Saturday, April 30, 2011

Top reasons why we should discover our travel destinations on foot

We travel for different reasons. Some travel for business while some travel for pleasure. We are often brought to the best travel destinations by airplanes, cars, trains, or buses, and other means which may be available. Walking though is the purest of all means of transportation. No need to torture yourself really, we are just saying that there is some joy to walking when you try to discover new places on foot:
Getting to know the locals
Most of the time, the map might not appear to be the same with our destination. Well, yes some our just poor reading maps but this gives us a chance to interact with the locals of the place. They are the best map you can have and point you to the best spots that you can explore. They may also know of places which are off the radar of guided tours. You will learn much about a place from those who are there everyday and you cannot read any of their stories from any published travel guide books.
Avoiding the traffic
Walking on foot saves you from all the traffic jam you might encounter especially if you are going to a tourist hot spot. Aside from helping the environment avoid more carbon dioxide, you also get to go ahead of everyone else.
Aside from avoiding traffic, walking for a mile or two or maybe for an hour or burns a lot of calories. You get to exercise while enjoying the sights. You also do not have to worry much about the extra serving of that local food your palate craves for.
Exploring off the beaten paths
Tourist guides or local hotel staff will normally bring or point you to popular tourist destinations or restaurants. You can only expect a big crowd of tourists flocking to these places. Discover the unusual and the not so ordinary by walking and going to places where most people will go. You will find out that there is more to what the internet told you and you might actually end up spending less.
Enjoying nature
Nothing beats nature tripping. Feeling the wind, seeing the sunset, being able to close to animals, flowers, plants, and sunset and sand is the best. You will be comfortable in the tour bus but getting up close and personal with nature is the best adventure you can have. Get dirty and feel the sand with your feet, or get wet and wade in the lake. These are the most precious moments you will enjoy in your life. The business class might be nice, but discovering the world on foot is even better.
Blend in with the locals
It beats the purpose of discovery when from the very start of your journey, you are tagged as a tourist. Walk along the streets, enter pubs, or visit the local farmers market. These activities will give you the real sense of how life is like in a place. When you walk, somehow you will feel that you belong.