Friday, April 30, 2010

Foley + Corinna Sample Sale = Meh (For Me)

I dropped by the Foley + Corinna Sample Sale and walked out empty handed.  Everything just seemed meh to me but I have a sneaking suspicion that I was very turned off by the girls stripping at the back of the store so that they could try on clothes.  There were no changing rooms.

Let me give you a better understanding of the space: it's a long rectangle with the shorter sides being the front of the store (all glass) and the back of the store.  There were no dividers in the store.  The only thing separating these girls and the window was a rack of clothes that was 1/2 populated.  And some were standing half-dressed and gabbing away.  It was just not conducive to shopping.  I think I was scared away!

There were plenty of colors/styles in stock for bags (Mid-City, Decker, Moto Hobo, Jet Setter Jr., Disco City, Delancey, Bender, etc).  In case you were wondering, the Mid-City Tote was only $150.

Siegerson Morrison Warehouse Sale Loot!

Yesterday, I decided to avoid the craziness that is the Manolo Blahnik Sample Sale and opted to check out the Siegerson Morrison Warehouse Sale.  I figured all the girls who would have gone to this sale would be at The Warwick Hotel.  AND...I was right!  Yes! Yes! Yes!

There were plenty of styles and sizes in stock.  More importantly, there was no line and only a handful of ladies there.  Sandals were sweetly priced at $150.  I couldn't resist and picked up two similar but different pairs of sandals:
  • Leather Flats in light brown:  (I know...I've been searching for sandals with a slight heel and these are flats but really, look at them.  How could I resist?  The leather is just so soft and the knotting is so tiny/delicate.)
  • Leather Heels in dark brown:  (Similar but different from the flats, right?  Aren't these TDF?  I'm so going to be wearing some killer dresses with these sexy heels.)

Loehmann's: 15% Off One Regular Priced Item

I'm still hemming and hawing about renewing my Loehmann's Insider Club Gold Membership (read this post: Loehmann's Quandary: To Renew Or Not Renew Insider Club Gold Membership?), and coupons like this weekend's:  Loehmann's 15% Off Coupon, really is not helping my decision.  15% off is nice but an additional 10% off from the Gold Discount would be even better!  That would totally push a maybe buy to a definitely buy.  Wait...that's a bad thing, right?  Right?

Zuri White Sands Resort, Goa

Book Zuri White Sands Resort, Goa - INR 6670
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Overview: With a prime location in the heart of South Goa's Varca beach - one of the world's longest beaches - the Zuri White Sands Resort, Goa offers the kind of warm hospitality, inviting resort atmosphere and top-notch services sure to please business and leisure travelers alike.
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Here you will find the joyous, fun loving spirit of Goa that blends seamlessly with the acclaimed international standards of Zuri.The location is enviable, the amenities luxurious and services unimaginable.

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Location: Located 45 minutes from the Airport on Goa's longest beach, the Zuri White Sands Resort offers a serene refuge of comfort and hospitality, where Goan culture, Indian tradition and modernity are blended into exacting International standards. Sprawling lawns, white sands and moonlight dinners combine to create an ultimate holiday. A host of churches dating back to hundreds of years are in the vicinity of the hotel.

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Step into your own sanctuary with a view you would want to take home!

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Wake up to bird song and the whisper of palm fronds swaying in the breeze. Then, surrender yourself to the personalized and warm style of service.

Each room is furnished with elegance and refinement, equipped with every contemporary convenience you could possibly need.Your individual safe, mini bar and large screen televisions and you can go online any time with 24 hour wi- fi access.

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Types of Rooms and Amount:

    * Superior Rooms - 36
    * Premium Rooms - 96
    * Deluxe rooms - 18
    * Executive Suites - 2
    * Radisson suites - 2
    * Air conditioned tents by the beach- 16

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Restaurant & Bar

Sake - A Pan-Asian restaurant serving Japanese, Thai and Chinese cuisine with live teppanyaki for the first time in Goa, cooked to perfection while you watch. Our A la Carte speciality restaurant for dinner. Situated at the lobby level, Sake offers our guests the option of air-conditioned comfort or open air dining at a lovely terrace overlooking the swimming pool. 
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Enjoy a Pan-Asian Sunday brunch with unlimited sparkling wine with a sushi bar, dimsum bar and teppanyaki cuisine.

