Saturday, April 30, 2011

Travel tips: Packing your baggage for a domestic flight

Packing for a domestic flight may sound simple but recent restrictions implemented by airlines and authorities make things a bit complicated. Follow the tips below so your next flight will go as smoothly as possible:
Make a list
This is the most basic when preparing for a trip and packing your stuff. You might not be going too far away and worry about the supplies that you might not be able to find but having a checklist of the items you need to pack will help you avoid leaving behind things you really need. Aside from the toiletries and the mini bottles in a clear plastic sealed bag, you may want to double check if you have your phone charger, laptop charger, or simple stuff like pairs of socks, or the necktie you will need for a business meeting.
Know what you just need
Since you are only traveling domestic, most likely you can purchase your favorite shampoo or soap wherever you are going. It will be a wiser choice if you just purchase these basics when you get to your destinations so you do not have to shoulder check-in fees for your baggage. If you are buying big bottles, you can always leave it behind so your host can use them or you can use them during your next visit. Another option will be to use solid toiletries like small soaps and partner it with small sized shampoos, and travel sized toothbrush.
Carry your bag on board
If you are certain that you have followed all the liquid restrictions for airports and airplanes, you might want to consider bringing your bag up the plane and avoid the long lines and possible delays. Check with your airline for their luggage size restrictions. Just make sure that you board early so you do not have to compete with the overhead compartment. You can also be creative enough to have a wheelie suitcase and a backpack where you can put your personal items.
Compare prices
It is still possible to find airlines that let you check in a bag for free. Some airlines allow the first luggage to be free while some even allow two bags. If you think it is possible for some cases that you need to check in your bags since it will be a cheaper option rather that bringing them on board. Do the math and go for the most practical and cheaper choice for your bags.
Use airtight plastic bags
You can use space bags so you can fit in more clothes into your small carry on bag. Place your clothes inside and roll out the air out. The bag will be heavier but you will be able to bring more stuff on your carry on bag.