Thursday, March 31, 2011

Shatner's Rules: The Full Title Revealed!


Discovered after a quick search on, the book is now available for pre-order and will be released on October 18th of this year.  List Price has it at $21.95, but they've got it selling at $14.93.  ISBN: 9780525952510.  And yes, it looks like there's going to be an audiobook as well.  It doesn't list the reader yet, but I'd bet my hide that Shatner will provide vocals once again.

The Shatnerverse is usually a reference to the Trek books written by Shatner, in which he resurrected Kirk via Borg technology after his pathetic demise in Star Trek: Generations.  But I doubt we'll be reading an intricate analysis of Star Trek The Return or the more recent Star Trek Academy books.  I'm guessing The Shatnerverse quoted in the subtitle has more to do with the New York Daily News quote found on Bill's last memoir, "It is now Bill Shatner's Universe-we just live in it."

Yep, October can't get here fast enough.

Answers to your questions

Dear readers,

I need to thank you all for your emails and comments you keep sending to us. We read everything very carefully and we value and truthfully appreciate that you're getting in touch. Unfortunately we have came to realize that there would be no time for anything else in life than responding to your emails if that is what we would have chosen to do and even though I would like to personally reply to each and everyone of you who take your precious time to write to us, it is just simply impossible. And instead of me feeling bad for not responding to the 247 unanswered emails we have in the inbox in this very moment, I would now like to take the chance to answer to some of the most frequently asked questions which we encounter in the daily emails and comments from you.

Many of you seem to enjoy the photos on this blog, thank you very much, and you want to know what equipment is used: I am photographing with a Canon EOS 5D Mark II and used are lenses such as: Canon EF 50 mm f/1.8 II, Canon EOS 70-200 mm f/2.8 L IS USM and a Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8. Occasionally I throw over the camera to Alex, how else would we get all those narcissistic bikini pictures of yours truly. Sometimes there is also a remote control from Canon and a tripod from Hama Star in use, that's when Alex is fed up with taking my photos and also when we're both featured in the images.

The 5D is also a great video camera and while we still haven't even started any serious video shootings, I will with time show you how amazing videos this camera produces. The old camera which is the one used for all photos featured in this blog before September 2010, is a more simpler Canon camera. The Canon EOS 450D (called Digital Rebel XSi in the US) is the one I would like to recommend to anyone who are in the thoughts of beginning to understand the difference between a compact digital and a digital SLR camera. To this one I used the standard lens which came with it and also sometimes a great macro lens, the Canon EF-S 60 mm f/2.8. This camera is still quite a lot in use, especially because it is much lighter to carry around with than the 5D and also because I love the macro lens mentioned for close ups.

More frequently asked questions: 

How are we able to stay in such good shape when living aboard a small boat and can we give some advice for others who wants to stay fit while cruising? Ok, this is a tricky one as I assume you might think there are some miracle advice, but I'm sorry there aren't. Alex is simply born the way he is and all his sporty young years have made him an athlete for ever. Lucky him, I say, myself I'm born as a woman and while not being 21 any longer, I need my weekly workout and also I need to somewhat regulate my chocolate, cheese and wine intake, if you know what I mean. Added to that I am, just like many other women out there, pending in weight like a yo-yo depending on how much water my body contains for the day and even though I might look very well trained and fit one day, I could equally swollen up like a balloon for the day after. Obviously I will only show myself in this blog when I have my skinnier days, so keep that in mind as well. Other than that, I have my own workout scheme adjusted to the life aboard a sailing boat and if you are really really nice I might give you some video instructions one day. I'm joking.

Then we have a few of you who wants to know where my bikinis are from and on that I can tell you that they're purchased from everything from Missoni and Mango to H&M, La Perla and Calzedonia and all are blended and used in a sweet melange. My favorite mix is the black La Perla bottom with the yellow Calzedonia top.

Many of you guys out there are also planning your own great escape from mundanity and you want our help and advice in areas regarding sponsors, cruising budget, planning of a journey, advice on how to break free from the normality and other things concerning a life change/cruising/financials etc, as well as Alex practical suggestions for gear, equipment etc and as soon as our new website is up and running (hopefully launched in next week) I promise that you will have our reply on some of those questions, and maybe even all of it with time, over there. 

And that would be all for now. Thank you again for your emails and comments, they mean a lot to us. Please keep them coming.


Fresh new perspectives for your blog

Today we’re previewing five new dynamic templates in Blogger that you’ll soon be able to customize and use for your blog. These new views use the latest in web technology, including AJAX, HTML5 and CSS3,

These views require modern browsers such as Internet Explorer 8+, Firefox 3.5+, Chrome or Safari. Many elements of these views will not work should you have an older browser.

In all views, search is available in the upper right hand corner. Clicking on the ">" arrow in the very top left of the header bar will slide the header bar across and allow you to choose different views for the current blog as well as type in a new blog URL.

  • Mouse over any of the cards to see the post title and comment count. As you scroll down, additional posts will continue to load.
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To try these views on your own blog, simply add “/view” to the end of the blog URL—for example,

We’re previewing these templates early on so we can incorporate your feedback for a wider launch soon.