* Seating - 64
* Opening hours - 7 p.m. - 11 p.m.- Mon - Sun
12 p.m. - 3 p.m - Sun

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Waterfalls Café - 24 hour dining, with a delectable buffet spread for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Our all day dining offers a patio in addition to air-conditioned dining.

* Seating - 176
* Open 24 hours
* Breakfast , lunch & dinner buffet along with A la Carte menu also available

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Tangerine - Our air-conditioned lobby bar and terrace lounge lives up to its name and style, with exotic cocktails or whisky straight up to send your spirits soaring. Enjoy live entertainment to liven up your spirits.

Seating - 64
Opening hours - 7 a.m. - 11 p.m.
Live entertainment in the evening
Happy Hours - 6 p.m. - 7 p.m. on ( IMFL)

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Fins & Rambooze - Champagne at sunset? Or perhaps grilled lobster for dinner. The ideal beach front location for a "sizzling" evening - our Goan seafood restaurant & beach bar.

Blue Lagoon - Our swim up Pool Bar opens at 10:00 am till late in the evening. Serving delectable cocktails and Italian pastas, pizzas and of course "the catch of the day."

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Gravity Pool - A bar with entertainment facilities which include bowling, pool, video games and a mini theatre.

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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bloomingdale's Score!

Yesterday, I was so excited to pick up my Dolce Vita Risa Sandals that I went to the wrong location!  I ended up at the 59th St Bloomie's and my sandals were waiting for me in Soho.  Not only did I give myself heart palpitations, I gave the nice SA heart palpitations too!  I apologized for my mistake and fled the scene.

Today, I got it right and went to the Soho Bloomie's.  The fabulous SA (read this post: Bloomie's: You've Redeemed Yourself!) was even MORE fabulous today.  But first thing's first, here are my lovely sandals:

The Risa Sandals are super comfy!  I wasn't sure if they were "walking" sandals with the 2" wedge but they are!!  (I actually dropped by the Dolce Vita store today to check out their F&F sale, but not only did they not have this style, the other styles weren't as nice!)  I will be wearing these sandals to death this summer.  A boost in height of 2" makes a huge difference for a shortie like me!

So what made the fab SA even more fab?  Well the right shoe was slightly damaged in the front (the leather was a little scuffed) and these were the last pair.  She offered an additional 10% off to close the deal.  Sold!  I'll take the scuff with the 10% off.  That brought these puppies down to $83.83 from $139! I am a very happy Bloomie's customer.

Wax On, Wax Off!

Once in a very rare blue moon, I am pleasantly surprised with something related to the tortuous but necessary activity know as waxing.  Last week, there must have been a blue moon because I discovered the best hard wax ever!  And this wasn't something that occurred at a salon.  I'll let you in on a little secret:  when it comes to grooming down there, I prefer to do my own bikini line.  It's easier, cheaper and less painful because I use hard wax.  (Now it's confession time and please don't hate me: I have no experience when it comes to waxing my legs because I only have a few strands of hair.  I just pluck them away and I'm good to go for a few weeks.)

I purchase all of my waxing gear at Sally Beauty Supply.  If there's no b&m Sally Beauty Supply near you,  fret not.  Their website ( is fantastic!  If you're looking to buy a lot of stuff, join the Beauty Club Card.  It's costs $5 a year, but you'll save significantly more than that measly membership fee.  All items are priced lower with the Beauty Club Card.

Here's my fantastic find:  clean + easy Acai Berry Full Body Hard Wax!  It's usually $13.99, but it's currently on sale for $10.99.  This jar/tub will last you many waxing sessions.  If you do the math, you end up saving a lot!

The Acai Berry Full Body Hard Wax smells like a berry lotion and melts at a lower temperature than other hard wax that I've used.  I've found that the lower the melting point of a hard wax, the less it hurts. I like using hard wax because I found soft wax (the kind of wax that needs muslin strips) to be messy and hard to use.  With hard wax, you put it on, wait for it to harden and peel it off.  (I know...easier said than done.)

