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Ranakpur, temple town of Rajasthan

From Jodhpur we proceeded towards Ranakpur which is located in the remote valley of Aravali range. It is situated in the Pali district to the North of Udaipur. It has one of the largest and most important Jain Temples in the country. The place is well connected through a road network to other places in the region. Ranakpur is named after Rana Kumbha whom Dharna Sah, a Jain businessman, approached when he had the vision of his great temple to ask for the land for its construction. Renowned for some marvelously carved Jain temples in amber stone, Ranakpur is one of the five holiest places of the Jain community and exceptional in beauty. ( Click on the images for the bigger view).

Jain Temple

Ranakpur is one of the five holiest places of the Jain community. It is famous because of some marvelously carved Jain temples in amber stone, of exceptional beauty. The dating of this temple is controversial but it is largely considered to be anywhere between the late 14th to mid-15th centuries.

This temple is dedicated to Adinatha. The temple occupies an area of approximately 60 x 62 meters. The temple, with its distinctive domes, shikhara, turrets and cupolas rises majestically from the slope of a hill. The temple is designed as caumukha—with four faces.The construction of the temple and quadrupled image symbolize the Tirthankara's conquest of the four cardinal directions and hence the cosmos.
Entering the temple one is overwhelmed by the the lavish abundance of marvelous stonemason works on white marble. There are four subsidiary shrines, 24 pillared halls and all in all 1444 columns each from one piece and all rich decorated with most elaborate sculptures. The pillars, carved in exquisite detail, support the temple. The pillars are all differently carved and no two pillars are the same.

Also all the statues face one or the other statue. The artistically carved nymphs playing the flute in various dance postures at a height of 45 feet are an engrossing sight. In the assembly hall, there are two big bells weighing 108 kgs. whose sound echoes in the entire complex.

There is one beautiful carving made out of a single marble rock where there 108 heads of snakes and numerous tails. One cannot find the end of the tails. The image faces all four cardinal directions.

Carvings in the ceilings are not alike. There are approximately 6 big ceilings and many more smaller ones. The carvings in the big ceiling are amazing and they are very different from each other.

One of the smaller ceiling has carving of Ohm. It is impossible to count number of ohms carved into it. It is a beautiful carving one should not miss.

Sun Temple

Ranakpur is widely known for its marble Jain temple, and for a much older Sun Temple which lies opposite the former. It was built around the 13th century and renovated in the 15th century. Built of white lime stone in the classic Nagara style, the temple shows a profusion of intricate sculptural work. It consists of a sanctum crowned with Shikhara and an octagonal mandapam which has six verandas. Exterior of the sanctum contains the sculptures of Sun God seated on a chariot.

From Ranakpur we traveled to Mount Abu, Hill of Wisdom

Ranakpur ---> Mount Abu 181 kms

P.S: December is the month when lot of tourists land in Rajasthan. So if you really want all the arrangements to be done properly this has to be done before October end.

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Crossing the border? Take your passport

WASHINGTON — Federal officials hope a new education campaign will eliminate confusion at U.S. borders this summer when Americans will be required for the first time to show a passport or a special ID card to drive home from Canada or Mexico.
Travelers will no longer be able to use ordinary driver's licenses or birth certificates to get back into the U.S.

On June 1, U.S. citizens entering the country by land or sea will have to present a passport or government border-crossing card that shows their name and proof of citizenship. They could also use a military ID or an enhanced driver's license, which has extra security features and is only available in the states of Washington, New York, Vermont and Michigan.

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Geyser espectacular

The Morning Glory Pool - Parque Nacional de Yellowstone - EE.UU.

Uno de los rincones que esconde el primer parque natural del mundo, Yellowstone, es un pequeño geyser.

El parque natural abarca más de la mitad de todos los géiseres vivos de la tierra, aunque os muestro este en concreto.

Con sus cambiantes y espectaculares colores, esta piscina natural muestra una belleza increíble. Las tonalidades que presenta este geyser, parecen irreales, bellas, impresionantes. Todo ello se debe a unas pequeñas bacterias que viven en sus aguas y las hacen cambiar de color según la temperatura, que llega a alcanzar los 90 grados.

Con cada estación, el paisaje cambia, a cuál más bello de todos... Se puede disfrutar de este espectáculo que nos ofrece la naturaleza en cualquier momento del año.

Como suele pasar en los lugares más bellos del mundo, la mano del humano es la que finalmente acaba por destruirlo.

Es lo que pasa con esta maravilla de nuestro planeta, que aunque está prohibido bañarse en ella (envidiados los que pudieron disfrutar antaño de estas aguas termales), semanalmente las autoridades sacan kilos y kilos de desperdicios de su interior. La preocupación por este hecho ha llegado hasta el punto de recompensar a quienes denuncien a estos "personajes" que se han propuesto acabar con el geyser.

Como dijo Thomas Moran, un pintor estadounidense, "Los bellos colores que uno puede encontrar en Yellowstone están fuera del alcance de lo humano".

Y para muestra.. un botón, aquí tenéis una selección de fotos.

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As of 3.22 11am
Religion, Revelry and Adventure

Marinduque is where various expressions of true Tagalog culture are found, including the roots of a language that has evolved into today’s modern national form, Filipino. Its indigenous arts, cultural practices and historical importance have continued to draw national appreciation.

Marinduque has also become synonymous with “Moriones Festival”. As far as this Lenten tradition is concerned, no other masks and headgears in account of Philippine folk culture have preceded it. Other mask festivals in various parts of the country, thus, drew their inspiration from it.