Microsoft complaint to EU about Google


Microsoft have today voiced their concerns about Google in Europe. They’re unhappy with various Google “practices” including blocking access to parts of YouTube that Android phones can access…

“Google blocked Microsoft’s new Windows Phones from operating properly with YouTube. Google has enabled its own Android phones to access YouTube so that users can search for video categories, find favorites, see ratings, and so forth in the rich user interfaces offered by those phones. It’s done the same thing for the iPhones offered by Apple, which doesn’t offer a competing search service.

Microsoft has filed a formal complaint with European Union competition regulators over Google's dominance of the internet search market, escalating a debate that has already placed the online search group at the centre of an EU probe.

In its complaint, Microsoft alleges that Google is abusing its dominance of the search market in Europe, where it controls 95 per cent of the market, and that it is impeding fair competition.

the filing follows complaints by several other companies, including one owned by Microsoft, over what they claim are Google’s restrictive practices in the advertising and search markets.

Microsoft said the situation was more obvious in Europe, where Google dominates the search market, than in the US.

Mr Smith claimed that since acquiring YouTube, Google had put in place a number of measures to restrict competing search engines from properly accessing it for their results.

Microsoft also alleged that in 2010, and again more recently, Google had blocked Microsoft’s new Windows Phones from operating properly with YouTube.

He said that Google was restricting its advertising customers access to their own data. Microsoft also claimed that Google discriminates against would-be competitors by making it more expensive for them to obtain prominent advertising space on its site.

Microsoft also made reference to the ongoing debate over what it said were Google’s moves to block access to content owned by book publishers.

Google said that it was “not surprised” by Microsoft’s actions since one of their subsidiaries was one of the original complainants. “For our part, we continue to discuss the case with the European Commission and we’re happy to explain to anyone how our business works,” it said.

Last year Brussels launched an investigation into Google, following complaints from three companies. The EU is looking at whether Google gave preferential treatment to its own services when ranking results and whether its contractual relationships with advertisers may also have breached competition rules.

Last month 1plusV, a French company related to, one of three companies that originally filed complaints against Google, accused Google of abusing its dominant position in the online search market and blocking the development of rival search businesses.

How To Commute To POEA Or Philippine Overseas Employment Administration

Philippine Overseas Employment Administration, most commonly known as POEA, is situated at the corner of EDSA and Ortigas Avenue in Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila. You can get to it from any far flung areas both inside and outside Metro Manila by a bus ride. All passenger buses that ply the route of north to south of Metro Manila and vice versa pass by POEA. The only thing to remember is the "Ortigas Ilalim" wording that must be present at the sign of the bus you're going to ride, regardless of where you'll be coming form - Alabang, Baclaran, FTI, Novaliches, Fairview, Monumento or Malanday. The nearest train station walking distance to POEA is MRT-3 Ortigas Station.


If you're riding an MRT train that comes from Taft Station, alight at Ortigas Station, then after passing through the turnstile (exit machine where you insert your card), you must turn left to go down the stairway that lead to pedestrian footbridge which is located beneath Ortigas Station yet above the busy highway of EDSA. Use this footbridge to go to the opposite side of EDSA. If you turn right after you pass through the turnstile, you will not be able to cross EDSA as the stairway leads directly to the ground going to SM Mega Mall.

Once you reach the opposite side of EDSA also known as the south bound lane, go down and walk northward to get to Ortigas Avenue where POEA is situated. If you don't know your north, just walk opposite the direction of the vehicles passing through EDSA.


If you ride a train that comes from North Station of MRT-3, get off the train at Ortigas Station, go down and walk back northward to get to Ortigas Avenue where POEA is located. This is because the train has already past Ortigas Avenue before it stop at Ortigas Station.

MRT-3 Ortigas Station is not exactly located at the corner of Ortigas Avenue. You need to walk an approximately 580 meters or .58 kilometer from the foot of Ortigas Station up to the building of POEA. See map at the bottom of this post.

I think, it's just a short walk and a good exercise for our body. Considering the perennial traffic along EDSA, the fast travel MRT gives outweigh the convenience of getting to the exact location of POEA by bus, which is by the way takes longer time to get to a destination. The long duration of time buses spend in bus bays and loading areas extends the time to your travel even more.

But if you're coming from a far location like Alabang or Monumento and you want to economize, bus ride is practical. Going to POEA from those locations by bus takes only one ride. Just make sure you put time allowance on your travel to be on time.

Here are the detailed directions and routes from different parts of Metro Manila as well as nearby provinces to POEA: (Note: All directions here are the same routes to take if you're coming to Robinson's Galleria, Holiday Inn, EDSA Shrine, Eton Cyberpod Corinthian and Ortigas Center CBD. Watch out for my post on how to get to individual buildings situated inside the Central Business District of Ortigas Center)

Route #1

From Alabang, Muntinlupa, Metropolis Star Mall, Filinvest City, Festival Mall, Pacita, Muntinlupa, provinces of Batangas, Laguna, Quezon and areas located near to these locations.

