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Romancing Philippine and Marinduque Maps

Philippine Cartography from Vibal Foundation on Vimeo.

The evolution of Philippine maps from ancient times to the present could be seen in this video that also traces the economic and political importance of the Philippines to the rest of the world.

People familiar with the exact location of Marinduque in Philippine maps would also be interested to see the evolution of the map of the island of Marinduque, and what transpired after further studies by the U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey (USC&GS) was began in 1901. This involved the identification of specific points in the ellipsoid through the use of latitude and longitude, until a single datum was pinpointed – the Luzon Datum of 1911.

The origin of this datum was defined by Datum Station Balanacan, in Mogpog, Marinduque, located 13°33'41"N, 121°52'3"E. Consequently, all maps and surveys in the entire country were corrected and based on the position of this station.

The Philippines' National Mapping Resource Authority (NAMRIA) hatched in 2008 the development of the site atop Mataas na Bundok near Balanacan as a national landmark and as a site for eco-tourism development. The National Historical Commission of the Philippines has since issued a certification declaring the national significance of Datum Station Balanacan.

This makes more concrete Marinduque's tagline as the Heart of the Philippines or Center of the Philippines.

Atlantic crossing - day 16

Back on track. I fell asleep after that philosophy session we had the other night and slept all those hours I missed in the last two weeks. Man, that was some good sleep. Although extremely rolly and bouncy (25 knots of wind here now for the last 15 hours). Alex woke me up today around lunch and said: "Baby, get up now, you're boring when you're sleeping - let's make some corned beef and pasta!" That must seriously have been the most hilarious thing I've ever heard in a similar kind of situation. Just woke up after dreaming of dinosaurs, this blog, christianity and all kinds of other strange stuff and when I wake up I see my man in front of me asking for corned beef. Ha!! It made my day and also it somehow made me realize, once again, how amusingly disturbed this world is with all its paradoxes. What to worry about when you have love and corned beef, eh? 

Now 1359 nm left to Barbados. If we keep up with this tempo we will be there in no time. 135 nm made today and finally finally we're inside of that much longed for tradewind belt.


Carte de La ville de Paris

Carte de La ville de Paris Images

Carte de La ville de Paris, France

Carte de La ville de Bordeaux

Carte de La ville de Bordeaux Images

Carte de La ville de Bordeaux, France

1/31/11- The Refreshments- "Banditos"

I'll kick off the blog with quite possibly, one of the best one hit wonders of the 90s. They brought us the theme to "King of the Hill" and they brought us this.

Enjoy "Banditos" by the Refreshments!

Carte de La ville de Marseille

Carte de La ville de Marseille Images

Carte de La ville de Marseille, France

Carte de La ville de Limoges

Carte de La ville de Limoges Images

Carte de La ville de Limoges, France

Carte de La ville de Lyon

Carte de La ville de Lyon Images

Carte de La ville de Lyon, France

Carte De La France Images

Carte De La France Images

France is a accessory in Western Europe with several beyond territories and islands amidst on added continents and in the Indian, Pacific, and Atlantic oceans. Metropolitan France extends from the Mediterranean Sea to the English Channel and the North Sea, and from the Rhine to the Atlantic Ocean. It is about referred to as l’Hexagone ("The Hexagon") because of the geometric actualization of its territory.
It is belted (clockwise starting from the northeast) by Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and Monaco; with Spain and Andorra to the south. France is affiliated to the United Kingdom by the Channel Tunnel, which passes below the English Channel. In accretion to these borders on the European abstinent France has acreage borders with Suriname and Brazil through French Guiana, as able as with the Netherlands through the Collectivity of Saint Martin. It is the bigger west-European country and possesses the second-largest Exclusive Economic Zone in the world, accoutrement 11,035,000 km2 (4,260,000 mi2), just aback the one of the United States (11,351,000 km2 / 4,383,000 mi2).

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Travel insurance: security at top

travel insuranceLife is such a big gift that we should always try to enjoy it. Even when there are worst conditions in your life what is important to have patience in life and face that moments to go away. Good and bad moments are the part of life, if there are bad moments in life then surely there will be bad moments in life as well. As the bad moments passes in the same way good moments also passes. What is important in life is that, when good moments come enjoy them to the extreme limits of enjoyment.