I like using the following pre-wax oil:  GiGi Pre-Epliation Oil.  It's $6.49 but $5.99 with the Sally Beauty Card.

I bought this on a whim and it really paid off.  Not only does the hard wax come off easier, it creates a layer of heat protection between your skin and the wax.  It lessens the pain of "waxing off" significantly!  

Here are the other items you'll need:
  • Wax Warmer:  I like GiGi's Space Saver Wax Warmer because it's much smaller than other wax warmers.  The only downside is that there's no wax temperature controller; you have to monitor the wax temperature yourself.  (NOTE:  ALWAYS test the wax temperature before you use it to prevent burning.  You can also twirl the wax applicator after dipping it in the wax to cool the wax a little.  But if you cool the wax too much, it won't "grab" your hairs.  Practice makes perfect!)  This is usually $24.99 but it's currently on sale for $21.99.
  • Wax Warmer Clean Collar:  You'll need collars to keep your wax warmer clean.  I use GiGi's version because I know that it'll fit my GiGi wax warmer; it's the round collar-like stiff paper that has GiGi written all over it.  It's $5.49 for a pack of 20, $4.99 with the Sally Beauty Card.  Unless you're super messy, they last for quite some time.
  • Wax Applicator:  The wax applicator is basically a larger popsicle stick.  I don't remember which brand I purchased but they're basically all the same and come in a big pack.

Waxing is kind of like shaving:  Apply the wax on in the direction your hair grows.  (Then pull off the wax in the opposite direction - against the direction your hair grows.)  I'd start with small patches until you get the hang of it.  
Tip:  To prevent in-grown hairs, try Tend Skin or Completely Bare's Bikini Bump Blaster.

Borders: 40% Off Your Vacation Reading

If you're not comfortable with carrying your Kindle or iPad to the pool/beach and you still want your chicklit while getting your tan on (that would be me!), Borders is currently offering 40% off the list price of any one book.   This offer expires 5/1/10 (sat).  (NOTE:  You need to be a member of Borders Rewards but membership is FREE!!)  
Use code "BYX7590C" for 

Click here in-store coupon:  Borders 40% Off Coupon.

South India Tours - Famous Cities and Sites

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South India tours are an assortment of varied tropical ingredients which includes divinity of the region's religions, vivacity of its cultural celebrations, inspiration of its gorgeous temples, spices of its delectable cuisines, tranquility of its natural panorama and the splendor of its captivating performing art forms. 
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All this and a lot more tours to South India pamper its guests with great travel opportunities proving a treat to both eyes and soul. The region of South India encompasses the Indian states of Karnataka, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu along with Lakshadweep and Pondicherry. 
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The physical beauty of the region is enhanced with its long coastline for it is bounded by Arabian Sea, Indian Ocean and Bay of Bengal.

The states of Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka are laced with numerous fascinating destinations of tourist interest:

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Tamil Nadu: A dazzling set of age old temples stands testimony to the ancient culture of the region. The grand temples of Tamil Nadu not just attract the devotees, but also are great attractions for the lovers of art and culture. These Hindu temples showcase the Dravidian architecture many of which have made their place in the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites. 
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The temples that are a must for all South India tour packages are temple of Rameshwaram, Airavatesvara Temple, Shore Temple, Meenakshi Amman Temple, Nellaiappar Temple, Birhadashwara Temple, Annamalaiyar Temple, Chidambaram Temple and more. Apart from the religious sites the state is also blessed with natural splendour and thus the visitors can enjoy a cool retreat by paying a visit to its hill stations- Ooty and Kodaikanal.

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Kerala- The place which has brought world's attention to the Southern part of India, Kerala is known as God's Own Country for its natural exuberance and calming effect. The state of Kerala is long known as a paradise for honeymooners and nature lovers. 
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Its quaint ambiance and natural beauty are simply incredible making your South India tours a memory to be cherished. Its picturesque backwaters are divine and when explored on a traditional houseboat the experience only elevates your weary senses as you find yourself amidst the care of Mother Nature. 
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The hill stations and Ayurvedic resorts, thrilling wildlife parks, tea and spice plantations are other highlights that will surely make you want to come back next year. Kerala is also a centre of performing art forms and its native art form Koodiyattom has been officially recognised by UNESCO as a Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity, also Kathakali a dance drama form is an age old art form still preserved and performed.