If you're far from Alabang, just go to the bus bay or loading area located near Sogo Alabang which is adjacent to Metropolis Starmall. From far places mentioned above, ride a bus or jeep bound for Alabang.

In Alabang ride a bus with any of these signs: "Monumento Ortigas Ilalim", "Fairview Ortigas Ilalim", "Novaliches Ortigas Ilalim", "Malanday Ortigas Ilalim" etc. Dont take bus with "Ortigas Ibabaw" on its sign. Ask the conductor to drop you off at Ortigas or POEA. A lot of passengers will alight at Ortigas Avenue. Some buses also have "POEA" on their signs.

After you get off the bus at Ortigas, use the footbridge to get to the opposite corner of EDSA-Ortigas where POEA is located.

If you want to use MRT, then alight at Magallanes Station of MRT-3, ride a North bound train and alight at Ortigas Station.

Route #2

From Caloocan, Monumento, Malanday, Malabon, Navotas, Valenzuela, Ever Gotesco Grand Central and nearby areas.

Ride a bus with any of these signs: "Alabang Ortigas Ilalim", "Baclaran Ortigas Ilalim", "Sucat Ortigas Ilalim", "Ayala Leveriza Ortigas Ilalim", etc. Some buses add "POEA" wording on the signs. If there's no buses going to these destinations at your location, ride a jeepney bound for Monumento and ride right there. You can also ride one of these buses at 5th Avenue corner Rizal Avenue in Caloocan.

When paying, tell the conductor your destination as "POEA". The bus will stop exactly at the bus bay few meters from POEA.

If you want to use the train, then get off the bus as it stops at MRT-3 North Avenue Station. Ride a train bound for Taft and get off at Ortigas Station.

Route #3

From Cavite, Tagaytay, Imus, Dasmarinas, Bacoor, Paranaque, Pasay, Baclaran and nearby areas.

From your location ride a bus or jeepney bound for Baclaran. In Baclaran, go to the bus bay or loading zone located near to the gate of Redemptorist Church. As in Route #1, ride a bus with any of these signs: "Monumento Ortigas Ilalim", "Fairview Ortigas Ilalim", "Novaliches Ortigas Ilalim", "Malanday Ortigas Ilalim" etc. Dont take bus with "Ortigas Ibabaw" on its sign. Ask the conductor to drop you off at Ortigas or POEA. A lot of passengers will alight at Ortigas Avenue. Some buses also have "POEA" on their signs.

If you're from any locations in Pasay, just ride a jeepney to EDSA, and wait for these buses at any loading area nearest to you.

From MOA, ride a jeepney bound for "Malibay" or "Sucat" and "Alabang". Alight at unloading area near to Heritage Hotel which is located at the corner of EDSA and Roxas Boulevard. Ride same bus and alight at Ortigas Ilalim.

From unloading area in Ortigas which is located in front of Robinson's Galleria, use the footbridge and go to the opposite corner of EDSA and Ortigas Avenue where POEA is located.

If you want to use the train, then alight at Taft if you have Stored Value ticket for MRT-3. If you don't have Stored Value ticket, get off the bus at Magallanes Station. Ride a train bound for North and alight at Ortigas Station.

Taft Station is always jam-packed. The lines are terrible. It takes almost forever just to buy a one way ticket even if you fall in line of "Exact Fare" window. So if you don't have Stored Value ticket, just ride the train at Magallanes where both passengers riding the train and buying tickets are few.

Route #4

From Pampanga, Bulacan, Tarlac, Nueva Ecija, Ilocos and other provinces in Northern Luzon. You can ride a bus or FX with terminal located anywhere in EDSA e.g. JAC Liner, Lucena Bus, Tritran and Victory Liner. All of these buses has terminal located along EDSA, particularly in GMA Kamuning area and Cubao where there's also Baliwag Transit Terminal.

If you ride an FX with terminal located at SM North EDSA and Trinoma, just walk towards EDSA.

Along EDSA, go to the nearest bus bay or loading area and ride a bus with any of these signs: "Alabang Ortigas Ilalim", "Baclaran Ortigas Ilalim", "Sucat Ortigas Ilalim", "Ayala Leveriza Ortigas Ilalim", etc. Some buses add "POEA" wording on the signs.

When paying, tell the conductor your destination as "POEA". The bus will stop exactly at the bus bay or unloading area few meters from POEA.

If you want to ride the train instead, go to the nearest MRT-3 station (e.g. North Station, Quezon Avenue Station, GMA-Kamuning Station, Cubao Station, etc), ride a train bound for Taft and alight at Ortigas Station.

Route #5

From Quiapo, Recto, Legarda, Pureza, SM Centerpoint, V. Mapa and other areas near to these locations.

Ride a colored green air conditioned G-Liner bus with "Taytay" sign. When paying, tell the conductor to drop you off at POEA. The conductor will announce the arrival to POEA by loudly saying "EDSA", "POEA", "Robinson's" and "Galleria".

Route #6

From Ermita, Malate, Robinson's Place Manila, Mabini, M.H. Del Pilar, Pedro Gil and other areas near to these locations.