Travel insurance is an insurance which understands the importance of these valuable moments and try to serve their customers in the best possible way. They want their customers should enjoy in the best possible way and should not worry about small things which can act as your mood spoiler during the tour.

Problems like flight cancellation, loss of some valuable items, health problems are very much common during the tour and this is the reason why travel insurance holds such a big importance.

It is always important in life to have some sort of recreation activities and when it comes to enjoyment planning is the best of enjoying and that makes travel insurance the most valuable.

Marinduque Anitos, Idols

A standing Bulol of Ifugao

Bulol, the Ifugao anito, is a carved human figure considered as a rice god and usually kept in the house or rice granary. It is said that there are steps involved in the making of a bulol, from selecting the tree to be used, to its arrival at the owner's house, to rituals involving bathing it in pig's blood, recitations and offerings of wine. There are claims that bulol is actually used by using the image as an object to ritually transfer the sickness of the afflicted to the statue and that the bulol is kept in granaries to drive away thieves. There is a belief that contact with the bulol used for this purpose could cause the sickness to be transferred to such thieves.


Anitos, idols, very much similar to the bulol have also been unearthed from various Marinduque caves. Together with skeletons, various gold ornaments, ancient pottery and wooden coffins with crocodile images carved into them, pre-Hispanic artifacts found in Marinduque has opened up a vast world of speculation.

Illustrations of a few anitos found in Pamintaan Cave, Torrijos.

Replica of one anito referred to as Pastores in the Marche journals, said to have been found in Gasan.

These anitos have inspired local cultural groups to incorporate these idols in dance-drama presentations only during the last decade.

The local anito featured here in "Bulong" dance-drama first presented in Gasan in 2002.

Chamundi Hills, Mysore

The Chamundi Hills with an elevation of 1000 meters is located close to Mysore (State: Karnataka) as many interesting sites. The temple top cab reached either by vehicle or by climbing around 1500 steps. From the top you can get a panoramic view of the Mysore and surroundings. At the top of the the hill are few temples. most prominent among them is the temple of Goddess Chamundeshwari.

En route to the top, one can see
At the top temple of Goddess Chamundeshwari

We started from Mysore to the Hills at around 7:00 a.m in the morning. It was drizzling on the the way. And at the top the temple tower was covered by mist. On the way we saw group of horse riders.

Travel Insurance – Investment for yourself

Travel Insurance
Travel Insurance has various advantages with it which makes it quite popular. They take care when we are out for traveling. Insurance in literal stands for covering your investment. They take care of the money that you have spent and prevent all unfortunates that can go when you are enjoying with your family and friends.

There are various Travel Insurance policies that are easily available on internet and you can easily buy them and get your trip insured. Before buying any policy you have to take care of the few things. The company from where you are buying your policy is an important that decides the fate of your trip. As many companies promises various things but hardly they fulfill the requirements. So, think twice before investing for your trip.

The transparency is very important which should be maintained as that brings your trip to success. Your documents prove to be quite beneficial as they will give exact figures of your identity. Always make aware your travel agent where you are heading to so that you can contact then when you are in need. Take care of the distance you are traveling as many time the issue is raised as distance is traveled more than required. Travel Insurance if used wisely proves very beneficial and can serve its purpose.

La lista negra de los 10 hoteles más sucios de Europa

Entre ellos no hay ninguno español y los que aparecen como los más sucios son los de Turquía, Reino Unido y Holanda.

Ha sido la agencia de viajes TripAdvisor, que es la web más grande de viajes del mundo, la que ha revelado el ranking de los 10 hoteles más sucios de Europa.

Este ha sido el sexto año consecutivo que TripAdvisor elabora esta "lista negra de hoteles".

Se basan en las valoraciones de millones de viajeros y la puntuación que le han dado a todos los hoteles en cuanto a la limpieza de los mismos.

Aquí va el listado:

1. Club Aqua Gumbet, Mugla - Turquía. Con toda clase de perlas despectivas, este hotel es el más sucio de toda Europa según TripAdvisor.

2. Altin Orfe Hotel, Mugla - Turquía.

3. Cromwell Crown, Londres, Reino Unido.

4. Cordbigoe Hotel, Londres, Reino Unido.

5. Park Hotel, Londres, Reino Unido.

6. Hotel de Lantaerne, Amsterdam, Holanda.

7. Hotel y Boulevard, Holanda.

8. Blair Victoria & Tudor Inn Hotel, Londres, Reino Unido.

9. Hotel Manofa, Amsterdam, Holanda.

10. Hotel The Globe, Amsterdam, Holanda.

Es bueno saberlo...

