Saturday, April 30, 2011

Anti towel theft chips to be rolled out in the U.K.

Hotels in the UK will soon be implementing a new technology to lower or eliminate towel theft cases in the hospitality industry.
The system will be using radio-frequency tags that will attached to towels, linen, and bathrobes. This chip will be washable and works just like the anti shoplifting tags you find in malls and boutiques which sounds an alarm when you bring them outside of the premises.
A company in the United States patented the anti-theft technology. They reported that a Hawaii hotel has been using them since last summer and have significantly lowered towel theft from 4,000 cases a month to just around 750 incidents. This saved the said hotel around £ 9,000.
The hotel industry in Britain reports losses of around 5 through 20% of their towels, robes, and linen which can get very expensive considering the increasing price of cotton.
RFID or radio frequency identification chips will be used to track the towel or linen from their laundry room, pool areas, and also alarm the hotel staff when they are brought out of the hotel premises.