Option #1. Ride a jeepney bound for Quiapo and in Quiapo near the only pedestrian overpass, ride a colored green air conditioned G-Liner bus with "Taytay" signs. When paying, tell the conductor to drop you off at POEA. The conductor will announce the arrival to POEA by loudly saying "EDSA", "POEA", "Robinson's" and "Galleria".

Option #2. Walk or ride a jeepney to LRT-1 which is in Taft Avenue. Ride a "Baclaran" bound train at any LRT-1 station (e.g. Central Terminal if you're from Intramuros, Manila City Hall or SM City Manila; U.N. Aveneu Station; Pedro Gil Station, Quirino Statio; Vito Cruz Station). Alight at EDSA Station. Use the footbridge that connects LRT-1 to MRT-3. Ride an MRT-3 train bound for North Avenue. Alight at Ortigas Station.

Route #7

From Fort Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Market Market, Guadalupe, Makati, J.P. Rizal, Delpan, Chino Roces aka Pasong Tamo and other areas near to these locations.

If you're in Delpan or J.P. Rizal, ride a jeepney with "Guadalupe Ilalim" sign. If you're from Fort Bonifacio or Global city and Taguig etc, ride a jeepney with "Guadalupe" sign. From Chino Roces, ride a jeep with "Mantrade" sign.

These jeepneys' last stop is in EDSA where you can ride a bus with any of these signs: "Monumento Ortigas Ilalim", "Fairview Ortigas Ilalim", "Novaliches Ortigas Ilalim", "Malanday Ortigas Ilalim" etc. Dont take bus with "Ortigas Ibabaw" on its sign. Ask the conductor to drop you off at Ortigas or POEA. A lot of passengers will alight at Ortigas Avenue. Some buses also have "POEA" on their signs.

After you get off the bus at Ortigas, use the footbridge to get to the opposite corner of EDSA-Ortigas where POEA is located.

If you want to ride a train, then just go up the Guadalupe Station or Magallanes Station, ride a train bound for North Avenue Station and alight at Ortigas Station.

Route #8

From Pasig Palengke, EDSA-Shaw Crossing, EDSA Central, Kalentong, Boni Mandaluyong, Pioneer and other areas near to these locations. If you're from Pasig Palengke, ride a jeepney bound for Quiapo. Alight at EDSA. If you're from Kalentong, ride a jeepney bound for Pasig and alight at EDSA. From Boni, ride a jeepney going to EDSA.

In EDSA, ride a bus with any of these signs: "Monumento Ortigas Ilalim", "Fairview Ortigas Ilalim", "Novaliches Ortigas Ilalim", "Malanday Ortigas Ilalim" etc. Dont take bus with "Ortigas Ibabaw" on its sign. Ask the conductor to drop you off at Ortigas or POEA. A lot of passengers will alight at Ortigas Avenue. Some buses also have "POEA" on their signs.

After you get off the bus at Ortigas, use the footbridge to get to the opposite corner of EDSA-Ortigas where POEA is located.

Route #9

From Marikina, Sta Lucia East, Robinson's Metro East, Santolan Pasig, Katipunan, Anonas, Project 4, Cubao and other areas near to these locations.

First, you need to go to Cubao. You can go to the nearest LRT-2 Station (e.g. Santolan Station, Katipunan Station, Anonas Station) and ride a train bound for Recto Station and alight at Araneta Center Cubao Station. Or you can ride a bus or jeepney bound for Cubao or Recto and alight at Araneta Center Cubao.

Second, you can either ride a train bound for Taft at MRT-3 Araneta Center Cubao Station and alight at Ortigas Station, or ride a bus with "Ortigas Ilalim" on its sign and get off the bus at Ortigas corner EDSA where POEA is just a few meters away. If you use the train, you need to walk around 580 meters or more than half a kilometer to POEA. Traveling by train as I've already said is faster than bus even if the bus stop right in front of POEA. The main sign of the bus you're going to ride must be any of these: "Alabang Ortigas Ilalim", "Baclaran Ortigas Ilalim", "Sucat Ortigas Ilalim", "Ayala Leveriza Ortigas Ilalim"

Route #10

From Taytay, Antipolo Simbahan, Ynarez Gym, Ever Gotesco Ortigas and other areas near to these locations. This route is via Ortigas Avenue.

Ride any bus bound for Quiapo. These buses include the ones belong to G-Liner, the colored green air-conditioned new buses that ply the route of Quiapo-Taytay and vice versa. Ask the conductor to drop you off at POEA. You need to go to the opposite corner of EDSA-Ortigas via the footbridge to get to the exact location of POEA.

Location Map of POEA and MRT-3 Ortigas Station

3/31/11- Wesley Willis- "Alanis Morissette"

On this day, 15 years ago today, March 31st, 1996, Alanis Morissette was enjoying her 3rd week at #1 with "Ironic" on the Billboard Modern Rock Chart. (Back in the good ol' days... when Tori Amos and Stabbing Westward were both on the same chart.) I figured I'd celebrate.

But not with "Ironic."

And not with Alanis Morissette either.

Instead, I'll celebrate with Wesley Willis.

