Saturday, April 30, 2011

Thank you for this time, Sailing Week

Me and Alex went out to celebrate the last night of this years sailing week with a couple of pizzas on our favorite Italian here in Antigua, Johnny Coconat. It's been some busy days and weeks here lately in the life of our World Tour, and just like I mentioned on our Twitter page - Sailing week have been almost as hectic and intense as a regular fashion week in any major fashion capital in the world. Meaning loads of parties, many shows (races), mingle, networking, drinks here and there and more socializing. It was amazing to take part of such a great event with so much inspiring people that we had the chance to meet, but nothing tempts more right now than getting back to our chill mode, our tranquil life far from masses of people and long nights fiestas. I will be updating with a couple of more posts about the race week later on, the amazing Gunboat race in particular. We won that race too by the way, I think I forgot to tell you. Anyways, check back tomorrow for all pics from that and more.. Goodnight until then. /T

How Donald Trump's Homes Have Boosted His Wealth

Donald Trump has been making a lot of headlines lately. However, that’s nothing new.
His career began in the 1960s, when he took a foreclosed Cincinnati apartment complex and turned it around for a tidy profit. Then he turned his attention to revitalizing pieces of Manhattan real estate that had been forsaken during its 1970s financial crisis. After restoring Central Park’s Wollman Rink in the 1980s, he gained the high profile that he enjoys today, and it shows no signs of abating.
Trump is mostly known for the properties that his company owns, but he is almost as well known for the real estate that he owns privately. As befits a larger-than-life personality such his, he resides in sprawling estates all over the world, all of which have gained notice when he’s bought or sold them, or even just renovated the pool.
Here are the real estate properties that Donald Trump has called home in the last few years, and a few that represent his company’s future:
Trump Tower, New York City
Trump Tower on Fifth Ave., NY.
Donald Trump’s primary personal residence is in the Manhattan skyscraper that bears his name, Trump Tower. There are several other Trump Towers in the world, but the one on Fifth Avenue is where he hangs his hat. According to Forbes magazine, the building is worth more than $300 million, and houses the New York office of Qatar Airways, as well as Gucci’s flagship retail location.
The building has stood for almost 30 years, and it’s where the winners of the Miss Universe, Miss USA and Miss Teen USA pageants live for a year. Saudi Prince Mutaib bin Abdul-Aziz lives there as well, and he owns an entire floor. However, that’s downright modest compared to the apartment owned by Trump. The building’s most famous resident lives in an apartment that occupies the top three floors of the tower and takes up 30,000 square feet. It’s estimated to be worth $50 million, and it’s considered one of the most valuable apartments in all of New York City.
Maison de L'Amitie, Palm Beach, Florida
Maison de L'Amitie, Palm Beach, Fla.
Maison de L'Amitie is a 60,000 square - foot piece of real estate that Trump bought for $41 million in 2004. One year later, on season three of The Apprentice, winner Kendra Todd was given the $25 million task of renovating it, and she went all-out, lining it with gold and diamond fixtures.
In 2010, Trump sold the property to Russian billionaire Dmitry Rybolovlev for $95 million. That was actually $25 million lower than Trump’s original asking price, but it’s still a 130 percent return on his investment, which led him to characterize the flip as a sign of an improving housing market.
When he sold the mansion, Trump gave up almost 500 feet of ocean, as well as a garage that can fit almost 50 cars and enough bathrooms for 22 people to powder their noses simultaneously. However, he’s also giving up sky-high taxes --- he paid close to $1 million in real estate taxes in 2007 alone.
Seven Springs Estate, Bedford, NY
Seven Springs Estate, Bedford, NY
In 1995, Donald Trump bought a Georgian-style mansion in Bedford, New York for $7.5 million. It was built in 1919 and was once home to former Washington Post owner Eugene I. Meyer Jr. The residence on the 200-acre estate has 13 bedrooms, 12 bathrooms, a two-story playroom and a marble, indoor swimming pool.
Trump had originally planned to build a golf course in the area, but he faced opposition from the towns of Bedford, New Castle and North Castle, in part because residents feared that pollution from the chemically treated greens would find its way into the Byram Lake reservoir and contaminate their drinking water.
After scrapping plans for the golf course, Trump decided instead to build 15 luxury homes on the property and renovate the existing ones, including his own. The new properties were expected to occupy approximately 15,000 square feet on 10-acre lots, have their own pools and tennis courts and sell for $25 million each. However, in 2008, Trump halted the project, and he plans to leave it on hold until the housing market recovers.
Mar-a-Lago, Palm Beach, Florida
Mar-a-Lago, Palm Beach, Fla.
Donald Trump bought Mar-a-Lago, the former estate of General Foods founder Marjorie Merriweather Post, in 1985 for $10 million. Built in the 1920s and declared a national landmark in 1980, the 17-acre estate is a popular event site which has hosted both the International Red Cross Ball and the wedding of Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley. It has 12 fireplaces, more than 30 bathrooms and almost 60 bedrooms, as well as three bomb shelters.
In 2006, Trump irritated some local residents when he raised a flag on an 80-foot pole, a height almost twice that allowed by town ordinances. He refused to take it down, and the Palm Beach city council charged him $1,250 a day for every day that it remained aloft. Trump countersued for $25 million, and the matter dragged on for six months. It was finally settled when he agreed to lower the flag 10 feet, move it away from the ocean and donate $100,000 to Iraqi War Veterans’ charities.
Trump National Golf Course, Rancho Palos Verdes, Calif.
Trump National Golf Course, Palo Verdes, Ca.
Recently, Donald Trump spent time in the Southern California city of Rancho Palos Verdes overseeing the construction of the Trump National Golf Course. While he was there, he stayed in the estate that he is currently selling for $12 million. It overlooks both the Pacific Ocean and the new golf course. Today, the golf club is the third largest employer in Rancho Palos Verdes, with 300 people on its payroll.
The 11,000 square - foot mansion is actually somewhat restrained and modest by Trump standards. It has two stories, nine bathrooms and five bedrooms, as well as a four-car garage and a pool. The home is meant to take its place among 50 other estates that will comprise an exclusive community.