Moriones originated in the northern Marinduque town of Mogpog, in the 1880s when a re-enactment of the crucifixion was staged by a local priest, Padre Dionisio Santiago. The part where the centurion, Longhino, who pierced the side of the Christ with a spear but was renewed when his sight was restored, was played out for the first time. Since then, its lasting message of faith and conversion have found a permanent niche in the heart of the Marinduqueno.

In the said town, the Longhino ritual has become an integral part of church rituals. The climax of the moriones still takes place at noontime of Easter Sunday with a mock beheading of the Roman soldier, as they did in the olden days.

In the towns of Gasan and Boac the moriones folk tradition has, through the years, been largely influenced by tourism, cultural and economic development efforts and is celebrated in the context of a weeklong religious festivities that now include trade fairs, evening sinakulo presentations, theater, daytime passion dramas, parades and street festivals. These, alongside unique rituals, processions, marathon readings of the pasyon, the acts of Good Friday flagellants and the consistent return of the Easter Sunday “pugutan”, beheading (Boac).

In the other towns of Marinduque (Sta. Cruz, Torrijos, Buenavista), age-old Lenten practices also remain intact, but cultural dynamism have, likewise, inspired local morions and similar festivities. All the six towns have opened wide their doors to the influx of visitors out to experience the island’s natural beauty and the many exciting adventures that await those who seek them.

In Marinduque, there is something for everyone, indeed. The calendar of activities in this year’s celebration will show that this is so.


Palm Sunday, April 5

5:00 am Holy Mass in all Parishes
6:30 am “Hosanahan” (Procession in all town centers celebrating Christ’s entry to Jerusalem with participants showing off their gaily decorated palaspas, palm fronds)
8:00 am Palm Sunday Mass (all Parishes)
9:00 am Opening of Gasan Agro-Industrial Trade Fair ’09, Guingona Park, Gasan
3:00 pm ‘“Estacion Heneral” (Makeshift altars mounted in front of selected houses in town centers serve as points where the Stations of the Cross are relived by the faithful). All parishes.
5:00 pm “NIGHT MARKET” at the Coastal Park, Buenavista (Nightly barbeque and drinks with live band, mobile lights, videoke and souvenir shops). April 5-12 till midnight.
7:00 pm “Night of Gospel Songs”, Guingona Park

Holy Monday, April 6

7:45 am Registration of Morions (By tradition morions register already dressed up at designated places in town centers), Boac, Gasan, Torrijos, Mogpog, Sta. Cruz.
8:00 am “Community Parade of Costumes” (Boac Town Center. Public and private sector officials and employees in morion-inspired costumes or costumes of biblical characters, turning the town center into a ‘small Jerusalem’. Similar activity of wearing kaftan and parade of morions are undertaken in Torrijos by the public and private sector from Holy Monday to Holy Wednesday. (April 6-8). In Sta. Cruz “Pabasa” is undertaken at the municipal lobby (April 6-9) In Buenavista, a “Lenten Parade” participated in by government sector and morions from 15 barangays.
10:00 am Marinduque Moriones Festival Trade Expo ‘09, Products from the MIMAROPA provinces of . Mindoro, Marinduque, Romblon and Palawan as well as Baguio City, Iloilo, NCR and others are exhibited/sold. April 6-12), Moriones Park, Boac Riverbank
10:00 am Parada ng Morion, (Moryons roam around the town in groups) April 6-10, Boac Poblacion
Pasyon Reading Contest (Apr. 6-10 til 4:00pm), Buenavista Poblacion
3:00 pm Parada ng Morion, (Various morion groups), Poblacion, Boac Parada ng Morion, Poblacion, Gasan (April 6-10)
7:00 pm Acoustic Bands (Nightly), Trade Exhibit Area, Morion Park, Boac Riverbank
7:30 pm Film Showing (Movies on the Life of Our Lord, Jesus Christ. Apr. 6-10), Guingona Park, Gasan

Holy Tuesday, April 7

8:00 am Marinduque Moriones Festival Trade Expo 09, Morion Park, Boac Riverbank (April 6-12) Parade of Legion morion group, Boac Poblacion
9:00 am Parade of Kapatirang Morion Group, Boac Poblacion. Morion Parade (participated in by Morions from 15 barangays). Buenavista Poblacion (Daily from Apr. 7-11) Parade/Visita Iglesia of Legion Morion Group, St. Joseph Parish, Gasan Poblacion
10:00 am Parade/Visita Iglesia of MISTAH Morion Group, Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage Parish, Balanacan, Mogpog
1:30 pm Parade/Visita Iglesia of Legion Morion Group, St. Isidore Labradot Parish, Mogpog
2:00 pm Parade/Visita Iglesia of MISTAH Morion Group, St. Joseph the Worker Parish, Malabon, Sta. Cruz
3:00 pm Parade/Visita Iglesia of MISTAH Morion Group, Holy Cross Parish, Sta. Cruz Poblacion
3:00 pm Parade of Kapatirang Morion Group, Boac Poblacion, and Legion Morion Group
7:00 pm Acoustic Bands (Nightly), Trade Exhibit Area, Morion Park, Boac Riverbank

