Saturday, April 30, 2011

Top Mountain Bike Trails in New Zealand

New Zealand has been blessed with the most beautiful landscapes. These unique and varying land formations also provide sports lovers and adventure seekers some of the best trails for mountain biking. Here are some of the best mountain bike trails in New Zealand:
Whakarewarewa (Rotorua)
Riders in Australia call the Whakarewarewa as the Disneyland of Biking in New Zealand. The trails are specifically designed for experienced mountain bikers. These trails are constantly modified so be always be on the lookout for some surprises on the track.
You can first try the Repco Trail which is a combo of gravel road, single track, and 4WD. There is also the grintastic trail which takes the difficulty several notches up. The bike tracks are off limits to walkers and the paths for pedestrians are off limits to bikers. When you see XXX, these are the difficult routes of the track.

Woodhill Forest (Auckland)
The Bike Park in Woodhill Mountain is the top biking destination in Auckland. This is being managed by Bike Parks Ltd which keep it a point to upgrade the obstacles and tracks. The mountain bike courses offer challenges for varying skills of mountain bikers. The Woodhill Mountain bike trail can cater to novice bikers to expert riders. Their North Shore obstacles provide the most difficult challenes
You can get in for a certain fee but if you will be coming on a regular basis we suggest that you get the year round pass which can save you a lot of money. You will get a map of the 8 kilometer bike trail when you register so pick the road which suits your biking skills. Take note of the Bypass route which you can use to avoid the very difficult obstacles. Some of the sections involve stunts which may cause serious injury. The tracks are also slippery after some rain.

Eskdale Park (Napier)
This is the best mountain biking destination in the eastern portion of the North Island. It has over one thousand members and more than fifty mountain bike trails averaging a kilometer or so in length. You need to apply for a permit to enter the 600 hectare property of Pan Pac Forests.
You can enjoy riding your bike from the gate of the park and go up to the forest. From there you can take a one hour loop and deal with average difficulty bike trails. The tracks here are a mix of old bike tracks and old forest roads. Stay out of the gun club in the area which is very busy during the second and last Sunday of the month.

Karapoti Classic
The route of the Karapoti Classi is located in the Akatarawa Forest. You can enjoy the old school bike riding at its purest. This is a rough 45 kilometer trail which will give any biker the satisfaction whether taken on a light, slow pace or during a race.
The Karapoti track will bring you to gravel covered roads, across a stream, boggy tracks, a number of dangerous drop offs, and more climbs and downhills. Every year, some riders have to spend a night or so in Akatarawas because they get lost. Make sure you bring maps, a GPS device, or bring a guide who knows the ins and outs of the mountain bike tracks. If you have a camera, make a stop at the Karapoti Gorge.

Makara Peak (Wellington)
The Makara Peak bike track has a 25-kilometer single track linked with a network of pylon tracks. You can ride your way up this park from the downtown of Wellington. You just need to follow the trolleybus from Bowen Street to Karori Road which is rougly seven kilometers away. When you reach the turn around area for the bus, you head lef and go down through South Karori Road to reach the big car park of Makara. There are also off tracks through which you can get to the bike park . Some of the popular off road trails you can take leading to Makara are Sally Alley, Koru, Missing Link, Ridgeline, Aratihi, Starfish, Zac’s, Leaping Lizard, Vertigo, and Trickle Falls.

Queen Charlotte Walkway in Picton
This is the longest single track bike trail in New Zealand. You will have to deal with difficult uphills but you can rest with the long downhills. The scenic coastal area is big bonus. There are also water taxi rides in the area which can bring you and your gears from one bay to another.
The northern portion of this track is closed from December through February because of the high volume of hikers. If you want to cover the whole length of the track, you need to go overnight. You can make a stop at Te Mahia and ride back to Picton on the next day.

Lake Wanaka
Before burning the calories and dealing with the adrenalin rush, get some cream buns and coffee in Wanaka. You can start with the 18 kilometer loop which will take you around one or two hours from Wanaka Lake to Albert Town. Another popular route is the Millenium Walkway that brings you from the township to the Waterfall Creek Reserve.

Naseby Forest (Ranfurly)
This bike trail is located near the historic town of Naseby. You can book a room in the holiday township and make it your base for your exploration. The tracks at Naseby is a mix of easy, scenic rides and fun tracks. Some of the exciting bike tracks are called the Ejector Seat, Roller Coaster, and the Skatebowl which magnet thrill seekers to this place.
Whichever track you choose, New Zealand is undeniably one of the most diverse countries of the world that perfectly blends calming, picture perfect landscapes, and adrenaline inducing mountain biking routes.