Poetry in Stone - 2

Temples all over India represent the rich cultural heritage. The ancient temples are richly carved and they behold ones attention for their craftsmanship.

One such little known temple is in Padavali (State: Madhya Pradesh). This temple located inside a small fort is a architectural gem.
This externally simple looking temple is a treasure trove from inside. The carvings are examples of master craftsmanship.

These numerous tiny carvings are in the ceiling or on the walls close to the ceiling. These carvings depict stories of Lord Vishnu.

There is another temple close by at Mitavali (State: Madhya Pradesh) with totally different style of architecture from the above. This circular temple is a Lord Shiva temple and very unique in shape.

Here the carved circular double pillars are noteworthy.

Auto Insurance Quotes - Cheap and affordable auto insurance quotes

Auto Insurance Quotes

When the hustle-bustle of our hectic lives to ensure ourselves in the auto insurance quote more than the desired choice. Whether we are part of the workforce or a student or working with small businesses, the use of the vehicle is always covered, and very cheap auto insurance.

We are bombarded with many auto insurance companies with their unique ways of marketing - some of them are cheap auto insurance quotes, while others are quotes not. Cheap auto insurance quote are very beneficial. It will help you if you meet an accident, and moreover it is available at a very reasonable price.

Make sure these points in mind before I go for cheap auto insurance quotes:
We must not address the economic problem in the way of auto accident. low cost auto insurance should cover all costs, is set after accident.Comfortable coverage while the vehicle is the way the incident, when we go to cheap auto insurance. Nobody wants to pay in his pocket after his meeting with an accident. Jolt the incident and the financial loss would not be parallel.

It is important that we prefer a good insurance auto insurance or cheap, depending on your temperament. If you are anxious while driving, then your problems will not end if you complete an accident. auto insurance market is not good for you.

It is good to keep some things in mind before getting cheap auto insurance quote:

A comparative study of online auto insurance is a must to get the best deals on auto insurance quotes cheap. In addition, buying online gives you entry to concessions. Dear auto insurance quotes could be obtained if the vehicle is low. An auto insurance quote depends on the number of people driving the auto. It is always advisable not to include young adults. If more than one auto with you, it is wise to approach the same company. Good add-ons in your auto feel your sincerity in the maintenance of your auto and thus pave the way for cheap auto insurance. You can customize airbags, ABS brakes, immobilizer, etc. We can apply to cheap auto insurance quotes showing the average miles traveled each year. We could get cheap auto insurance quotes when you do not choose full coverage of an older auto and less expensive autos. More importantly, we get the cheap auto insurance by agreeing to a higher deductible. This depends very much on the confidence of the driver / owner.

