Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Move Hotel opens outside Venice

Venice is all nice and romantic but it is not really affordable for a lot of travellers especially with the crazy hotel prices. It is nice to know that an affordable hotel is being opened in the area. The 4-star The Move Hotel opened its doors in the Mogliano Veneto just a few minutes from Venice. It has 203 rooms and 18 suites. Each of the suites has its own spa, balcony, and a pizzeria.
You can choose from three kinds of rooms at The Move Hotel. You can go for the Move King, Move Maxi, or Move Sport. The hotel tapped the services of popular BAM Design and Studio Marco to do all the interiors. Surely, they did a good job with every room giving you that holiday feel. Every room gives you more than enough space to do whatever you want in during your Venice holiday. You can rent a bike from the hotel if you feel like going around the area on two wheels. They also have an artificial lake. The hotel is also just a few minutes from golf clubs, casinos, and shopping districts.
If you are planning to book a room, Move Hotel , a night will cost you around 100 Euros. Right now they are still on a soft launch and you can get a room for around 80 Euros. By the way, there is free WiFi.