Holy Wednesday, April 8

4:00 am “Pabasa ng Pasyon” (Traditional chanting of the poetic narrative on the Passion of Christ), Gasan Kiosko
8:00 am Marinduque Moriones Festival Trade Expo 09, Morion Park, Boac Riverbank (April 6-12)
Parade in Samaritana Costume, Boac Poblacion Parade/Visita Iglesia of MISTAH Group, St. Joseph Parish, Gasan Poblacion
9:00 am - Parade of Kapatirang Morion Group, Boac Poblacion
Legion’s Creative Contest ‘09, (Theme: Longinus, a Saint & Martyr), Boac Covered Court. Parade, Legion Morion Group, Boac Poblacion
Parade/Visita Iglesia of MISTAH Morion Group, Sto Nino Parish, Buenavista Poblacion
Morion Parade (with morions from 15 barangays), Buenavista Poblacion
10:00 am - “Pagpapakasakit ni JesuKristo”, Mogpog Poblacion
“Kalbaryohan”, Sta. Cruz Poblacion (Holy Wednesday to Good Friday)
11:00 am Parade/Visita Iglesia of MISTAH Morion Group, Our Lady of Perpetual Succor Parish, Torrijos Poblacion
1:00 pm “Maskara Mo, Kulayan Mo” (Mask painting), Boac Covered Court
3:00 pm Parade, Legion Morion Group, Boac Poblacion (and other morion groups)
5:00 pm Holy Wednesday Religious Procession, all Town centers
7:00 pm “Sinakulo” (Stage presentation: Episode from Genesis to the Birth of Jesus. Presented by the Provincial Government of Marinduque in cooperation with morion groups and cenaculistas). Moriones Arena, Boac Riverbank.

Holy Thursday, April 9

4:00 am “Pabasa ng Pasyon”, Gasan Kiosko
7:00 am Visita Iglesia via Motor Bike (Biker’s Fun Run visiting churches around Marinduque taking Boac-Gasan-Buenavista-Torrijos-Sta. Cruz-Mogpog Boac route), assembly at Boac Covered Court.
“Maskara Mo, Kulayan Mo” (Mask Painting), Boac Covered Court
8:00 am Parade of Morion Contingents, Boac Poblacion
9:00 am “Battle of the Morions”, (Judging of the Best Morion Costumes and Masks organized by the provincial government), Moriones Arena, Boac Riverbank
2:00 pm “Battle of the Morions” (Competition of morions in choreographed movements participated in by contingents from the municipalities organized by the provincial government), Moriones Arena, Boac Riverbank
7:00 pm “Ang Kristo: Pasyondula” (Theater. Premiere presentation in Boac. Beginning with Christ’s Baptism to the Resurrection. Presented by the Provincial Government of Marinduque in cooperation with Teatro Balangaw), Moriones Arena, Boac Riverside.

Good Friday, April 10

8:00 am “Maskara Mo, Kulayan Mo” (Mask Painting), Boac Covered Court
“Sinakulo” (Street play with morions joining). Torrijos Poblacion
9:00 am “Via Crucis” (The Way of the Cross. Re-enacted along the streets of Boac culminating at the Moriones Arena).
12:00 pm Tawak Drinking. (Ritual. Drinking of herbal potion against poisonous bites). Guingona Park, Gasan
2:00 pm Flagellantes. (Self-flogging by penitents) Boac and Gasan cemeteries Parade, Legion Morion Group, Boac Poblacion
4:00 pm Good Friday Religious Procession, all town centers
8:00 pm “Kristo: Ang Tagapagligtas” (Stage presentation. People’s Park, near Sta. Cruz Public Market.

Black Saturday, April 11

9:00 am Kite Flying Contest, Bangbang Rice Fields, Gasan
1:30 pm Parade/Visita Iglesia of Legion Morion Group, Birhen Mapag-ampon Parish, Brgy. Balimbing, Boac
2:30 pm “Kalutang Contest”, Municipal Tennis Court, Gasan
2:30 pm Parade/Visita Iglesia of Legion Morion Group, Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish, Brgy. Poras, Boac
3:30 pm Parade of Legion Morion Group, Boac Poblacion to Boac Cathedral
7:00 pm “Pugutan” (Stage presentation on the Longhino story), Guingona Park, Gasan
7:00 pm “Pugutan” (Stage presentation on the Longhino story), Torrijos Covered Court
9:00 pm “Sinakulo” (Stage presentation on the Resurrection and the Longhino story. Presented by the Provincial Government of Marinduque in cooperation with morion groups and cenaculistas), Moriones Arena, Boac Riverbank.
7:00 pm Legion Morion Group Torch Parade, assembly at Boac Cathedral
9:00 pm MISTAH Morion Group Torch Parade and Vigil

Easter Sunday, April 12

4:00 am “Salubong at Bati”/”Aleluyahan” (Ritual and Dance celebrating the appearance of the Risen Christ before the Blessed Mother). Designated area in all town centers.
5:00 am Easter Mass, all Parishes.
7:30 am “Gasang-Gasang Easter Sunday Street-Dancing Festival” (Competition of various contingents in choreographed movements and morion-inspired costumes). Gasan Poblacion
8:30 am Grand Parade and Awarding of Prizes to Morions, Mogpog Covered Court
9:00 am Parade of MISTAH Morion Group, Boac Poblacion Parade of Legion Morion Group, Boac Poblacion
“Tubungan sa Plaza” (Putong Ritual), BoacCovered Court
10:00 am “Traditional Pugutan”, (Ritual. Mock beheading of Longhino), Mogpog Covered Court
10:00 am “TRADITIONAL Pugutan”, (Chase and mock beheading of Longhino. With MISTAH, Kapatirang Morion and Legion Morion Groups, Boac Poblacion
“EASTER EGG HUNTING AT THE PARK”, for locals and tourists, Coastal Park, Buenavista
1:00 pm Legion’s Creative Contest Awarding Ceremony.
7:30 pm San Miguel Beer Plaza, Boac Covered Court
7:30 pm “Bikini Open” (Personality Pageant, Private sector organized). Poctoy White Beach, Torrijos
“EASTER PARTY at the PARK”, (Open to the public), Coastal Park, Buenavista


