Saturday, April 30, 2011

Best camping sites in England

The streets near the Westminster Abbey has been a camping site as everyone goes sightseeing for the royalties of England. After the royal wedding, what will everyone do? We list down some of the best camping sites in England in case you feel like getting up close with nature and spend some good time with friends and family:
Westermill Farm in Somerset
This camp site started as a place for the local guides where they can earn their badges for camping. The area around the farm provides a good camping experience as you can tour the fields and start a camp fire, a lambing barn, and a good cider for sale.
Beacon Cottage in Cornwall
Each member of the family can find something interesting at this camping site along the norther portion of the Cornwall coast. You have several pitches to choose from. The wind is pretty wild if you want to know. If you want to feel the strong winds, you can build a tent at the Ocean View area or you might want to make the apple trees as shield near the farm.
Woodland Camping in West Sussex
This is a car free camping area which may resemble the images you can imagine when you read a story book. You need to do a 15 minute hike from the gate before you can reach the lush green site. You can carry your heavy pack using a wheelbarrow or a tractor when available.
Costwold Camping in Oxfordshire
This camp site is just near the market are of Charlbury and it provides an amazing view of the Evenlode Valley. The camp site is pretty neat and you will have a good supply of free range eggs from chickens roaming around. This is also a good base if you want to explore the surrounding villages in the area.
Riversidelakes in Dorset
This is a goldmine if you are really into camping. It is located in a very beautiful countryside with enough space for campers who might want to cluster on the wild grasses. This site is also just around twenty minutes away from the nice beaches of Bournemouth.
Lundy Island in Devon
Lundy Island is a big chunk of granite that you cannot miss from the Bristol Channel. It is basically isolated, barren, and magical. If you want to relax, it is all that you can ask for. It is only the clear waters and the amazing night skies to distract you.
Sykeside in Cumbria
This camping park will give you all the views that you can imagine. It is ideally located amid the Dovedale Valley so you will rise in the morning to see the mountainscape. The facilities are well kept and the pub nearby is also among the best you can find in a camping site.
Folkestone in Kent
Another great place for excellent sceneries is the campsite in Folkestone located by the high cliffs along the Kentish coast. From above, you will have a great view of the crumbly crags and the Channel. It will also be nice to go on a side trip by taking a ferry to explore the Channel Tunnel.
Fieldhead in Derbyshire
If you are planning to take on the Pennine Way, the camping site in Fieldhead is an ideal base. It is located in the Peak District which is a protected countryside. It does not allow cars in the camping park so you are ensured of a quiet environment. It has six camping fields where you can put up your tent.