preliminary

Tianjin Olympic Centre Stadium - Tianjin
Football Preliminary

Shenyang Wulihe Stadium - Shenyang
Football Preliminary

Thursday, June 26, 2008


Thai Beaches Named Most Favorite Asian Destination for Swedish Tourists

Thailand has been named as the most favorite Asian vacation destination
among Scandinavian visitors, according to the Thai Tourism Authority
office in Sweden.

The Tourism Authority of Thailand’s Stockholm
Office Director Manit Boonchim said that Swedish tourists have voted
for this country as their most favorite place in Asia.

This is
according to an impressively high number of Swedish tourists to
Thailand during the first four months of this year, when around 190,000
people have flown into the kingdom to escape the cold winter to the
sun, sea, and sand here.

Manit said the TAT believes that the
number will rise further as the Swedes are keen to look for new exotic
destinations while vacationing.

He also stated that one of
Sweden’s leading tour companies, Apollo Travel, has reported that it
has been receiving an increasing demand for holidays on the beaches as
well as eco-tourism in Thailand from its Swedish clients these days.

It is now looking for new tourist destinations in the country for family holidays to cope with the rising demand.

FRANK'S WRATH! the height of "Frank's" wrath an undaunted ARMI CARRION, the governor's wife travelled the two-hour distance from Boac to Torrijos to distribute relief goods to evacuees at Torrijos Poblacion...

... a nursery at the provincial training center in Tamayo, Sta. Cruz with its roof completely blown away...

...trees with branches broken or uprooted. In Amoingon (Ilaya) a coconut tree fell right into a farmer's nipa house completely destroying it but his famiy escaped unhurt...

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Rip Tides at Nai Harn

From a post in one of the Phuket Internet Forums:

Just a reminder to all we are into that time of year where the sea can get really dangerous.

times the sand bottom can change pretty rapidly, cause a bit of a
dugout which can create super mean undertows and rip tides.

was at Nai Hairn beach on Sunday and watched a rip tide form really
quickly. Meanwhile the gal that was in the rip tide, well, her
boyfriend went up on the beach and walked away as she began to
struggle. I went down and motioned for her to move to one side or the
other of the rip tide and then to come into shore.

when caught in a rip current sucking out to sea, swim parallel to the
shore and then come in. Don't exhaust yourself swimming against the

Be safe and enjoy the beach.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


The province of Marinduque which has just recovered from the major devastation wrought by super-typhoon “Reming” that hit the island-province in November 2006, was left reeling after typhoon “Frank” that came with torrential rain last Saturday, June 21st.

397 families consisting of 1,095 individuals living in low-lying areas in Boac, Buenavista and Sta. Cruz were immediately evacuated to schools that served as temporary evacuation centers. There was immediate power outage throughout the island’s six towns. Telephone lines were down and communications were virtually cut-off.

Initial reports reaching the provincial capitol counted 4 injured and 3 dead. The provincial social services and welfare office immediately dispatched relief goods consisting of rice, sardines and noodles to evacuation centers. Hundreds of houses were destroyed especially those situated along the south-western coasts of Torrijos and Buenavista. The Torrijos District Hospital and the Provincial Training Center also reported damages.

The typhoon caused major damage to crops like rice, corn, bananas and coconuts. Hundreds of hectares of farmlands planted to hybrid rice and vegetables were damaged accoding to reports. An initial report from the provincial agriculture’s office placed the damage to crops in the municipalities of Gasan, Torrijos and Sta. Cruz at P 21-million.

The quick inundation of Mogpog river brought near panic to town residents, aware of the probable nightmare that may be caused in the event of a collapse by the Maguilaguila Dam. A similar situation occured in 1993, when a typhoon also hit the province.

“Frank” swept away bancas in Paye (Mogpog), Gasan and Torrijos. Damage to roads are heavy in Tarug (Mogpog) and Lapu-Lapu (Sta. Cruz). Landslides occurred in Saya (Mogpog) and Tugos (Boac). Heavy damage to Sumangga bridge was also reported.

A joint meeting of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan and the Provincial Disaster Coordinatng Council of Marinduque recommended the declaration of a state of calamity in the Province of Marinduque with an initial funding of P 5-million from the provincial funds to be made available for immediate release to aid the affected families. Total damage to crops and properties is expected to reach P 100-million.

Governor Jose Antonio Carrion, together with Agriculture Undersecretary Bernie Fondevilla conducted an aerial inspection of the province yesterday to assess the damages.

Provincial Administrator, Allan Jay Velasco meanwhile, announced the postponement of the Southern Tagalog Tourism Assembly slated in Marinduque from June 25-27. "We have agreed with the STTC to move the date to August in view of the current situation in Marinduque and in the regional provinces affected by typhoon "Frank", he said.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Sichuan Reopens 13 Cities to Tourists

Sichuan TouristSichuan TouristSichuan TouristSichuan Tourist

Good news for China City Traveller. As we know, China's province got earthquake, killed more than 69.000 peoples, and destroy the cities building including some tourist sites. But Quake-battered Sichuan province reopened 13 cities and prefectures to tourists on Saturday in a move to revive its once-booming travel industry.