Package A: (Poctoy White Sand Beach, Pottery Making, Malbog Sulfuric Hot Spring, View of Malindig Volcano, Tres Reyes Island, Beaches in Gasan, Churches, Duyay Cave, Butterfly Culture)

Package B: (Boac Cathedral, Marinduque Museum, Beaches, Balanacan Harbor, Bathala Cave or Tarug Cave, Biglang Awa Shrine, Sta. Clara Monastery)

Call Mobile # 0919-2483769 (Gene Querubin) or # 0919-5700432 (Noel Magturo)

(Bulusukan Falls (Bagtingon, Buenavista), Paadjao Cascades (Bocboc, Mogpog, Hinulugan Falls (Boac-Torrijos Boundary. Call Provl. Tourism Office # 0917-9166635)

(Mogpog, #0916-1356061)

(Hinanggayon, Mogpog, # Call Provl. Tourism Office # 0917-9166635 Gerry Jamilla)

(Tour of islands in Mogpog, Sta. Cruz and Gasan. Call #0918-2233826)

Magnificent El Taj Mahal

travel india
magnificent el taj mahal

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Kumbalgarh, the Unconquered Fort

Next day early morning we left from Mount Abu towards our journey to Udaipur. On the way we visited quite a few marvelous places. One among them is Kumbhalgarh.

The most important tourist attractions here are:

The Fort

Rana Kumbh built this massive fort in 15th century in the Aravali ranges. A few kilometers of zigzag road through deep ravines and thick forests leads one to this fort. This massive fort stretches across 36 kms of the Aravali Mountains and is 1100 m high from the sea level. This is surrounded by thirteen mountain peaks, guarded by seven great gates and seven ramparts, strengthened by rounded bastions and immense watchtowers. This mountain fortress has been through many battles and has remained un-conquered.

The fort has seven gates and the last gate leads one to the palace. The first one is Arait Pol, where you can trace the watch-tower and Other gates are Hulla Pol, Hanuman Pol, Ram Pol, Bhairava Pol, Paghra Pol, Top-khana Pol and Nimboo Pol.

The seven ramparts folded with one another with designed walls toughened by curved bastions and huge watch towers. The strong structure of walls of the Fort made it unbeatable till date. The hefty walls of the fort are broad enough to stand eight horses side by side.

There are many palaces, temples and gardens inside this huge fort complex. It is believed that there are not less than 360 temples inside the complex of the Fort. Amongst all of them, Shiva Temple is worth visiting that comprises a huge Shivalinga (Phallic form).

On top of the fort is the Badal Mahal Palace or the Palace of Cloud. It encloses beautiful rooms with pleasant color schemes of green, turquoise and white. This palace is very different when compared to rest of the raw and grim fortress. The palace was rebuilt by Rana Fateh Singh in the late 19th century. The legendary Maharana Pratap was born here.

The Wildlife Sanctuary

Sited in the flourishing green zone of Udaipur, Kumbalgarh is the only sanctuary of Rajasthan, where one can see one of the rarely found wolfs. This is one of the few parks that allow people on horseback. The best time to visit the reserve is from October to June.

We did not visit this as we had not planned for this.

From Kumbalgarh, we traveled to Udaipur, City of Lakes.

Kumbalgarh ---> Udaipur 64 kms

P.S: December is the month when lot of tourists land in Rajasthan. So if you really want all the arrangements to be done properly this has to be done before October end.

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Yongsan Landmark Building Korea Tallest Building

Yongsan, located in downtown Seoul, means Dragon Hill. Yongsan or Yongsan-gu is also the site of Yongsan Garrison, a large United States military base. In the futuer, Yongsan will has the tallest building in Korean, and second tallest in the world, while now will be developed into an international business district.

On the 1.46 million-square-meter site around Yongsan subway station, a 620 meter-high landmark building, a hotel, business & residential facilities and large parks will be built.

The site is available for financial, telecom and entertainment companies. Its metropolitan transportation infrastructure and sufficient green space will make for an outstanding business environment.

If the plan is accepted, the proposed building will have 130-140 stories and become a new landmark for the city. The building is expected to promote growth in the area with the proposed construction of additional shopping malls and entertainment establishments in the Yongsan area where the U.S. military’s main base is located.

``If the building does not obstruct views of Mount Namsan from the Han River, it should have no problem being approved,’’ a city official said. ``Korail also asked us to designate residential areas adjacent to the new building, but it could affect transportation in the region. We will review the matter carefully,’’ he said.

Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon has said that the city needs new skyscrapers to strengthen its international competitiveness and draw more foreign tourists.

Buildings over 600 meters are very rare _ currently, the 508 meter-high Taipei Financial Center in Taiwan is the tallest building in the world with 101 stories while Dubai is constructing the 830 meter-high Burj Dubai Tower with 160 stories for completion before the end of next year.

Currently, the 234 meter-high Tower Palace apartment building in Togok-dong, southern Seoul, is the tallest building in Korea. However, construction projects for the 580 meter-high international business center in Sangam-dong, northern Seoul, and the 610 meter-high Inchon Tower in Songdo in the Inchon Free Economic Zone are being pushed.