Wesley Willis hailed from Chicago, and was a diagnosed schizophrenic. He took to art, doing paintings and writing, and in the 90's, gained a cult following with his simple, yet unique songs. This song actually had a music video made for it and played on MTV. The video consists of Wesley parodying every Alanis Morissette music video made to that point.

Sadly, Wesley passed away in 2003 of complications from chronic myelogenous leukemia.

So today, enjoy "Alanis Morrisette" by Wesley Willis.

Jay Leno Thrills Bill!

"I'll Bet You Could Balance Two of Those On Your Chin!"

On March 29th's The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, William Shatner took part in a new bit called "Does This Thrill Bill?"  Just think of the awkward beauty of America's Got Talent and throw in Bill Shatner's special brand of potshot humor.  The Three Contestants were Rob from Orlando who balances egg topped tables on his chin, Champion Sumo Wrestler Kelly who performed "the strangest yoga class" Bill had ever seen by eating a cupcake while doing the splits, and Kathy who crushes cans under a 30 second timeclock.

You can watch Part 1 HERE on Leno's site and Part 2 HERE.  However, my favorite video to spawn from this skit is the backstage interview with Bryan Branly found HERE.  

When asked if he needed to be thrilled, Shatner responds "I don't need to be thrilled, I've got lots of thrills in my life...when Jay calls I answer...Ever year I put on a charity horse show that benefits children in need.  It's called the Hollywood Charity Horse Show sponsored by Wells Fargo and it's on April 30th. will give you all the information and that's why I wanted to do the show."

Later, when interviewing Kathy, Brian asks what she thought of Bill's dirty can-popping gestures.  Kathy responds, "He's a guy, what can you say.  Sometimes it's to be expected."  Oh, Bill.

A Writer's Toolbox: Classes to EMPOWER Your Fiction

Are you ready to go crazy?

If you’re a writer, you probably already are.

No offense, it’s just the fact of a writer’s life. :-)

And if you are a crazy writer who wants to expand their craft and learn some great tools, sit up close for a moment. I’m going to share a writing-world secret.

You’ll probably guess my point before I get there, because truth is, this secret isn’t much of a secret.

But play along for a minute, okay?

I’m constantly searching for help in making my craft stronger. I’ve tried freelance editors (helpful, yes, but not quite there yet). I’ve taken copious classes and multiply how-to books (again very helpful, the pieces to the puzzles are coming together).

But I still don’t know what I’m doing wrong. Something isn’t clicking and when I sit down to edit I can’t SEE the physical errors in my writing besides the plain-as-the-nose-on-your-face obvious. (cliché alert) Worse I don’t know how to fix them.

(HINT: there was a clue. Did you catch it?)

Hand me a class I can afford and most likely I am going to jump in feet first and see how wet I can get.

This time around, I was DELUGED.

In a very, very good way.

Photo Curtesy of Flickr
I took a class this month on powering your characters emotions, which turned into way more than I ever expected. This class took the power of an editor and put it into my hands. Through the month long class (with 10 lectures total), the most helpful thing I think I learned is the EDITS system. Basically a system of highlighting different aspects of your writing.

Put into layman’s terms, I learned what each color represented and what they represented on the PAGE and what it most likely meant for my story.

(Do you know who I’m talking about yet? I’ll keep going for a few more paragraphs.)

Chock full of examples from superb fiction, you SEE what these authors have done right. It’s all broken down and by the time the final lessons have rolled around, I’m looking to find these concepts in other books.

You learn by doing. The assignments stretched my brain and took me another step down this journey. In-depth advice from the instructor and the help of my edit partner brought concepts home.


Let me say that one more time. It needs to be over-stated.


(Figured it out yet? Answer’s coming!)

Suddenly (or probably not-so-suddenly) I can SEE what is wrong with my work. It hasn’t made it perfect, but when all you see is blocks of yellow (gotta take the class to know what I’m talking about :-)-you know you most likely have a problem.

And instead of just KNOWING you have a problem, you are given the tools and the power to go and FIX it.

It’s more than just staring at a block of words and knowing in your gut you’ve got something that needs fixing. This is actively investigating that block of words and actually making changes that will forever change how you view your fiction.

Can you tell I’m a proponent of this class?

No, I wasn’t paid to write this post. I just paid for the class. Which is worth every penny of the $30 I spent. (and I would have spent three times that)

Are you still with me?

Think you know who it is?

If you guessed Margie Lawson, you guessed right. Check her website out. I’m serious. You won’t write the same again and she puts her classes into terms you can UNDERSTAND. You will grow and stretch, plus we read many examples from Multi-Margie grads that are now published or in the stages of publication. :-)

EMPOWER YOUR FICTION. It’s guaranteed.

Questions? Comments? Do tell… :-)

To Celebrate Our 300 Followers (YOU!) I’m Hosting a Giveaway:

Leave a comment for a chance to win Home Another Way by Christa Parrish

Winner will be announced in the Weekend Edition and please be sure and leave an email address so I can contact you. :-)

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Gadisar Lake, Jaisalmer

Gadisar Lake is a man-made reservoir in Jaisalmer (State: Rajasthan) built in 1367 by Maharaja Gadsi Singh Ji. This is a scenic place where one can go for boating.