By accepting a higher deductible, the premiums paid can be minimized. If you are a member of a group insurance through employment should submit their application for insurance quote cheap insurance company.

Dear auto insurance quote is actually beneficial. It helps you meet an accident case and also acquired a very fair price. There are options that do not know how many auto insurance quotes cheap and it is very important to sift the wheat from the chaff to invest wisely. Fortunately, the choice of the policy of the law against auto insurance quotes offer to perform in the hands of the customer.

Shatner Rules: Book Cover Revealed!

Thanks to Amazon, the cover for William Shatner's new book Shatner Rules has finally surfaced!  What do you guys think?  It's cool, but I'm not blown away by it.  I definitely like the image of Shatner wrapping his hands over the Earth, after all it's Shatner's Universe and we're all just living in it.  But the blue & white shading feels just doesn't pop they way his cover for Up Till Now or even Star Trek Memories do.  Still, I'm super excited to read (and hopefully listen to via Audio Book) this new tome as soon as it hits on October 18th.  

How to Save Money During the Holidays

Let’s face it, no matter how much you love the holidays it can be the stressful time of the year, and by the time the end of December 
rolls around, you are probably ready to pull out your hair in frustration. From the crowded stores, to the sold out items, to the parties, to the preparation, it can be hard to keep up, and with all of that stress the last thing you want to be worried about is your bank account.
That’s why I have a few tips to help you to save a little of that hard earned cash during the holidays, and lessen the Christmas load.

Tip 1). Homemade gifts. I’m not talking about knitted sweaters, although that always is an option, time consuming as it would be. Instead, homemade gifts like cakes, cookies, or brownies are a great way to go for those extended friends, family, and coworkers you are bound to give something to. You can find a nice little box to put them in at any dollar store, and cook large batches the day before, so all you will have to do is pop them into some paper-lined containers and stick a bow on top. 

Tip 2). Wait until the last minute. This takes some careful maneuvering, and if you have something specific in mind, don’t wait, because it may be gone by the time you get to it. But if you aren’t sure what to pick up for a certain gift, feel free to wait until the last week leading up to Christmas. The prices are so much lower, and there are even items on clearance for ¼ of the original retail price in a bid to get rid of it before the new year.
If you have someone who you know you won’t be seeing under after the holidays, then wait even further and pick up a gift for them after the big day. The savings on after-Christmas items are incredible, which is why so many flock tot he stores to cash in those gift cards before the sales end.

Tip 3). Compare online. If you have ever popped a sale keyword into a search engine, you have probably found some incredible wholesale and discount sites that offer the brands you are looking for with huge cost cuts for several weeks leading up to Christmas. Using these resources to compare products can save you a bundle, not to mention a trip to the mall.
You can also find various sites that offer bulk discounts when you buy more then one item, with deals on everything from purses, to leather jackets, to BBQ accessories, so if you can find something various people will enjoy, you should aim to pick them all up at once, and maybe a little something for yourself as well. After all, the holidays are hard work. Don’t you deserve a little something special for the effort?
Using these tips you may be surprised about how much you have left in checking in the end, and that will give you plenty of money to spend in the New Year, a prospect we can all enjoy, especially in such a stagnant economy.
Happy Holidays!

A Dozen of the Best Donut Shops in the U.S.

Before reading this post. Forget about your diet and remember the time when you enjoy sugar and the high it brings to your day. Donuts is an all day perfect treat. It will not matter if you grab one for breakfast, may be for a quick snack, or a midnight sweet delight. For this post, we focus on the best donut shops you can find in the United States:

Randy’s Donuts in Los Angeles
Los Angeles will be one of the places in the world where donut is almost in every street corner. If you want the best donut in this megaplace, start looking for a big donut on the roof of Randy’s Donuts near the LAX. Say the name and locals will tell you it is a legendary stuff you are getting and a sweet grub you will never forget. You want to know about the favorites? Go for their buttermilk donuts! In case you miss the big donut on West Manchester Avenue, call them via 310-645-4707.

Dat Donuts in Chicago
Every donut in this joint is hand made. Those who know their donuts will love their raised glazed best sellers. If you have a big appetite, ask for supersize donuts. If you are a cream filled donut lover, order the Boston Cream. You can find them along South Cottage Avenue or call them through 773-723-1002.

