Saturday, April 30, 2011

Revel lifestyle resort set to open in Atlantic City in 2012

The Atlantic City has faced a severe drought in terms of new properties since the big opening of the Borgota’s Water Tower in 2008. The streak though is about to end as Revel casino is scehduled to open come the middle of 2012.
Revel will boast of pools, restaurants, retail shops, night clubs, and spa which guests can find no where in Atlantic City. There will also be a 2-acre deck that will be give a panoramic view of the ocean. On this manmade roofscape, around 30,00 plants and trees will surround the grove.
The hotel will have around 1090 rooms while the casino dowstairs will have a floor of around 150,000 square foot.
The management though is trying to veer away from marketing the facilities as a casino but want the public to know of it as more of a resort world. It will be quite a while before we hear of a new casino to rise again in the Atlantic City. The multi billion project was almost put into a hault when the mortgage crisis hit the area hard but new backers that came in in February placed the project back on track.
The other casinos in the area do not want to fall behind, we also heard that the Borgata is undergoing renovations to keep up with the new competition.