The cities are Zigong, Panzhihua, Luzhou, Suining, Neijiang, Leshan, Nanchong, Yibin, Guang'an, Dazhou, Meishan, Ziyang and Liangshan, according to the provincial tourism bureau.

"Among the world heritage sites, Dujiangyan-Qingcheng Mountain and the Wolong National Natural Reserve were just partly damaged. The Jiuzhaigou and Huanglong scenic spots, Ermei Mountain and the Leshan Giant Buddha suffered no damage in the earthquake," said Zhang Gu, the bureau head.

Of more than 4,000 scenic areas in Sichuan, 568 were damaged in the earthquake. Losses have been put at 27.84 billion yuan ($4.03 billion), according to the bureau.

The worst-hit places, including Beichuan County, Tangjiashan, and Hanwang Town in Mianzhu City, were expected to be built into world-class earthquake museums in three years, he said.

Thursday, June 19, 2008


Governor Bong Carrion celebrated his 60th birhday yesterday receiving well-wishers, friends and visitors at the capitol building. Photos show: Mrs. Armi Carrion kissing her husband as Bing, the governor's sister look on; the Capitol Choir singing; an old fountain at the capitol's facade is repaired and lighted up; Provincial Admin. Velasco gamingly responds to the stand-up comedians invited by Madame Armi; part of the audience enjoying the entertainment; one of many birthday streamers around the party venue (this one's from Sta. Cruz.

Other highlights: Marinduque State College (MSC) presented local folk songs with dances choreographed by professor Rex Asuncion. A photo-exhibit on Bing Carrion-Buck's recently published book "Honor Thy Mother" was put up at the capitol lobby.

"Gasang-Gasang" performers from Gasan prepare for their number...

Friday, June 13, 2008

Songgang famous industrial park in Guandong

Songgang (松岗) is a district in Bao An, Shenzhen City, Guandong Province, China.

Never hope Songgang is a tourism city, but Songgang is famous for its industrial park and heavy manufacturer company.

Songgang is famous for his manufacturer company and industrial zone such as Chengdu Song Gang Special Glass Manufacturing Co.,Ltd, Baoan Songgang Yanchuan Hehuanshan Paints Co., Ltd, Bao'an Songgang Longwell Electronics Factory, Kenxi Industrial Co., Ltd,

Songgang GuandongSonggang Guandong

Watch Songgang Town, Shenzhen city, video here

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Changchun Nightlife Bars, Stage, Karoake KTVs

Changchun (长春) is the capital city of Jilin Province, located in Northeast of China. It is located the central part of Songliao Plain, covering a total area of 20,571 square kilometers (about 8,012 square miles). Being the capital city of Jilin Province with clivia as its city flower, Changchun is the political, economic and cultural center. If territory of China is in a shape of rooster, therefore Changchun is one eye of this huge rooster. You can imagine its important position.

Changchun may be famous during the Last Emperor of China, Henry Pu Yi. Pu Yi stayed at a palace in Changchun while Japan began to invade China, and created a puppet country Manchukuo.

We can say Changchun is an old city, but still looks younger than other historical cities in China.

Some nightlife entertainment (bars, drama, stage, karoekes, KTVs) in Changcung are listed here :

1. Changchun Shi Gongren Wenhuagong (cinema, drama, performance, bars, and kinds of training)

2. Liu Laogen Stage (the most popular form of folklore)

3. Wuyuehua Jiuba, Mayflower Bar (The most famous brand in Changchun for the beauties)

4. Languifang (Large entertainment place selection of KTV, club, and disco plaza)

5. Jinqianbao Yezonghui (Karaoke Hall)

6. San Marco Bar:

7. Ferry Port Bar 渡口酒吧: Live music and film posters

8. Amigo Bar

9. Needs Bar: Live Music and not crowded.

10. Nanhu Dalu Bridge: Green Avenue

11. Mayflower

12. Mexcott Bowling

Changchun Photos :

Changchun Bars

Changchun Nightlife

Watch The Last Emperors Palace in Changchun, China Video here

Monday, June 2, 2008

Phuket Upcoming Events: 2008 Laguna Phuket International Marathon

This year’s Laguna Phuket International Marathon, the third, is expected to attract some 4,000 competitors, of whom 1,500 will be coming from 40 countries overseas.

The 2008 Laguna Phuket International Marathon will be held from June 13th to 15th 2008 in Bang Tao Beach.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

How many people live in Phuket?

On the occasion of an argument between the state and the province, Phuket governor Niran Kalayanamitr, released an information which much suspected already, but had never been officially formulated regarding the number of inhabitants in Phuket.

Indeed, he complained that Phuket had received unusually low allocations in the past because the government had based the budget on the island's registered population, which stood at only 300,000 people.
Actually, according to Mr. Kalayanamitr, up to a million people live in Phuket and around six million people visit the island annually.