Atlantic crossing - Day 14

If we weren’t confused before this trip we certainly may become. Our discussions in the dark, moonless nights consists of topics such as: was there human beings in the times of the dinosaurs and did they try fighting them? what exactly is the consistence of the lava inside of our world and is the lava really neccesary to keep the world in motion? Does all planets have this type of burning substance within them? Why do you think religions were founded, besides of making money and keeping people in order and under control? Why are some of the stars above us more lit than others? If love is the strongest of powers, why aren’t the world a better place and what would happen to the world and it’s citizens if, hypotetically, all the value of money and trade was gone? Would it even be possible to survive and what would be the strongest forces then in war, politics, international relations and over all in the world? Those things wouldn’t even had to exist?

We might think we have came to a whole lot of conclusions but I fear that it all just’ve made us even more puzzled. Dangerous topics to even begin with as one might as well realize that nothing really makes sense in the end. Who are we to question such fundamental things anyway: two people in love, sailing on a boat towards what they believe is right and easily avoiding everything which aren’t, utterly convinced that they found the right religion and faith already. Our contemplations would probably not make much difference in the end and that is more or less how our midnight discussions ends, most of the times. We always end up saying: ah, fuck it, we don’t get anywhere with this so what’s the point? Let’s focus on our own happiness instead. And so we do. Going to bed, feeling happy and content that we at least have a free will and the possibility to think, act, feel, reflect and question all by our selves without too much of influence by any God, norms made by the society, other peoples values and opinions and so on. That’s what must count the most in the end and that is, I believe, what makes us feel so endlessly much more for this beautiful thing called life.

Now: 1580 nm to Barbados. /Taru

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Significance of Travel Insurance

travel insurance
Traveling is fun if experienced with family and friends. They bring an element of fun and excitement which engulfs us. Traveling brings various medium of life together, like exploring different places, different cultures, and different lifestyles. When we decide to travel or visit a new place we have to work on few things. We must be aware of the distance that we are traveling.

Travel Insurance is meant to shape our trips. They cover our trip where ever we go. Traveling to a new place is a exciting and adventurous thing to do. It adds to the fun element to our life.

Travel Insurance provides with various services which makes it difficult to avoid. They provide us with medical and health services. If due to any reason your flight gets canceled you are entitled to get reimbursement and you can get an alternative to that. Your investment is always in safe hands with travel insurance. They give you a peace of mind when you are traveling to long distance so that you don’t have to keep thinking of anything that might go wrong when you are enjoying the precious moments of your life with your family and friends.

Keeping your trip safe is the prime objective f all travel insurance policies. As they work for making your trip successful and enjoyable.


Since it shortens our landfall destination with around 100 nm, we've decided to make a first stop in Barbados when we arrive, whenever we arrive, to the Caribbean and we'll also be picking up two of our friends there. Have any of you guys been to Barbados and do you have any tips regarding that island? We are supposed to move on towards Martinique, St Lucia etc. directly, but might be there are something which we cannot miss in Barbados? Will land around 9-10 th of February. /T&A

Friday, January 28, 2011

Lalbagh Flower Show - Petunia Flowers

At flower show in Lalbagh Gardens at Bangalore on August 2010 there were exclusive collection of various flowers on display.

One of the flower on display are Petunia Flowers.

The colors and designs were amazing.

Yesterday's lunch and some stats of day no. 12

It was a Mahi Mahi of course. I had it grilled with salt, pepper and lemon juice. Served it with basmati rice cooked in garlic and coriander. Delicious!

Some stats of today:

1899 nm to go to Martinique. 
Position: N 14°02. W 28°42.
Water temp: 30°. I'm soon in. 
Amount of fish caught so far: 1 only! Catastrophe.
Knots of wind in this very moment: 5-7. Engine on. We can see some stronger tradewinds on the grib a bit further West and we have around 200 nm to go to be able to pick them up. Hoping this will be the end of motoring for this journey. 
Amount of flying fish landed on deck: 1
Squalls encountered so far on this crossing: 5? 6? Luckily we got stuck in a big one last night which gave us some good speed forward for a couple of hours. And it also gave a good wash of the teak, thank you weather gods for that one.