Round Rock Donuts in Texas
This donut stop serves freshly baked donuts as early as 4 in the morning. You can get their blueberry, applesauce, or chocolate cake donuts for just $0.55. Their jelly filled creations are sold for just $0.75. Drive along West Liberty Street and you can find donut lovers flocking before sunrise to this place.

Dynamo Donuts in San Francisco
You do not have to think twice when it comes to the donuts of Dynamo Donuts. The long queue at the entrance says it all. The donuts are nothing but phenomenal. The sweet stuff of Dynamo is a morning ritual for locals who are on their way to work or those who want a quick snack. They also have a list of very creative flavors for donuts. Try their apricot-cardamon or lemon-Sichuan. You can find this donut shop at 2760 24th St. Phone them through 415-920-19-78.

Bouchon Bakery in Yountville, California
This bakery only makes donuts during the weekends but they make sure they are the best donuts in town. Locals and food lovers seek for their donuts the more since they can only have on a weekend. The good news, they make the donuts bigger than the usual sweet bread you know. The donuts may be more expensive but it is worth it for its fluffiness and all those fillings. Grab the Bavarian-Raspberry combo and you will be a donut disciple coming back week after week after week. You can call them at 707-944-2253.

Doughnut Plant in New York
When you go to this place in New York, you will be like a kid amazed with every donut that you will be trying. The ingredients they use are from the local farmers market and everything is organic. They even use spring water and for a variety of their donut, rose petals! If you want to have that tv food show bite with closed eyes and everything, try their tres leches or the classic glazed. Another to die for is their peanut butter with banana donut. You can find them at 379 Grand Street.

The Donut Stop in St. Louis
Homer Simpson will surely drool and melt down when he sees the glass case of the Donut Stop. It is pastry heaven with glazed donuts, fritters, and pies. Lots of ‘em! You cannot miss the sign along Lemay Ferry Road.

Voodoo Doughnut in Portland, Oregon
You will find the names of the donuts at Voodoo very interesting. Browse through their list and you will see Memphis Mafia (which is actually a mix of banana, chocolate, and peanut butter), Dirty Snowball (Glazed choco donut with marshmallows), and Diablos Rex (this is a choco donut with choco frosting, chocolate chips, vanilla, and red sprinkles). Voodoo Doughnut makes donut making a real art. You can find them at SW 3rd Avenue. You can contact them via 503-241-4704.

Kane’s Donuts in Saugus, Massachusetts
Kane’s Donuts has been making donuts since 1955. You can find them along Lincoln Avenue just around 20 minutes from the down town. Go for their powdered sugared donuts or honey dipped ones. Their coffee rolls are also great! Call them thru 781-233-8499.

Top Pot in Seattle, Washington
Top Pot serves the best donuts in Seattle. Visit their donut shop and you might say you have tried gourmet donuts. The sweet treats are made by some of the most skilled and creative chefs in town using only the freshest ingredients available.

The Donut Man in Glendora, California
Do-nut judge the shop by its exteriors. They may look like an ordinary donut shop from the outside but they serve the most mouthwatering donuts in Glendora. You can choose from their clam-shell style donuts that are filled with the freshest fruits grown by the local farmers.

Chef Mavro in Honolulu, Hawaii
If you will be visiting Hawaii, make sure you try the best malassada of the islands. Donuts are known in Hawaii as mallasada, and you can get the best of the sweet stuff at Chef Mavro. The chef fills the best donuts with passion fruit curd and tops the donut with guava sauce and serves it with ice cream on the side. Did that tickle your imagination? Wait until the donuts tickle your taste buds!

China unveils plans to open Ping-Pong Paddle Hotel

Have you ever watched a table tennis match on the sports channel and was amazed with how ping-pong players from China can give that little, white ball a spin and make it land on the table even when they are meters away from the table? I bet yes. No wonder this sport has inspired hotel designers in China as they announced the planned hotel taking the shape of an upside down paddle as part of a sports complex worth roughly $46 million.
A newspaper in China reports that the Ping-pong hotel will feature rounded windows for the rooms of the hotel so it will look like the dotted texture of the racket while the handle will be designed to be an observatioin where guests and travelers can view the cityscape of Huainan.
The ping pong hotel will not be the only unique structure in the 165 acre complex, there will also be the main game stadium taking the form of the American football. There will also be smaller sports arenas taking the shape of a soccer ball, basketball, and a volleyball.
Hotel designers have taken sports as inspirations for quite some time. In Dubai, for example, the Jumeirah Beach Hotel takes the shape of a wave in consonance with the Burj al Arab which is shaped like a sail. Back in 2007, a rugby ball shaped hotel was constructed in France for the Rugby World Cup.The sports bureau of China is working with private firms in order to organize various sports competitions in the complex within the next two decades.

