Saturday, April 30, 2011

Top Travel tips for road trips with kids

If you are preparing for a family road trip, then you might find the following tips useful to make your bonding time as smooth sailing as possible:
Bathroom breaks
During a long cruise on the high way or country roads, we commonly look for gas stations whenever one has to go. One better alternative is to look for small budget hotels along the road. You will find them mostly near the exits of major roads. These hotels will have a cleaner bathrooms compared to those in restaurants and gas stations which is used by a lot of travellers.
Keep the kids busy
Kids find long drives boring especially if you do not bring some toys for them. One that may actually work aside from their favorite toys will be bringing masking tapes and asking them to build a wall or a divider between them. This will keep them busy and will stimulate their imagination as well. Once you reach your destination, getting rid of the tape is as easy as 1-2-3.
It will also be helpful if you have a bag of crayons and activity books which can keep them busy while on the road. Ask them to do some pages of mazes or word searches. By the way you can improvise a lap table for the little ones by bringing a food tray or a clipboard.
You can also research ahead of time some interesting landmarks or things that you will see while on the road. Print pictures of these and tell the kids the first one to spot them all wins a prize.
You can also buy a set of beads if you have kids. They can make bracelets, necklaces, or anklets. You can find these on toy stores as kits or you can also get pipe cleaners which can serve the same purpose.
If you love travelling at night, you can bring some glow sticks , flashlights, or light pendants. You can do a lot with these things while driving in the dark and make the road trip fun for the kids.
Get those joints moving
A long drive is not so friendly to our joints. Bring some stuff which will make you stretch those muscles and move those joints. Pack some inflatable beach balls, jumping ropes, or even a stop watch. During highway stops, stretch a bit or play a bit with the kids to keep their energy high and avoid boredom. If the kids love to run, do a mini race and time them.
Packing for the trip
If you will be on the road for several days and you will be staying at different hotels or motels each night, it will be a lot easier if you can pack a bag for a day instead of using different bags for each person. This way you just need to bring down one bag when you check in and leave the other bags on your locked vehicle.