“In Seoul, the planned 151-story Yongsan Landmark Building, at 2,046 feet, will tower over all the city’s existing structures, and even some nearby mountain peaks. “Seoul is the capital, so it must have the tallest building,” said Han Bong-seok, an executive at Korea Railroad, the national railway company, who heads the project to build the tower on the site of an old train yard. “This is for the pride of Seoul.

Yongsan Electronic Market

Seoul has the biggest Electronic shopping place. Like Akihabara Electronics District in Tokyo and Den Den Town in Osaka, Yongsan Electronic Market is the place to find several Korea branded electronic, stereos, computers and peripherals, office equipment, telephones, lighting equipment, electronic games and software, videos and CDs.

Located near the Yongsan train station, the Electronics Market is made up of over 20 buildings housing 5,000 stores that sell appliances, stereos, computers and peripherals, office equipment, telephones, lighting equipment, electronic games and software, and videos and CDs. Korean-made products generally cost 20% less here than other retail outlets, while imported items can be as much as 50% cheaper. Transformers of varying sizes can be found at many shops.

Yongsan Urban Development

Biggest South Korean Urban Development in history... This is 30 billion dollars mega urban developmental project on the Yong-San district of Seoul. On the 1.46 million-square-meter site around Yongsan subway station, a 665 meter-high landmark building, a hotel, business & residential facilities and large parks will be built. The Landmark tower which is the tallest building in this project will be 665m supertall structure that will become new landmark of Seoul. The site is available for financial, telecom and entertainment companies. Its metropolitan transportation infrastructure and sufficient green space will make for an outstanding business environment.

Yongsan Landmark Building Design Photos:

Yongsan Landmark Tallest Building

Yongsan Landmark Tallest Building

Yongsan Landmark Tallest Building

Yongsan Landmark Tallest Building

Yongsan Landmark Tallest Building

Watch Yongsan Urban Development 용산국제업무지구(Yongsan dream hub) video

Shenzhen Guesthouse in shopping district Dong Men

Shenzhen City (深圳市) is the second busiest port in China after Shanghai.It is now reputedly one of the fastest growing cities in the world. Being southern China's major financial centre, Shenzhen is home to the Shenzhen Stock Exchange

Accomadation in Shenzhen is so various, start up from low rate hotel, guest house, until first class hotel. For tourist who wants hotel near the famous walking shopping centre Dong Men (东门), may be Shenzhen Guesthouse can be recommended.

The Shenzhen Guesthouse (Shenzhen Yingbinguan) is an international three star garden style hotel in Shenzhen.

Shenzhen Guest House is located on one of the most thriving center- prosperous Dongmen Business Area, It enjoys convenient traffic, only three minutes' ride to the railway station and Shenzhen Customs Office.

The HOUSE, which is in Cantonese style, covers about 110,000 square meters, owns private dining rooms and newly constructed restaurant. Delicious Chinese and Western cuisine is well served. When you step in, you may find your life is so peaceful and pleasant.

It is located in the heart of the city, in the center of Luohu district, a 40-minute drive from the airport.

Distance from the airport ( Km ): 39

Distance from the railway station ( Km ): 2.5

Rooms and  Rates

The hotel consists of ten different villas, and has a total of 620 well stocked rooms and suites.

All rooms are equipped with TV, refrigerator, air-conditioning and telephone.

Shenzhen Guest House Address :

Shenzhen Guest House
Luohu District, Shenzhen, China
Contact Information

Shenzhen Guest House
15 Xin Yuan Road
Luohu District, Shenzhen
Guangdong, China

Phone Number: 86-755-82222722
Hotel Fax: 86-755-82229943

Reservations Contact:
Phone Number: 86-21-61226688 Ext. 7800
Fax Number: 86-21-51901202

Email: tprsvns@hubs1.net

Photos of Shenzhen Guesthouse

Shenzhen Guesthouse

Shenzhen Guesthouse

Shenzhen tallest building Shun Hing Square (Diwang Building) 信兴广场/地王大厦
Shenzhen City

Shenzhen popular shopping district Dong Men
Shenzhen Dongmen

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Las Islas Cíes - Paraíso Natural

Uno de los lugares que he visitado más de una vez y volveré seguro, preciosas, tranquilas, divertidas, inolvidables.. recomendable totalmente!
En el corazón de las Rías Baixas, en la provincia de Pontevedra (Galicia) - España.

Apodadas como las Islas de los Dioses por Ptolomeo, las Siccas por Plino y por muchos como las míticas Casitérides de Herodoto, donde fenicios y cartagineses se proveían de estaño.

Pertenecen al municipio de Vigo, formando una barrera natural entre la ría y el mar.

El Archipiélago está constituido por tres islas principales: Isla de Monteagudo o Norte, Montefaro y San Martiño o Sur y otros pequeños islotes como A Agoeira o Boeiro, Penela dos Viños, Carabelos y O Ruzo. En total una extensión de 2658 hectáreas marinas y 433 terrestres.
Las Islas Cíes con su barrera natural hacen del puerto de Vigo uno de los más seguros del mundo.

Para ir a las islas existe un catamarán con líneas regulares que en verano une Vigo, Baiona y Cangas con las Cíes. Durante todo el día puedes ir y volver aunque lo ideal es pasar unos días en el camping, que tiene una capacidad de 800 plazas.