British Airways adds £10 to fuel surcharge

If you are flying premium economy or economy with British Airways for a long haul flight to destinations like the United States, the Far East or the Caribbean, be ready to shoulder an additional £10 for fuel surcharges. This is the third increase in its price for the last four months.
Because of the announced increased, a passenger will have to pay an economy ticket £64 more coming back from New York compared to what he or she would have spent last December. The surcharges will sum up to around £85 for travels going under nine hours like those for Boston and New York. It can be as high as £98 for those travelling to far flung places.
Passengers who are taking the First Class or Business cabins should be ready to face a £20 increase bringing the surcharges to £125 for flights under nine hours and around £145 for longer travel time.
According to a British Airway representative, the fuel costs of the company are at its highest spening around £9 million per day. BA also cites the 17% fuel price incrase since their last fuel surcharge increase back in February 2011. The spending of the airliner on fuel represents a third of their total costs and greatly affects their operations.
Airlines protect themselves from the sky rocketing fuel prices by hedging or by spending for fuel a few months ahead of actual consumption. Around half of the fuel of British Airways have been hedged for the remaining months of 2011.

The Move Hotel opens outside Venice

Venice is all nice and romantic but it is not really affordable for a lot of travellers especially with the crazy hotel prices. It is nice to know that an affordable hotel is being opened in the area. The 4-star The Move Hotel opened its doors in the Mogliano Veneto just a few minutes from Venice. It has 203 rooms and 18 suites. Each of the suites has its own spa, balcony, and a pizzeria.
You can choose from three kinds of rooms at The Move Hotel. You can go for the Move King, Move Maxi, or Move Sport. The hotel tapped the services of popular BAM Design and Studio Marco to do all the interiors. Surely, they did a good job with every room giving you that holiday feel. Every room gives you more than enough space to do whatever you want in during your Venice holiday. You can rent a bike from the hotel if you feel like going around the area on two wheels. They also have an artificial lake. The hotel is also just a few minutes from golf clubs, casinos, and shopping districts.
If you are planning to book a room, Move Hotel , a night will cost you around 100 Euros. Right now they are still on a soft launch and you can get a room for around 80 Euros. By the way, there is free WiFi.

5 Tips on how you can have a great time during a wine and food festival

Experts foresee a boom in culinary tourism with the recovery of the economy and all. Should we expect then more TV shows with kitchens and chefs on their titles? Maybe. These trends tell us that thousands of people might actually attend the upcoming food festivals and wine festivals. If you are planning to go to one any time soon, you need to read on and find out how you can really enjoy these culinary festivals:

Read and research
When you go to a big wine festival or a big food event, you can expect a lot of participating wineries and food brands. It can mean stall after stall and hallway after hallway. It is impossible to find the best stuff if you do not do your research in advance. Make use of the internet and find the best bottles and best items.
List down the names of the participants that you really want to see. If you are a beginner with food and wine festivals, you can talk to a local wine expert or a chef in your town and share the list with him or her. Get the expert’s opinion and know what are the must wines and must foods at the festival. 

Eat before you drink
You might have heard this tip a million times but it really makes sense when you think about it. Fill up before you try those wines and spirits. When you go for the drinks first, you might lose your control and grab whatever food is in sight. You do not want to forget the diet you have been trying to follow for weeks or months now just because you are going to a food festival. You can still stay healthy amid all the food and drinks.
Just take a bite, a sip
A bite. A sip. That is all what you need to have when there is an over supply of good food and wine around you. You only have a small space to fill so make sure to take it slow and pace yourself while walking around. Ask the distributor for the best food or wine to sample. Make sure that the bad stuff do not take a lot of space. If you think it is not good enough, go to the next.
Do not be afraid to try new tastes and flavors
If your palate is afraid of new, unfamiliar flavors, food and wine festivals are the perfect venues to try something that you have never tried before. You can try a ton of samples from exotic food, fresh olive oil, old wines, and a lot of stuff you might consider weird. Give into the challenge and temptation of exposing yoursel to new flavors.
Be on the look out for the next big thing
There will be the big names of the food industry during major food and wine festivals, but do not limit your time lining up to meet and greet them. Be on the look out for the next big thing and next big personality of the food and wine industry. Who knows, you might just be closing a good deal with them.