This tank outside the city walls, and in the olden days it was the main source of town's water supply. The lake is surrounded by small temples and shrines. A wide variety of waterfowl flock here in winter.

This lake located at the South of city is a natural low-land was dammed to catch every drop of rain water.

The beautiful arched gateway through which one can reach this lake is known as Teelon-ki Gate as it was constructed in 19th century by a very famous courtesan named Teelon. This is constructed with yellow sandstone and at the top of the gate is a small temple.

How To Get To SM City North EDSA From Greenhills

Here's the best way to take to get to SM City North EDSA from Greenhills both by driving and commuting. You only need one jeepney ride and one bus ride to get to SM North from Greenhills.

By Car

The short cut and the best route to get to SM North from Greenhills is to take Ortigas Avenue. Take the lane going towards LRT-2 which is in Gilmore. So it's the reverse of going towards MRT-3 which is in EDSA. You drive away from EDSA.

Stay to the middle of Ortigas Avenue and cross intersections of Roosevelt, Madison and Santolan Road. After you cross Santolan Road, street name changes to Granada. Ortigas Avenue ends up in Santolan Road.

Drive on Granada and after crossing few small streets and a bridge, you will get to see a main road intersecting Granada where from the distance a tall building is visible standing at the right corner. This road is N. Domingo Street. Granada ends up in N. Domingo and its opposite road is Gilmore. Don't cross N. Domingo and don't pass through Gilmore because Gilmore is one way from the opposite end which is in E. Rodriguez and the traffic goes towards Granada.

Turn right onto N. Domingo Street. The road that serves as the opposite lane of Gilmore going to E. Rodriguez is Dona M. Hemady, which is next to Gilmore, to the left of N. Domingo. Turn left on Dona M. Hemady Street, cross Aurora Boulevard where LRT-2 elevated track passes through and drive all the way to E. Rodriguez Sr Avenue, the busy street where public jeepneys that ply Cubao-Quiapo route pass through.

Upon approach to E. Rodriguez, you must change lane to the right because a lot of vehicles on your lane would turn left. Turn right onto E. Rodriguez Sr Avenue. At this point, your next turn to the left would be Tomas Morato Avenue.

Tomas Morato doesn't intersect or cross E. Rodriguez. It only begins to the left of E. Rodrigues. That means Tomas Morato Avenue is perpendicular to E. Rodriguez. And the distance from the corner of Dona M. Hemady and E. Rodriguez up to the corner of Tomas Morato and E. Rodriguez is approximately 143 meters only.

So, after about 80 meters, you can change your lane to the left in preparation for the left turn to Tomas Morato. Upon approach to this junction, you will immediately see the traffic lights from the distance.

Turn left on Tomas Morato and drive all the way up to the opposite end which is perpendicular to Eugenio Lopez Avenue. Before you get to Eugenio Lopez, you will cross intersection of Kamuning and other small roads before you reach the rotonda of Boy Scout Circle. Pass through the Boy Scout Circle, then turn right back to Tomas Morato, drive on and after crossing small intersections of Scout Madrinan, Scout Borromeo and Scout Bayoran, turn left on Eugenio Lopez where ABS CBN Headquarters is located to your right.

Driving on E. Lopez, you will pass by Pinoy Big Brother House to your left before you get to the next junction where you must turn right onto the next street of Mother Ignacia Avenue. From Mother Ignacia, turn left on the next street which is Sgt Esguerra Avenue. In Sgt. Esguerra, cross the next intersection of Panay Avenue, then turn right onto Quezon Avenue.

In Quezon Avenue, next intersection is EDSA. As you can see, this is a crossing of two main thoroughfares of Metro Manila. So expect traffic here especially where EDSA and Quezon Avenue meet. Turn right onto EDSA and immediately turn left on the first U-Turn slot next to Quezon Avenue, just beneath the EDSA-Quezon Avenue flyover. Complete the U-Turn to get back to EDSA, this time on north lane. Cross Quezon Avenue intersection, stay on EDSA and drive all the way up to North Avenue where Trinoma is situated at the corner of EDSA and North. Turn right onto North Avenue but immediately change lane to the left and turn left on the next left turn going to SM City North EDSA. Follow direction to the Car Park building or to the open parking located to the opposite end of the road.

By Bus/Jeepney

From Greenhills Shopping Center, go the opposite side of Ortigas Avenue via pedestrian overpass. Ride a jeepney with "Robinson Galleria EDSA" sign or take the aircon G-Liner bus bound for Taytay. Both jeepney and bus will cross EDSA. Alight after the they cross EDSA and stop at the unloading area in Robinson's Galleria. Walk towards the bus bay or loading area along EDSA near corner Ortigas in front of Robinson's Galleria entrance.

Ride a bus with any of these signs: "Monumento", "Malanday" and "Novaliches"
Tip: Look for bus with additional information written at their sign that read "Cubao Ilalim". If you ride a bus with "Cubao Ibabaw" wording on its sign, you spend longer time on the bus as it will stand longer in Cubao to fill the bus with more passengers. Besides, traffic there is so heavy you might get irritated. So take Ilalim (e.g. Monumento Cubao Ilalim).

