Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Governor Bong Carrion and P.A. Allan Velasco, based on general feedback, initiated the introduction of something new to the evening cenaculo presentations in Boac, stressing that culture should be dynamic and not static. The said cenaculos, a provincial government project introduced in the late 70s, are divided into three parts and shown on Holy Wednesday, Maundy Thursday and Black Saturday. All music and dialogues were pre-recorded in 1979 "in highly dramatic fashion", by Manila-based radio talents (most of whom are now presumably dead) and used to this day.

To quote Will Peterson from his published work on the said Boac cenaculo, it's “as if every word is meant to be etched on stone tablets for eternity”. These cenaculos have since been mimed by players composed of capitol employees, students, morions and other participants and have kept the same directorial patterns set down in the 70's.

“ANG KRISTO: PASYONDULA”, (written and directed by this blogger), that had its successful premiere in Buenavista in 2006, (with actor J.E. Sison as Kristo), and in Gasan in 2008 (with award-winning actor John Arcilla as Kristo), was given the Thursday slot in the Boac schedule of activities. (The Holy Wednesday and Black Saturday cenaculos were still presented in-toto by the capitol group). For Pasyondula, done in live theater style, a technical group was hired to handle the sound and lighting requirements of the production that had a cast and crew of about 150 and utilized a vast acting space.

Teatro Balangaw cast were pooled from members from Buenavista, Gasan, Boac and Mogpog (majority are out-of-school youth), with a few selected actors from the capitol. Kristo was played by Janmart Lacdao of Buenavista.

The 2 ½ hour play (beginning with the Baptism of Christ by John the Baptist and ending in Resurrection), was mounted in a period of three weeks. For two straight hours it rained heavily then stopped at 9:oo pm at which time the play started.

Pasyondula played to a capacity crowd at Boac’s Moriones Arena (above photo), the biggest audience in the community theater group’s history. (Pasyondula is a major part of Living Asia Channel special feature on the Moriones Festival '09).

Photos by Gerry Jamilla.

Monday, June 29, 2009


Gender equality and gender sensitivity have long been respected issues in Marinduque. That women and gay guys would form one group to bring more life and color to the Battle of Morions did not come as a surprise, therefore. Such a group, one of two groups from Gasan, made quite a statement with their choreographed dancing that toyed with huge canvass-on-bamboo fans, apparently to promote one of their town's most popular souvenir items. Save for their masks and costumes the dancing, however, seemed more like one inspired by Sinulog or Dinagyang. Nevertheless they received a rousing applause fom the huge crowd that came to watch.


Author and publisher Ms. Bing Carrion-Buck, provincial board member Yolando Querubin, visiting San Francisco California Commissioner Ms. Pucchi Carrion-Di Ricco and provincial administrator Allan Velasco award the prizes to the winners.

Venugopalaswamy Temple, Devanahalli

Devanahalli is a small town located at a distance of 35 kms fro Bangalore. There is lot of history associated with this place and there exists a beautiful Fort. There are many temples in the fort dedicated to Venugopalaswamy, Nanjundeshwara, Chandramauleshwara, Veerabhadraswamy, Ranganathaswamy etc., which belong to various era.

The Venugopalaswamy temple is the oldest temple. It has a tall Rayagopura at the entrance and has a spacious inner Prakara with Garuda Stambha. At the entrance are placed two Vishnu statutes of Ganga times.


the shikara on inner prakara and garuda stambha

On the pillars of the main entrance stand two horsemen with swords unsheathed.
On these pillars on all other sides there are beautiful sculptures like dancing females, and warriors etc.,

Pillars at the entrance

The Garbhagriha has a standing Venugopala image of Vijayanagara style. The Navaranga in front of Garbhagriha has four black stoned pillars carved with fine relief sculptures on all sides.

One of the pillars in the Navarang

There are many sculptures on these pillars, such as Hayagriva, dancing female figures with attendant musicians, a conch blower, a Kinnara with the lower portion of his body in bird form, a huntress removing a thorn from her leg, etc.

dancing female


The outer walls have a frieze of large images illustrating scenes mostly from the Ramayana and the feats of Lord Krishna as a child.

scene from Ramayana

How to Reach There

This place is located on Bangalore - Hyderabad National Highway 7. On this road do not take a deviation to the airport. But still proceed until you reach a junction with circle on the road.

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St Joseph Peninsula State Park Florida Pictures

Absolutely stunning beach located at St Joseph Peninsula State Park in Florida
One of the best United States white sand beaches, St Joseph Peninsula Florida
Beautiful ocean view at St Joseph Peninsula State Park wonderful beach

Santa Catalina Island California Beach Pictures

Stunning image of Santa Catalina Island California beach
View of Santa Catalina Island California from rooftop
Amazing picture of clear waters of Santa Catalina Island California United States

Perdido Key Florida Beach Pictures

Picture of flock of seagulls on white sand beach at Perdido Key Florida USA
Image of tall weeds over looking the amazing ocean view
Perhaps the most beautiful beach in the united states, Perdido Key Florida

Pacific Beach Washington Pictures

Picture of large peaceful view at Pacific Beach Washington
Image of pretty ocean view at Pacific Beach in Washington
Photo of huge wide beach at Pacific Beach Washington

Kiawah Island South Carolina Beach Pictures

Image of three seagulls on the beach at Kiawah Island
Picture of guy riding bike on empty beach at Kiawah Island South Carolina
Photo of ocean waves flowing onto Kiawah Island South Carolina beach

Jasper Beach Maine Pictures

Picture of misting fog day at Jasper Beach in Maine
Photo of rocky beach at Jasper Beach Maine
Image of small black pebble beach at Jasper Beach Maine

Hapuna Beach Hawaii Pictures

Real picture of paradise at Hapuna Beach Hawaii
Image of crystal clear waters at Hapuna Beach Hawaii
Amazing relaxing photo of Hapuna Beach in wonderful Hawaii

Fort Desoto Park Florida Beach Pictures

Beautiful white sand beach of Fort Desoto Park Florida USA
Stunning picture of Fort Desoto Park Florida amazing beach
Ariel view of Fort Desoto Park Florida

Cumberland Island Georgia Beach Pictures

Peaceful picture of empty beach at Cumberland Island in Georgia USA
Image of man walking on great beach at Cumberland Island
Stunning photo of beach at Cumberland Island Georgia on a perfect day

Captiva Island Florida Beach Pictures

Amazing great picture of beach at Captiva Island in Florida USA
Image of picnic table on beautiful Captiva Island beach in Florida
Stunning sunset from the beach on Captiva Island