How to go around London on a budget

London holiday is always on a traveller’s list but we can not deny that a London get away is expensive. The exchange rate makes the truth harder to accept but you really do not have to burn a hole in your pocket to enjoy London. Experts see the British pound to take a slight dip through April or May so you have a window for a London trip. London is a big place and of course you still have to pay for a place to stay, for places you visit, and for your dining and transportation, but here are some London travel tips to stretch your budget:
Don’t book a hotel in central London
A big chunk of your London holiday budget will be for your hotel accommodation. You can still find a cheap London hotel if you avoid the city center. A few nights just outside Central London will save you a lot of money with rooms going for around $105 per night and you are just twenty minutes from the heart of the action.
Avoid the cab
Instead walk around the town, ride the bus, or take the Underground Tube. Taxis in London are uber pricey. If you will be taking cabs to get from one destination to another to the next, you will drain your London holiday budget pretty quick. London is a great city where you can walk to get around. They also have an efficient Underground and bus system which practically links most places.
When you go to this city, purchase an Oyster Card which is a smart transpo card that can save you as much as 50% in fares. You can inquire from the ticket seller at the station and you can get the card for around $5. You can top up this card during your stay in London and this will be debited with every use. You will save a lot since not having one will mean $6 for every tube ride. When you are about to leave London, you can return the Oyster Card and get a refund.
Don’t shop too much
London department stores tend to have a higher tag price on their items compared to the shops in the U.S. So if you are just from across the pond, it is better to shop at home and avoid the department stores. The shops along Oxford Street and the likes of Mark’s & Spencer, Debenham’s, Harrod’s, and Harvey Nick’s. London has several markets where you can get good stuff with cheaper sticker price. If you are looking for antiques go to Notting Hill where you can find camera equipment, old clocks and other interesting pieces. If you are craving to please your taste buds, go to Culinary Borough Market or the Camden Markets.
Visit the museums, they’re free!
All of the must see museums in London are free. That means, you can hop from the National Gallery, Tate Modern, and Victoria & Albert and see everything they have without spending a penny. The Natural History Museum has the famous collection of dinosaur skeletons while the Science Museum keeps fascinating people of all ages with their interactive displays. If you want to learn about the history of London, you can visit the Museum of London.

Top 10 Famous Monuments around the World

One would feel a twinge of envy when we see others visiting world’s best places and going around the world seeing best monuments which have world record and are historically significant. The top 10 famous monuments you must visit are listed below.
Eiffel tower
Eiffel tower is located in Paris. It is an iron lattice tower; it is a global icon of France. This tower is visited by thousands of people every day. It has three storey’s and it is 325 meters tall.
Statue of liberty
Statue of liberty is situated in New York, This statue is a gift from France to the United States of America. The statue is a female draped with a cloth bearing a torch in her hand; date is inscribed in the statue stating the republic independence of the United States.
London Bridge
This Bridge connects the city of London and southwark over the river Thames. This bridge is situated between Tower Bridge and cannon street railway bridge. This bridge is beautifully decorated during the New Year; it is 262 mt long and is one of the 7 wonders of the world.
Leaning tower of Pisa
Leaning tower of Pisa is situated in Italian city Pisa. The tower leans towards its right side from the top storey. It is one of the most beautiful monuments around the world, millions of people throng to this place just to catch an eye of this beautiful tower.
Big Ben
Big Ben is located in the Palace of Westminster in London. This is the tallest clock tower four faced and is the largest clock tower of the world. The clock tower’s dial are framed in an iron plate and are the largest around the world.

Pyramids are located in Egypt, there are 138 pyramids in Egypt, and they were built up as tombs for the pharaoh’s of the country. The pyramid of Khufu is the largest pyramid of Egypt and is one of the Seven Wonders of the World.
Parthenon is a temple in Greece; it is dedicated to the Greek Goddess Athena. It is one of the oldest temples in the world. People visit these places and temples for a fresh breath of culture.
Taj Mahal
It is situated in Agra, India. It was built by ShahJahan in the loving memory of his wife Mumtaz Mahal. It is recognized throughout the world; it is a white domed marble and is considered as the symbol of love.
Easter islands head
This is also known as Moai, these are monolithic human figures crafted from the rocks. Many are still situated at Rano Raraku, but some have been moved.
Stonehenge is a prehistoric monument and is a composed earth work it is surrounded by large standing stones in a circle. This is one of the oldest monuments and is one of the famous sites to visit around the world.

