Friday, April 29, 2011

In pictures: Christmas around the world

Christmas in New York on
A very Merry Christmas to all our readers! Thanks for supporting us over the past couple of months. Plenty more exciting posts coming up for 2010…

Gothenburg, Sweden

Christmas in Gothenburg, Sweden on GlobalGrasshopper.comPhoto: Borevagen

Sao Paulo, Brasil

Christmas in Sao Paulo, Brasil on GlobalGrasshopper.comPhoto: Silvio Tanaka


Christmas in Bavaria on GlobalGrasshopper.comPhoto: Leto A.

Taiwanese Christmas bread

Taiwanese Christmas bread on GlobalGrasshopper.comPhoto:  天曉得。

Alameda Ave, California

Christmas on Alameda Ave, California on GlobalGrasshopper.comPhoto: Thomas Hawk

New York

Christmas in New York on Globalgrasshopper.comPhoto: Keith Barlow

Coogee Beach, Australia

Christmas on Coogee Beach, Australia on GlobalGrasshopper.comPhoto: Kinho Pizzato


Christmas in Quebec on GlobalGrasshopper.comPhoto: Iamapix


Christmas in Munich on GlobalGrasshopper.comPhoto: Slowburn