Saturday, April 30, 2011

Etihad Airways features Masdar City as a must see Abu Dhabi destination

Etihad Airways recently announced that it wants to highlight the suistainable Masdar City as part of its online travel guide Essential Abu Dhabi. This online brochure provides people who are travelling for business or pleasure important facts about the emirate as an Abu Dhabi destination.
Masdar represents the vision of Abu Dhabi for a sustainable and renewable future as a must see destination. The CEO of the airline company emphasized the efforts of the government to promote clean energy and diversification of the economy.
Masdar City was formed through the initiatives of the government has made significant progress since its establishment. The site is home to several research facilities, classrooms, and residential spaces. The development in Masdar mirrors how future cities will be and should be developed. Masdar also have restaurants, organic supermarkets, and banking services plus other innovations like the PRT or Personal Rapid Transit which is a preview of how our transportation will be like in the future.