7 of the Best underground walking tours

Walking tours let us get initimate with our destination. We discover the paths. Take pictures. Spend time with friends or maybe spend time with yourself. You might find it unusual but a good twist to hiking or walking tours are underground walking tours. These underground tours sort of let you in to secrets of the past, mysteries, and wonders not all people get to see. Here are some of the best underground walks you can find across the globe:
The Catacombs (Italy)
The tour of The Catacombs in Italy will take you underneath Rome and give you a peek to the birth years of Christianity. The old chambers, churches, and galleries witnessed how the place was very dangerours for the early faithfuls. As you walk in this underground community, take note of the centuries old graffiti which mostly are prayers by common people and some by popes.

Nuclear Bunker (Berlin, Germany)
Your eyes will require some minutes so they can adjust to the dim surrounding of this Cold War bunker that is said to be radiation proof. Notice the silence of the surroundings and how creepy it is to see rows and rows of bunk beds taking most space. This bunker can house around 3,500 people and operate for two weeks given all the supplies were provided prior to a nuclear attack.

Cu Chi Tunnels in Vietnam
The Cu ChiTunnels is an underground network stretching for around 200 kilometers. The narrow trapdoor entrances are deceiving since you will find below the ground dormitories, kitchens, conference rooms, and even a hospital. The tunnels were vital to the thousands of Viet Congs who fought during the Vietnam War. They were bombed several times but the villagers below were not captured.
Aktun Chen Caves (Yucatan, Mexico)

You will love te cenotes or the subterranean rivers in these caves in Mexico. The water is crystal clear and the floors of the wells are pristine white. You can explore them by trekking or you can also scuba dive. The only word that describes the fossils, stalactites, stalagmites, and rock formation is amazing.

Paris Sewers (France)
This is the dirty side of the City of Lights which ironically helps keep everything clean. The sewers is about 2,092 kilometers long where millions of gallons of water rush through everyday. Trekkers will learn about waste disposal with attractions ranging from aged waste disposal systems and flushers that keep solid debris out. You have to bare with the smell though of the city underneath Paris.

Wieliczka Salt Mine (Poland)
This former mining site extending to 440 feet below the ground is listed with the UNESCO. Around a million visitors go to see the huge caverns and thread to the 900 year old passages. They go here to see salt statues, mining museum, a sanatorium for those who have allergies and asthma, and natural concert halls. During the medieval times, the mine was very important to the survival of the people as salt was valued like oil back then.

Underground City in Montreal, Canada
This underground city in Canada can be considered as among the biggest working man-made below the ground structure in the world. You can choose from around 120 entrances to access the underground web of malls, banks, hotels, universities, offices and museums. You can also find a train station, bus terminal, and an arena for ice hockey. Everyday more than half a million people go through this underground city in Montreal.

Top 8 Picture Perfect Bays across the globe

Tags: bays, famous bays, most beautiful bays, most famous bays, most picturesque bays, most scenic bays body of water which is enclosed partly by land is considered a bay. It usually functions as a natural harbor for ships when the weather gets a bit rough. Bays are very important to a city or town’s economy as history tells us that great cities were founded near bodies of water.
We list down some of the most beautiful bays in the world. You might find out one or two which could be in your next holiday destination:
Victoria Harbour

This port in Hong Kong may aptly represent what a bay does best. It is the center of trade and is the location of one of the biggest and most complex ports in the globe. Victoria Harbor is also flocked by tourists since it offers the most stunning view of Hong Kong; you will see skyscrapers of the island and the shoreline of Tsim Sha Tsui on the other. Everyday, hundreds of boats, ships, and ferries thread their way along the busy harbor. Get a ferry ride in Hong Kong to fully appreciate the Victoria Harbor.
Paradise Bay

Aside from Neko Harbor, Paradise Bay is another spot in Antarctica where cruise ships dock. It is considered as among the most visited places in the region. Pirate Bay is surrounded ice cliffs and glaciers. If you will be going to Antarctica, you can have some fun by cruising amid the icebergs, visiting a research facility, and by taking pictures of the beautiful colony of penguins.
Phang Nga Bay