Es inolvidable alojarte en las Cíes, lo primero que ves al levantarte es el lago natural que se forma entre la playa y el camping, llamado Lago de los Niños. El olor, los ruidos de animales por la noche, los jabalíes o no se lo que eran que se acercaban a las tiendas para coger comida mientras dormías, las gaviotas.. es una maravilla.

Pero sigamos con el primer recorrido; al llegar en el catamarán ya te vas dando cuenta de que es normal que sean tan apreciadas y valoradas en el mundo. Lo primero que ves es la playa de Rodas, según el diario británico "The Guardian", la más bonita del mundo. Y sin lugar a dudas, por mi parte lo confirmo, es espectacular.

Las aguas de las playas son cristalinas y tranquilas aguas que han recibido la bandera azul, arena blanca, una de las más finas del mundo. Hay varias, Rodas, que es la principal, Figueiras, me encanta.. es espectacular, varias calitas. La parte de delante de las islas son todo playas, la parte posterior es mar abierto, oscuro y salvaje.

Hay varios recorridos en las Cíes, uno de los más conocidos es la subida al Monte Faro, con unas vistas impresionantes.

Hay otro que comienza subiendo al lado opuesto del Monte Faro, en él puedes disfrutar de la naturaleza en todo su esplendor, la verdad es imposible explicar lo bellas que son estas islas y lo que puedes disfrutar en ellas. Pues subiendo por ese lado, se encuentra la Silla de la Reina, es una roca que de forma natural ha formado como un trono que da a los acantilados (parte trasera de las islas). Es impactante sentarte ahí porque la roca es un saliente en el que quedas casi al vacío y si miras abajo ves esos increíbles acantilados con la furia del mar de la forma más salvaje, impresiona pero merece la pena verlo y sentarte, no corres ningún peligro.

Silla de la Reina, foto lateral. De frente se ve perfectamente un trono, ahí es donde te sientas y estás casi al vacío, mucha altura, da al acantilado en la parte de atrás de la Isla, aguas salvajes por ese lado de la isla.

Por otro lado, estas islas son un gran observatorio de aves. Existen colonias de aves migratorias como el cormorán moñudo o la gaviota patiamarilla, el halcón peregrino o la mariposa arlequín.
Volviendo al mar, hay una gran variedad de especies marinas.

El agua es tan cristalina que puedes ver a la gente mejor que en una piscina, es increíble. El anochecer no lo había visto tan bonito como en las Cíes, un espectáculo, mucha gente va al paso entre dos islas donde cae justo el sol enmedio, te pones ahí y ves la mejor puesta de sol que nunca hayas visto.

Como ya he dicho antes, además de que es inolvidable dormir en el camping, tampoco hay otra forma de alojarte, es el único medio ya que las islas están protegidas y no se puede construir (menos mal). Dispone de aseos, duchas, zona de juegos, es muy completo. Las parcelas son bastante grandes.

Los precios son asequibles y puedes estar un máximo de 15 días. Precios por día (precios de 2008):

Niños (3-12 años).......5,10€

Billetes del catamarán:

Adulto ida y vuelta 18,50 €
Infantil (3-10 años) 6.00€ *Los niños hasta los 2 años gratis.

El camping abre en Semana Santa y después desde el 15 de Junio hasta el 15 de Septiembre. Dispone de bar de copas, con mucho ambiente y gente en verano y un supermercado que recibe productos a diario (buf.. acordarse de esos donuts recién hechos en el desayuno).

Hay dos restaurantes en las Islas, Restaurante Rodas y Restaurante del Camping Illas Cíes, con recetas típicas gallegas con pescados, mariscos, moluscos, así como otros platos mediterráneos.

En concreto, en el Restaurante del Camping Illas Cíes hay self-service y menús.

Para poder alojarte en el Camping Illas Cíes, es necesario hacer una reserva previa para acreditarse con la tarjeta de campista. Se puede hacer por teléfono o en las oficinas del Camping en la estación náutica de Vigo, donde tendrás que formalizar la tarjeta de campista o sólo te venderán billetes de ida y vuelta para el mismo día.

Teléfono de reservas: 986.438.358
Teléfono del camping: 986.687.050

Es un paraíso al norte de España que si no lo has visto, no lo imaginarías nunca y si vas a visitarlo, con toda seguridad volverás más de una vez.. en mi caso ya van 3.

Espero que hayáis obtenido toda la información posible.

No os perdáis este Rincón de España

Wednesday, March 11, 2009



Sa pagsali ng Moriones ng Marinduque sa nakaraang Panagbenga Flower Festival na ginanap sa Baguio City noong nakaraang linggo, ikinagulat ang mainit na pagtanggap ng mga turistang bumisita sa summer capital ng Pilipinas sa mga morion.

Subalit lumitaw sa pagsusuri at obserbasyon ng mga nakilahok mula sa LGUs ng anim na bayan ng lalawigan sa pangunguna ni Atty. Lord Allan Velasco, provincial administrator at pangulo ng provincial tourism council, na taliwas sa inakala nila, hindi pa rin ganun kalawak ang kamalayan sa labas ng lalawigan tungkol sa Moriones.

Hindi halos matapos-tapos ang pagpapaliwanag ng mga miyembro ng delegasyon tungkol sa nasabing tradisyong pinagkakilanlan sa mga Marinduqueno. Inakala diumano ng ilan sa mga manonood na ang mga moriones ay galing sa Tondo, kung saan may kalye na may gayun ding pangalan, o di kaya’y ang mga nakamaskarang morion ay may kinalaman anila sa pakikipaglaban ni Lapu-lapu noong panahon ng Kastila. Ang karamihan nama’y walang ideya kung ano at saang lalawigan nanggaling ang moriones.


