Friday, April 29, 2011

In pictures: Halloween around the World

Mexico Day of the Dead on
Happy Halloween to all! We’re celebrating our first anniversary this weekend – yep, a whole year since starting GlobalGrasshopper, and what better way to celebrate than with a collection of ghoulish pictures! Thanks to every single one of our followers, commenters, blogroll lovers and travel friends. Here’s to many more years of stories, experiences, photos and travel related fun…
One of the world’s oldest holidays, Halloween is still celebrated in several countries around the globe. The spooky celebration has managed to hold our fascination through the centuries and increasingly elaborate events are held at this time every year. Here is how Halloween is celebrated around the world today:


Canada Halloween on
In Canada people welcome trick-or-treaters with jack-o’-lanterns displayed in their windows or with pumpkin head scarecrows hanging out on the front porch.

Disneyland Paris, France

Disneyland Paris, France Halloween on
Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party is a Halloween themed event held annually during the months of September and October. Guests are encouraged to dress up and part of the fun includes a Halloween parade – you’ll also get a chance to meet Disney villains such as the Queen of Hearts, Captain Hook and the Evil Queen.

Zombie Walk, New York, USA

New York Zombie Walk on
Now an annual tradition and a relatively common event in North America, the organised zombie walks mostly take place in urban centres such as New York. Almost all participants wear suitably elaborate costumes & make up and many spend weeks in preparation. Some events even raise awareness for good causes.

Dublin, Ireland

Dublin Ireland Halloween on
Ireland is where Halloween is often thought to originate from. The Pooka’s Labyrinth Halloween organised by Dublin City Council is a popular annual event where ghosts, ghouls and scarily dressed people take to the capital’s highways and byways. Irish mythical legends and folklore characters such as giants also feature.

London, England

London Memento Mori Halloween on
Halloween balls and events take place all over the English capital. Here a guest at a dark burlesque punk night in central London interprets his meaning of Momento Mori (Latin for ‘Remember your mortality’).


Mexico Day of the Dead on
The Mexican version of Halloween the ‘Day of the Dead’ (Dia de los Muertos) is held on November 1st or 2nd every year. A vibrant event, the day is actually a celebration of the afterlife where deceased loved ones are remembered with joy. Flowers, brightly coloured costumes and skull shaped candy and chocolates feature heavily.

Nevada, USA

Nevada Halloween on
In Nevada some people really love Halloween.

Harajuku, Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo Harajuku Halloween on
A place where many locals love the performance art trend and way of life, Cosplay. Halloween in Harajuku is a special time of year where even more goths, witches and other unusual characters come out to play.