Phang Nga Bay is 95 kilometers from the more popular Phuket Island in Thailand. This bay is among the most scenic spots in this corner of Asia. It boasts of limestone islands, caves, and aquatic grottoes. There is even an island fondly called as James Bond Island or Kong Ping Kan, as it is known by the locals, which was featured in the Bond flick The Man with the Golden Gun. Your local guide will arrange kayak tours of the Phanga Nga Bay so you can paddle your way to the acquatic wonders.
San Francisco Bay

The Bay Area of San Francisco located along the coast California may be one of the most popular bays. in the world. It is also home to around eight million people in the West Coast of the United States. San Jose is among the most populous areas while San Francisco is center of trade and commerce. The bay is host to the famous prison island of Alcatraz which served to the most notorius criminals until 1963. The Golden Gate that opens the San Francisco Bay to the Pacific Ocean has the popular tourist spot Golden Gate Bridge.
Halong Bay

This bay is along the coast line of North Vietnam. The name of the bay literally translates to Bay of Descending Dragons. The highlight of the visit here are the islands which are topped by vegetation completing the picturesque seascape of limestone pillars. Some of the islands form huge caves while some have lakes. There are also floating villages around the area serving as home to the fishermen and their families.
Bay of Kotor

This is a bay located by the Adriatic sea in the south-western tip of Montenegro. It is considered as among the most scenic bays in Europe formed by a river canyon submerged through the ages. Kotor is lined with beautiful resorts and the towns of Kotor, Perast, and Risan.
Bay of Fundy

Fundy Bay is along the Atlantic Coast of Canada. This spot is popular for the tidal range brought about by the natural shape of the Bay of Fundy. The high tides and low tides can have a difference of as much as sixteen meters. If you want to hang around the area, go to the Hopwell Rocks where you can watch the tides from the sandstone towers.
Port Jackson

Port Jackson is in the beautiful city of Sydney. It is a natural harbor that features coves, beaches, and bays. It is also home to the world famous Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The surrounding area is also where the action is. You are a hop away from the central business district, hottest party places, and shopping districts.

Travel Destinations: Best unearthy places

In the near future, it might be possible for travellers (who have big bank accounts to boot) to fulfill their childhood or life long dream of travelling to space. Well, not into deep space but at least beyond the known limits of the earth’s atmostphere.
For now, astronaut wannabe’s can visit some of the oddest travel destinations on earth:
Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia

Once you see the Salar de Uyuni, the image of a bright white sea of salt will stick into your mind for ages to come. It is purely amazing. Jaw-dropping.
Nazca Lines in Peru

The Nazca Lines are among the most enigmatic out of this world sights. Viewed from above, it seem to appear as some hands from space decided to do some doodles on the desolate deserts of Peru. Up to now, it is a mstery what the Nazca Lines are for and who or what did it. It will truly tickly anybody’s imagination.
Volcanic Iceland

The landscapes in Myvatn in Iceland will make you think twice if you were beamed onto another planet. The land is dotted with mudpots, odd rock formations, lava fields, and steaming holes. It is both strange and beautiful and can be compared to a scene from a science fiction fim.
Nubra Valley in Ladakh, India
Ladakh is a region in India surrounded by mountains. It is also often referred to as Moonland because of the unfriendly landscape with some travellers saying that it is easier to reach the moon than get deep into the Nubra Valley during winter time. Human settlement is really sparse in the region.
Cappadocia in Turkey

Cappadocia boasts of labyrinthine underground paths, cascading cliffs, and chimneys that may fit the outerspace as imagined by creative geniuses. The picture is full of mystery but has a tinge of endearing characteristics.
Southeastern Utah

The Arches National Park and Canyon Lands in Utah, United States come close to the landscapes of the Red Planet, Mars. Visit this place in the summer and it will be a better experience the all the planetarium features about Mars. The rocks form bridges, arches, needles, and other odd shapes.
Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef along the the coast of Whitsunday Islands in Australia is among the most colorful places on earth. The colors are comparable to the pictures of the known universe that you might have seen on books or over the internet. The spectrum of color is there with all the play of lights, colors, and hues. There are no aliens here, but the sea creatures are marvellous.
Valle dela Luna in Chile

Centuries of wild weather have shown its toll on the lunar like land forms in Valle dela Luna in Chile. Nature has made a surreal scene of the place, with volcanoes and dunes blending to a magnificent desolation just like that of the moon.