Isa ang lalawigan ng Marinduque sa dalawampu’t-pitong karosa na sumali sa Panagbenga Float Competition. Layunin sa pagsali na palaganapin sa bansa ang kamalayan tungkol sa kultura at pang-turismong tulak ng lalawigan. Layunin din na patibayin ang hangaring Marinduque na nga ang ituring na Lenten Capital of the Philippines . Sa pakikipagtulungan ng Globe ay nagmudmod ng mga tourism promotional flyers ang delegasyon sa libo-libong nanood sa parada na nakatulong din sa pagpapaliwanag ng contingent.

Itinampok sa karosa ng Marinduque ang isang higanteng mukha ng morion sa unahan nito na gawa sa bulaklak. Sakay ng karosa ang ilang morion kasama si Velasco na nakasuot morion din. Nasa unahan naman nito ang walking contingent ng mga morion at mga kagawad ng LGU’s na sumama sa pagdiriwang. Sa trade fair component ng Panagbenga ay naging matagumpay din ang pagpapakilala sa mga produktong gawa sa Marinduque sa pamamagitan ng Marinduque trade booth. Itinampok dito ang mga ibat-ibang souvenir items, processed foods at iba pang produkto.

Ang Panagbenga sa taong ito ay dinaluhan ng tinatayang higit sa isa at kalahating milyong mga turista at ito na diumano ang pinakamalaki sa kasaysayan nito ayon sa mga nag-organisa ng festival.


Samantala, inihayag ni Velasco na higit na magiging masusi ang isinasagawang paghahanda para sa darating na Marinduque Moriones Festival ’09. Mula sa Araw ng Palaspas hanggang sa Araw ng Pagkabuhay ay puno ng mga panoorin, aniya, ang isasagawa. Ilan dito na karagdagan sa mga paghahanda ng mga bayan-bayan ay ang Moriones Festival Regional Trade Expo na sasalihan ng mga lalawigan mula sa MIMAROPA Region, at sasalihan din ng lahat ng bayan sa Marinduque, isang morion art exhibit, pagtatanghal ng Sinakulo, “Pugutan”, at “Via Crucis”.

Isang panibagong passion play, “Ang Kristo: Pasyondula” na tatampukan ng mga lokal na artista, bisitang artista, at mga kawani ng pamahalaan ang isa pa ring pinaghahandaan. Kasama rin ang organisadong parada ng mga morion at mga sektor na inaasahang magbibigay ng karagdagang kulay sa pang-Semana Santang selebrasyon sa lalawigan.

Pinaghahandaan din ang kauna-unahang pagsasagawa ng “Battle of Moriones” na sasalihan ng mga moriones contingents mula sa ibat-ibang lugar. Karagdagan ito sa mga tradisyonal na grupong moriones tulad ng Kapatirang Morion ng Marinduque, Mistah, at Legion. Magsasagawa sa pagkakataong ito ng choreographed movements kasabay ng tunog ng mga percussion instruments ang bawat kasaling grupo. Ang bilang ng bawat grupo ay hindi bababa sa 42.

Nanawagan din si Velasco sa mga bayan at pribadong sektor hinggil sa kinakailangang paghahanda sa pagdagsa ng mga domestic at foreign tourists sa darating na Mahal na Araw. Iminumungkahi niya ang pagpapalaganap ng local tours, kasama na ang pagpapalakas ng homestay programs at paghahanda ng mga campsites sa mga bayan-bayan upang masagot ang mga kakulangan sa mga hotels at resorts. Ito aniya, ang ilan sa mga pag-uusapan ng masusi sa susunod na provincial tourism council meeting. Inaasahan, aniya, ang higit na aktibong pakikisangkot ng lahat ng sektor dahilan sa mas mataas na kamalayan sa kasalukuyan sa potensyal ng turismo na maging pangunahing industriya sa islang-lalawigan.


Masayang inihayag naman ni Gob. Jose Antonio N. Carrion ang pagkakasama ng Marinduque sa 2009 Summer Cruise Special Package ng 7,107 Islands Cruise, ang nag-iisang Filipino-owned cruise company. Sa mga buwan ng Marso, Abril at Mayo ay nakatakdang bumisita ang cruise ship sa Marinduque na lulan ang daan-daang turista. Ang cruise ship ay kayang maglaman ng 400 turista at nagbibigay ng mga serbisyong kahalintulad ng mga pang-luxury five-star hotel tulad ng casino, bar, restaurant, sundecks, spa, piano bar, gym at conference rooms.

Ang summer cruises ay nakatakdang bumisita sa Apo Reef, Tara Isaland, Coron at Marinduque mula sa iba’t-ibang daungan ng Manila , Subic at Batangas. Kamakailan ay inilunsad din ng nasabing cruise company ang serbisyo sa tourism triangle ng Palawan , Boracay at Puerto Galera.

