Saturday, April 30, 2011

China unveils plans to open Ping-Pong Paddle Hotel

Have you ever watched a table tennis match on the sports channel and was amazed with how ping-pong players from China can give that little, white ball a spin and make it land on the table even when they are meters away from the table? I bet yes. No wonder this sport has inspired hotel designers in China as they announced the planned hotel taking the shape of an upside down paddle as part of a sports complex worth roughly $46 million.
A newspaper in China reports that the Ping-pong hotel will feature rounded windows for the rooms of the hotel so it will look like the dotted texture of the racket while the handle will be designed to be an observatioin where guests and travelers can view the cityscape of Huainan.
The ping pong hotel will not be the only unique structure in the 165 acre complex, there will also be the main game stadium taking the form of the American football. There will also be smaller sports arenas taking the shape of a soccer ball, basketball, and a volleyball.
Hotel designers have taken sports as inspirations for quite some time. In Dubai, for example, the Jumeirah Beach Hotel takes the shape of a wave in consonance with the Burj al Arab which is shaped like a sail. Back in 2007, a rugby ball shaped hotel was constructed in France for the Rugby World Cup.The sports bureau of China is working with private firms in order to organize various sports competitions in the complex within the next two decades.