And that would be all for now. Don't forget to check out our position and route on the Spotwalla website. /T

Travel insurance: just enjoy

travel insuranceLife is an important gift of god given to us him. He is the creator of this world and he imparted us with various relationships, so it is our duty to take care of those relationships which are with us. The best gift we can give our near and dear ones is time. Time is the most valuable thing which everyone wants from others but many times it’s seen apart from trying so hard for it people don’t have it.

There is no solution to this problem but there is an alternative to it and it is that, whenever you get time plan a tour for them. Going out for recreation is the best thing which a person can do in order to relieve itself from tension.

Travel insurance is an insurance which understands the importance of these valuable moments and try to serve their customers in the best possible way. They want their customers should enjoy in the best possible way and should not worry about small things which can act as your mood spoiler during the tour.

Problems like flight cancellation, loss of some valuable items, health problems are very much common during the tour and this is the reason why travel insurance holds such a big importance.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Atlantic crossing - Day 11 - Today's lunch

What is all that hacker thing that some of you've mentioned in the comments by the way? Can't keep an eye on the blog all the time from here so please inform me. /T

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Travel Insurance and Ireland

travel insurance Ireland
Few countries have something in then which attracts you and forces you to visit them once in your lifetime. Traveling a best way to get rid of stress and work pressure. They may be not permanently but yes for time being give you a different life which you can lead with various sweet memories and adventure.

Ireland is the third largest island in Europe and twentieth largest in world. The best feature of Ireland is that is surrounded by low-lying mountains which gives a beautiful scenic view to its viewers. The culture that prevails there has an influence on other cultures too. It has a historical touch too because of which I thought of visiting it. I started my research with booking a travel insurance Ireland which would help me in all my tour. Travel Insurance is an important aspect of all sorts of traveling trip as if we are held in any sort of problems we can get help through them.

The Island is known for lush vegetation with, mild climate which was exactly suitable for my visit as greenery what was I looking for peace. I found inland area was warmer in summer and colder in winters so I decided to visit when there is moderate climate. My list includes Bunratty Castle, the Rock of Cashel, the Cliffs of Moner, Holy Cross Abbey and Blarney Castle.

Hope to get much of all these…!

Golden Fort, Jaisalmer

Golden Fort in Jaisalmer (State: Rajasthan) is the most magnificent site. Built in 1156 by the Bahtti Rajput ruler Jaisala, and reinforced by later rulers, the fort crowns the 80 m - high Trikuta Hill. This is one of the oldest living fort, where one quarter of the old city's population is still residing in it.

The fort has 99 bastions around its circumference and is protected by three walls. The lower wall is of solid stone blocks which reinforce the loose rubble of which Trikuta hill is composed. The second wall snakes around the fort. Above is the view of the fort from one of the havelis located outside the fort at a quite good distance.

The fort is entered from first Fort Gate and a series of massive gates via an enormous stone paved ramp, leads one to a large courtyard. In the courtyard one can see the former Maharaja's seven story Palace, Rajmahal. This square was formerly used to review troops, hear petitions and present extravagant entertainment for important visitors.

Within the fort walls, there are seven beautifully carved Jain
Temples built between the 12th and 15th centuries.

The fort looks especially magical when it is lit up at night.

Holiday Insurance – make your trip a success

holiday insurance
Traveling overseas can be more fun and enriching experience. However, it won’t be much easy without proper Holiday Insurance and can result in financial ruin or even worse.

Luckily, arranging holiday insurance is not much tough work to do. It just asks for little time and research for the place where you are visiting. Some take the risk of going overseas without considering Travel or holiday insurance though it’s always advised to buy and get your traveling trip insured. There are various advantages that are attached with holiday insurance because of which is it quite popular and is always suggested before leaving for any trip.

When we travel to a new place it is necessary to be aware of all ups and downs that can create obstacles when we are planning to have few peaceful and fun loving moments. Travel helps us to rethink about life as it adds various colors to it and makes beautiful changes. After spending much time on researching and finding the destination where you would be visiting so it’s important to getting sorted out in all aspects. Insurance is very important for all, for traveling, for home, for car as it gives peace of mind and let us to enjoy what we are spending for.

Direct Packaging

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Coke East

American Express - travel ads

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Kent Condos