The bus will take approximately 8 kilometers distance to SM North EDSA where it will stop by SM North EDSA Bus Bay.


Alternatively, you can take MRT. Walk your way to Ortigas Station of MRT-3, ride a North bound train and alight at the last station of North Avenue. Enter Trinoma Mall and follow direction to the other door and from there use the footbridge that connects Trinoma to SM North EDSA.

"I Don't Have A Bomb, I'm William Shatner!" On Stage at MegaCon 2011

Last weekend, William Shatner was in Orlando, FL for the 2011 MegaCon.  Thanks to WhatJaneSays we can place out butts in the Audience for his Q&A session without paying airfare or the price of admission.  Have I told you how much I love the internet?!

                 --Shatner hamming it up while explaining why air travel for him is such an embarrassing hassle.
                 --Revealing that The Captains documentary will be scored by the cool jazz styling of Avery Brooks' piano.
                 --On new book Shatner Rules, "I’m 80 years old and should be thinking deeper thoughts…talk a little bit about how we die—never occurred to me…frightening possibilities…I could fall off this stage and die right now.”
                 --After describing his new album Seeking Major Tom (It’s fun and its apropos, science fiction and everything I hope you’ll enjoy it”), Shatner jumps into a brief rendition of Cyrano De Bergerac!
                 --The new album will also feature Brad Paisley and "Sheryl Crowe has promised to sing Mrs. Major Tom!"
                 --Shatner considers this season of Aftermath to be "the most fascinating thing I've ever done!"

WhatJaneSays still hasn't posted Part 5, so we'll just have to wait with bated breath for the Megacon Conclusion.

3/30/11- Tin Star- "Head"

Anyone remember Tin Star? Probably not. They came and went pretty quickly. Even more impressive, their song "Head" hit the Top 10 before they faded away to nothing.

Formed in Britain in 1996, they released their debut album "The Thrill Kisser" in 1999, which spawned "Head" and had them hitting the Top 10. They failed to follow up with any other single, or with their 2001 album "Dirty Bird," and they disbanded.

It might be the first time you've heard it. Enjoy "Head" by Tin Star

Still in transit

Who knew we would stay in Martinique for a whole month, not us, that's for sure. We were supposed to get a replacement unit sent to us for the device which mystically stopped functioning on the Atlantic ocean, but one whole month has now gone and still no new device in sight. Last information we received was that it had arrived in St Marteen, and that was for more than one week ago. Extremely slow service at KVH. Let's see if they can manage to get it solved this week.

During our waiting here we at least had the time to reorganize ourselves after the Atlantic crossing and it took its little time. There were all those stanchions that had to get polished, portholes that had to get cleaned and polished and all lines which had to get washed and scrubbed etc etc. All loose things in the boat are now in their right place again, in the boxes where they belong and everything that we have found out not to be necessary, like all those extra sails that took too much space, are thrown out and left to people who better need them. The hull is cleaned, the bathing platform's treated, all the food and cartons of cans and bottles are reorganized. All of the clothes and garments are washed and everything else is now back to it's shiny, comfortable appearance. Thank god for that, you should only have seen the disaster we managed to create in 3,5 weeks on the sea. Alex has also had the time to fix some fiberglass on our boat and also helped a couple of other boats with their fiberglass work (yes he's a pro in that as well) and in between the cleaning, washing and reorganizing I have kept myself busy creating a new website. A website which will be up in the next couple of days or so. So good and necessary things has definitely gotten done, but still, all this enforced waiting is driving us insane. We need to move on now!

An Interview with Sally Stuart

Sally Stuart has influenced many writers with her Christian Writers' Market Guide. With this tool, she has devoted 27 years to informing writers of accurate, up-to-date information in the publishing world.

The Christian Writers' Market Guide provides a plethora of information! Any writer can discover which publisher might accept a devotional, fiction story, missions article, or Sunday School how-to. You name it- it's there. Writers/Authors can also find web sites, word count, editor's names, needs, addresses, etc. all in one handy dandy resource.

Sally has graciously agreed to spend time with us in a two-part interview. Part two will be posted Wednesday, April 13th.

Welcome Sally!  

#1 The Christian Writers' Market Guide is a vast resource. After all your work every single year, what did you take away from the project?

First of all, tons of great memories and special friendships. It's been great to have the ongoing relationships with both writers and editors for all these years. Probably most important is that God calls us to certain tasks we feel unprepared and unequipped for--but He knows what He's doing.  I would never have launched the market guide if I didn't believe it was exactly the right path for me. As writers we always have to be open to His leading--even when the path is scary.

Yes, the path can be scary. #2 How did the project start: your idea, marketing, etc.?

Actually, it wasn't even my idea. I was freelancing at the time and was always on the lookout for new markets for my own writing. As a result of that I started doing the marketing column in what was then The Christian Writer (now the Christian Communicator). It was published in Florida at that time, and I'd gone to visit the editors while I was in the area. At the time I was preparing to teach a marketing class at a writers' conference, so asked the editor if he would pay for a mailing if I sent a little questionnaire out to some of the editors asking for some current market needs I could put in a handout. He agreed, but later suggested that if I sent out a few more questionnaires and put the info together in a book, he would publish it. I agreed--and the rest--as they say--is history. Of course, I had no idea then that it would become my life's work for the next 27 years.