Senyales ito ani Carrion, ng kahalagahan ng Marinduque sa usaping pangturismo kaya’t ang pag-uugnayan ng lahat ng sektor ng pamahalaan, lalo na ang mas masidhing pakikipagtulungan ng pribadong sektor ang inaasahang magaganap. “Wala nang dahilan ngayon para tayo maiwanan ng ating mga karatig-lalawigan sa usaping turismo”, ani Carrion.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Jumbo Hostel in Stockholm, Sweden

At the entrance to the Stockholm-Arlanda Airport is a strange sight: a Boeing 747-200 jumbo jet that isn't going anywhere. The airplane, which belonged to Transjet until the carrier went under in 2002, was built for Singapore Airlines and later flew under legacy carrier Pan Am. But then founder Oscar Dios had an idea to convert the plane into Jumbo Hostel, which is listed prominently at the airport's website for those seeking a room for the night.   The cockpit suite (yes, it's the real cockpit) features two beds, a flat-screen TV, free Wi-Fi and a private bathroom with shower, according to the hostel's website. Cost of the room sleeping one or two: $358, including breakfast.
Info: www.jumbohostel.com

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Salar de Uyuni, el espejo más grande del mundo

Sin duda, uno de los rincones del mundo que desearía visitar.. Increíblemente bonito

Con una superficie de unos 12.000 km, a una altura de 3.700m y situado al suroeste de Bolivia, el salar de Uyuni es el salar más grande del mundo.

Contiene un estrato de 6 m de sal común muy pura. Se extiende como una enorme llanura plana y blanca. Esa extensión que parece infinita por el espejo, es el resto de un mar que llenaba todo el altiplano hasta el Lago Titicaca. Hace millones de años el mar comenzó a desaparecer hasta extinguirse por completo. El Lago Titicaca, Lago Poopo, Salares de Coipasa y Salar de Uyuni, son los resto de este mar de entonces.

Dicen, que para entrar al salar, la gente construye plataformas de tierra para atravesar el desierto blanco. Lo que pasa es que el problema persiste para encontrar precisamente el punto de esas plataformas. Si no se encuentran y pasas unos kilómetros al lado, demasiado cerca de la orilla, te atascarás en el fango salado.

Los cerros al horizonte son los puntos de orientación que utilizan los bolivianos, que tienen una altura de 4 a 5 mil metros. Lo que toca es llevar GPS, es la única manera de no correr el peligro de perderse.

Los mejores meses para viajar son los de Julio a Noviembre, que es cuando el salar está casi totalmente seco. El resto de meses el salar se llena de mucha agua y la superficie es blanda y fangosa, no es posible atravesarlo.

Los días allí son soleados y secos, la imagen es infinita porque no se puede calcular las distancias, ni el final del salar. Las noches son frías y estrelladas, con temperaturas de entre -10º y -15º C.
Haga frío o calor, es tan impresionante este lugar (lo veo en fotos, no he ido) que merece la pena todo, GPS, ropa y todo lo aconsejable para estas salidas y no hay ningún problema.
Dicen que se vive la naturaleza con una intensidad tan fuerte, que no se puede ni siquiera imaginar el mundo lleno de la civilización. El silencio es indescriptible y el sentimiento de libertad increíble.

En la entrada de las salinas se encuentra un hotel construido totalmente de sal, los muebles, mesas, sillas, camas, etc.

En medio del salar hay una isla llamada "Isla del Pescado". Se levanta 40 m y tiene forma de un pescado, con la singularidad de que allí hay un bosque de cactus.

La isla de Pescado está a una distancia de 70 km del hotel de sal y el camino sigue más de una hora siempre al oeste a través de esa infinita y plana llanura, sin que se pueda ver. Primero en los últimos kilómetros se la puede descubrir en el horizonte. Esto también es la consecuencia de la encorvadura terrestre. Viajar por el salar dicen que es una experiencia extraordinaria y de un suspenso indescriptible.

Lugar que con toda seguridad es inolvidable, impresionante de ver, son los rincones que esconde este maravilloso planeta.

La impresionante belleza de la nieve rosa o sandía

En muchos lugares del mundo se produce un fenómeno, nieve de color rosa.

Un lugar muy frecuente donde ocurre es en las montañas de Colorado, donde incluso los lugareños la han probado y dícen que tiene sabor a sandía, la llaman "Watermelon snow".

Es común a principios del verano en altitudes comprendidas entre los 3000 y 3600 mtros.

La coloración de la nieve se debe a la presencia de un alga llamada "chlamydomonas nivalis". Hasta que se descubrió el motivo de la nieve rosa se habían buscado explicaciones mágicas desde tiempos inmemoriales. Esta nieve ha intrigado a alpinistas, naturalistas amantes de las montañas y exploradores de todo el mundo. Aristóteles la mencionó en sus tratados sobre Naturaleza.

Cada centímetro de nieve contiene miles de algas microscópicas, una cucharilla de nieve derretida contiene un millón o más células y su concentración puede alcanzar una profundidad de hasta 25 centímetros. Son algas verdes que contienen un pigmento rojo brillante carotenoide, además de clorofila. En contra de la mayoría de las especies de algas de aguas dulces, es criofílica (hábitat frío) y prospera en agua congelada. En latín su apellido se refiere claramente a la nieve, nivalis.

Este alga protege la nieve contra la radiación ultravioleta intensa, así como del calor.

Comienza con un color verde, después se hace rosa o rojiza mientras aclara el tiempo. Las células tienen una envoltura gelatinosa que las protege de la radiación ultravioleta fuerte que incide sobre las montañas, y esta envoltura es la que produce el color rosado.

Hay más de 350 clases de algas que sobreviven en temperaturas muy frías. Pueden hacer que la nieve se haga amarilla, marrón o negra.

Es un lugar impresionante y creo que a muchos de los lectores de este blog os apetece coger un puñado de esta nieve y probarla. ¿a que si?

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Refreshing Pan Pacific Mountainside - Whistler Resort

hotel travel
whistler resort

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