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Karnataka: The educational and software hub of the country, Karnataka is where countless multinational companies reside in close proximity to the beauteous botanical parks. The capital city of Karnataka- Bangalore is the ultimate hub of software and IT industries where after a busy day at 
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work the professionals and industrialists retreat towards its serene parks such as Lal Bagh Botanical Gardens, Vidhan Soudha, Cubbon Park etc for a relaxed evening. Hampi, Hassan and Mysore are the cities famous for their historical monuments. While traversing through Karnataka on South India tours a visit to Coorg is one that will chase away all the fatigue and will rejuvenate you with refreshing hilly breeze.

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Today South India tours are offered with various lucrative deals and they could be availed by aspiring travelers who want to spend with in their economical limits. Bangalore, Cochin, Coimbatore, Ooty, Rameshwaram are some of the destinations worth visiting. 
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Tour to South India could be the most defining moment for all those vacationers who want to explore the biological diversity of the region. Being known as the fastest growing economical hub business travelers could plan a South India tours and can harness the talent of the region.

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hailstone Showers in Bangalore

Few years back Bangalore had the best climate in the country. In summers the temperature never used to raise beyond 30 degree Celsius. It was a paradise in all seasons. But it has been changing since couple of years at a rapid phase. The Mercury has been steadily raising every year in the summer. In summer now it is hovering around 35 degree Celsius. This year it has recorded the highest temperature of 37.6 degree Celsius in the past 25 years.

But, last week has been a pleasant surprise. Parts of Bangalore witnessed sudden and heavy showers for a period of one hour.

With it arrived this
year’s first hailstones. They were fast and plenty. Entire road got covered by small hailstones. The white spots in the above image are hailstones falling down. By enlarging the image they are clearly visible.

City Sports:20% Off One Non-Sale Item

I've had a few days to stew over my sneaky sneakers incident (see this post: UMIL: Sneaky Sneakers) and I've decided that the best way to avoid similar incidents is to purchase new sneakers in a completely different color!

I will be taking advantage of City Sport's "20% Off One Non-Sale Item" coupon to purchase my new kicks.  For in-store coupon:  City Sports 20% Off Coupon.

For, use code "MOMDAY" for the 20% discount.

This promotion expires on 5/10/10 (mon).

Loehmann's Quandary: To Renew or Not Renew Insider Club Gold Membership?

The problem with getting something for free the first time around is that it really goes against the grain when you have to pay for it the second time around.  And I'm currently is this situation with my Loehmann's Insider Club Gold Membership.

Last year, when Loehmann's launched the Insider Club Gold Membership, I was given a free one-year membership.  Now that my membership is expiring at the end of the month, I find myself hesitating to renew because certain things have changed since last year.  The two most important changes are the following:
  1. You CANNOT combine your Birthday Discount with your Gold Discount.  (That really sucks in a major way!)
  2. You cannot combine certain coupons with your Gold Discount.  (And those coupons tends to be the really good ones!)
So maybe I'll let the membership expire and sign-up again in June?  Next month is by B-Day month, so I won't need a Gold membership.  What would you do?

The Body Shop: 50% Off Sitewide (04/28/10)

The Body Shop is having a 50% off sitewide sale today (04/28/10) only.  There's one little catch - you have to purchase a $5 gift container.  Spend $5 to get 50% off?  That's a pretty good deal.  This is great timing for Mother's Day!  Fill the gift container with your mom's favorite The Body Shop products and presto: you have a fantastic Mother's Day gift!  (And you get to stock-up on your own favorite products!)

Click here: April 28th Only! Spend $5 on our gift container and receive 50% OFF your entire order at The Body Shop. Shop Now>

Food Therapy: Have You Tried Almond Milk Yet?