I have had articles published thanks to the market guide. I'm grateful for your ministry. #3 Will you share a success story from someone who used this book? 

I don't think of one specific success stories, but I have writers come up to me all the time and tell me of sales they have made--whether it was their first devotional--a series of novels--or anything in between. The reason the market guide has been so successful itself over the years is because it doesn't matter what you are writing or where you are in your writing career, it's always there to take you to the next step--whatever that step is.

#4 Who is taking over the Writer's Market Guide and what would you like to share with those who are curious about the next step?

This week we are signing final papers to transfer ownership of the guide to Jerry Jenkins (Left Behind series) with the Christian Writers' Guild. The former director of the Guild, Kerma Murray, will be doing the actual work on the guide. The guide will go on pretty much as it has in the past, although they will likely make some changes to improve it as the years go on. The publisher's plan is to put it online eventually. I know those who are on the list to get the guide automatically every year as soon as it comes out are asking if they will honor those orders--and the answer is: Yes. The questionnaires have already gone out for the 2012 edition, but if there are new groups, conferences, or editorial services you want added, just contact them at

If you are asking about my next step--I think it's a long nap. No, I hope to get back to my own writing. The responsibilities of the guide have kept me from doing much of that over all these years, so I'm excited about starting over. I will also continue doing book proposal and book contract evaluations, as well as teaching at conferences.

Let's have some fun, #5 what has been your dream?

I would love to write a novel, but because my nonfiction brain works inside little organized boxes, I'm not very good at the free thinking required for plotting. But who knows?

Thank you Sally!  I think we'd all like to encourage you to write a novel. We're your cheerleaders.

If you are interested in contacting Sally, you'll find her at:

What questions do you have for Sally? 


Today is the third day of our TWO-WEEK 300th-Follower CELEBRATION
I'm giving away Siri Mitchell's She Walks in Beauty
Please leave your spam-free email address in the comment section for a chance to win.

Winner will be announced in the weekend edition!

Part II of this interview will be posted  Wednesday, April 13th

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Red Shirts: The Expendables!

Whoa, absolutely love the new cover of Star Trek Magazine #33!  Put that on a t-shirt, people!

William Shatner, Priceline Billionaire!?!?!

On his Fox Business Blog, Brian Sullivan postulates that William Shatner may very well be a billionaire thanks to his involvement with  He writes:

"When Captain Kirk .. er, Shatner .. became Priceline's pitchman more than a decade ago, he smartly (or desperately) decided to be paid in stock. After a brief run during the tech boom Priceline shares went into the dump, bottoming out below $2. Then the run began.  While we don't know how many shares or options Shatner was given, or if he has held onto them, reports last year were that his stake was worth some $600 million dollars. And that was when Priceline was trading at a mere $300/share.  With the stock up nearly $200 more/share since then, its possible Mr. Shatner is getting darn close to being a good, old fashioned stock market billionaire."

Man, I hope this is true.  Shatner has had so many deaths and rebirths in Hollywood.  And his greatest rebirth is totally thanks to his surreal brilliance in those early Priceline ads.  As he states in his autobiography Up Till Now, "I've been told that David E. Kelley had seen me doing my Priceline .com commercials and had begun thinking about me for this role he was creating...I love the thought that David E. Kelley had decided to write the character for me after seeing me doing a commercial."

To think that he has now acquired that kinda cash thanks to weird commercials like those below fills this Shat Attacker with quite a bit of glee.

What Does Travel Insurance Cover?

travel insurance
Travel is one of the life’s greatest joys, but even the most cautiously planned trip can be heavy risk prone and complicated by unforeseen events. Anything can be happen at the time of travel. Your travel can be ruined by any mishap, whether it is lost luggage, medical emergency, cancelled flight, an unexpected mishap can turn your relaxing vacation into a taxing experience. But by buying travel insurance, you can save yourself from any unexpected mishap; even you can save your money and make your vacation memorable.

Before buying travel insurance policy, you must be aware of every aspect and your requirements. You must look on each point in your policy before opting it. The most important question arises when you go for travel insurance i.e. what does travel insurance cover?

There are a number of standard covers provided by travel insurance policy like:

Medical/ Health covers: This cover assists for any medical emergencies like if you fall ill or get injured because of any accidents. This cover reimburses medical or emergency costs. Even it gives covers for accidental deaths at any time on your trip.

Flight delay or cancellation/ Trip cancellation: In this, you will be covered if your trip gets delayed or cancelled because of any environmental disaster or if your flight gets delayed or cancelled.

Baggage loss: In baggage loss, you will be covered if your luggage or possessions will be damaged, lost or theft and travellers get the reimbursement for their lost, stolen or damaged personal items.

A good or standard travel insurance policy must contain all these above points. You need to be very careful while choosing the insurance policy.