Saturday, April 30, 2011

Top 8 Picture Perfect Bays across the globe

Tags: bays, famous bays, most beautiful bays, most famous bays, most picturesque bays, most scenic bays body of water which is enclosed partly by land is considered a bay. It usually functions as a natural harbor for ships when the weather gets a bit rough. Bays are very important to a city or town’s economy as history tells us that great cities were founded near bodies of water.
We list down some of the most beautiful bays in the world. You might find out one or two which could be in your next holiday destination:
Victoria Harbour

This port in Hong Kong may aptly represent what a bay does best. It is the center of trade and is the location of one of the biggest and most complex ports in the globe. Victoria Harbor is also flocked by tourists since it offers the most stunning view of Hong Kong; you will see skyscrapers of the island and the shoreline of Tsim Sha Tsui on the other. Everyday, hundreds of boats, ships, and ferries thread their way along the busy harbor. Get a ferry ride in Hong Kong to fully appreciate the Victoria Harbor.
Paradise Bay

Aside from Neko Harbor, Paradise Bay is another spot in Antarctica where cruise ships dock. It is considered as among the most visited places in the region. Pirate Bay is surrounded ice cliffs and glaciers. If you will be going to Antarctica, you can have some fun by cruising amid the icebergs, visiting a research facility, and by taking pictures of the beautiful colony of penguins.
Phang Nga Bay

Phang Nga Bay is 95 kilometers from the more popular Phuket Island in Thailand. This bay is among the most scenic spots in this corner of Asia. It boasts of limestone islands, caves, and aquatic grottoes. There is even an island fondly called as James Bond Island or Kong Ping Kan, as it is known by the locals, which was featured in the Bond flick The Man with the Golden Gun. Your local guide will arrange kayak tours of the Phanga Nga Bay so you can paddle your way to the acquatic wonders.
San Francisco Bay

The Bay Area of San Francisco located along the coast California may be one of the most popular bays. in the world. It is also home to around eight million people in the West Coast of the United States. San Jose is among the most populous areas while San Francisco is center of trade and commerce. The bay is host to the famous prison island of Alcatraz which served to the most notorius criminals until 1963. The Golden Gate that opens the San Francisco Bay to the Pacific Ocean has the popular tourist spot Golden Gate Bridge.
Halong Bay

This bay is along the coast line of North Vietnam. The name of the bay literally translates to Bay of Descending Dragons. The highlight of the visit here are the islands which are topped by vegetation completing the picturesque seascape of limestone pillars. Some of the islands form huge caves while some have lakes. There are also floating villages around the area serving as home to the fishermen and their families.
Bay of Kotor

This is a bay located by the Adriatic sea in the south-western tip of Montenegro. It is considered as among the most scenic bays in Europe formed by a river canyon submerged through the ages. Kotor is lined with beautiful resorts and the towns of Kotor, Perast, and Risan.
Bay of Fundy

Fundy Bay is along the Atlantic Coast of Canada. This spot is popular for the tidal range brought about by the natural shape of the Bay of Fundy. The high tides and low tides can have a difference of as much as sixteen meters. If you want to hang around the area, go to the Hopwell Rocks where you can watch the tides from the sandstone towers.
Port Jackson

Port Jackson is in the beautiful city of Sydney. It is a natural harbor that features coves, beaches, and bays. It is also home to the world famous Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The surrounding area is also where the action is. You are a hop away from the central business district, hottest party places, and shopping districts.