My current "milk" of choice is almond milk  Have you tried it yet?  It's fantastic!  Try almond milk with vanilla flavor.  There are different brands but I prefer Almond Breeze.  It's slightly sweeter, creamier and more flavorful than other brands. IMHO, it's way better than soy milk.

My Potential Alternative To Flip-Flops?

I dropped by Lord & Taylor last week for their F&F sale.  This is not a department store that I frequent (or even think about), but with the exception of Uggs, the entire store was basically 25% off.  It was enough incentive for me to go and take a look!

I've been a flip-flops girl first the past few summers (and yes, I've admitted in a previous post that i even wear Birkenstocks for comfort).  However, I've been trying to find comfy sandals that look a little more polished than my numerous pairs of Havaianas.  While my ideal sandals will have a slight wedge, I found these Matisse flat leather sandals in black for $36.75 (after 25% discount) to wear for now:

I've never heard of Matisse before but at $36.75, what the heck - why not?  I like the knotting on these sandals and they've been pretty comfy so far.  They have the potential to be a good alternative flip-flops while I continue my search for the perfect sandals.  L&T - you're okay in my book.

Best of Luxury Hotels in Kasauli

Kasauli Hotels on Book Kasauli Hotels online on attractive rates and discounts. Read Kasauli Hotels reviews, check hotel locations and maps, detailed facility information and hotel pictures for hotels in Kasauli.
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A tiny hamlet in the province of Himachal Pradesh, Kasauli is said to have come into existence when Lord Hanuman placed his feet here while advancing towards Sanjeevani hill. A hidden gem Kasauli represents the purest form of natural beauty which has seldom been touched by the curious travellers. A cool and peaceful ambiance surrounding the hill station and the spell-bounding beauty compelled even the British colonizers to visit it in order to avoid the scorching heats of summers.
Kasauli Hotels
With the advent of touristy in the region a great growth has been noticed in the number of hotels in Kasuali out of which those belonging to luxury category remains the best bet. Oozing out old world charm these Kasauli hotels are spectacular specimen of sophisticated vintage architecture. Wake up to a picturesque scenery with Himalayan oaks swaying, mixed forests of chir-pines spreading emerald hues and the golden rays of the sun enlivening the entire panorama.

Kasauli Hotels
Hotel Alasia: One of the renowned hotel properties in Kasauli, Hotel Alasia is situated in the heart of the pristine valley. Providing world class comforts to its guests, Alasia believes in pampering its guests with only the best. Laced with plethora of business and recreation amenities, are further coupled with efficient services by its warm and friendly staff.
Personalised services, beauteous surroundings and all the comforts of the modern world, Hotel Alasia offers a perfect retreat apt for holidaying in the hills. The fine dining arrangements are one of the main highlights of the hotel that attracts guests from even the neighbouring regions.

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Hotel Ros Common: Run by the government, Hotel Ros Common is a deluxe heritage hotel in Kasauli which avails an opportunity to experience the charming Victorian age hospitality even in the current times. Vintage architecture is further embellished with elite interiors including antique paintings and furnishings together create a majestic aura.
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The rooms are elegantly furnished and yet keep the homely atmosphere intact for the comfort of the guests. An array of room amenities are inclusive of satellite television, Internet access and prompt 24 hour room services. Well reputed for their overwhelming modes of hospitality and charming edifice, Hotel Ros Commoni s believed to be one of the best. While booking Kasauli hotels one must check availability here for a comfortable and memorable holidaying experience.

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Alpine Hills Resort: Nestled on the hilltop known as Sun Hill, the Alpine Hills Resort discloses pristine environs of the verdant valley. The windows at the hotel opens up to the picturesque views of Himalayan view point, snow capped mountains and the long stretches of pine trees.
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8 guestrooms are elegantly decorated and are blended further with state-of-the-art amenities. As you book your stay at Alpine Hills Resort you are welcomed with an array of mouthwatering Indian and continental cuisines at its fine dining multi-cuisine restaurant. The hotel also caters to its corporate clientele very efficiently by offering a set of business amenities offering unhindered function of their businesses. Recreation options are also found in aplenty here at Alpine Hills Resorts for which it is considered one of the best Kasauli hotels.