Tuesday, May 24, 2011

5/24/11- NeverShoutNever- "I Love You 5"/Joplin Tornado Relief

I missed posting yesterday, as I've been busy car shopping and apartment shopping, but also, I've been glued to the internet following the news of the massive tornado in Joplin, Missouri. Usually, disasters like this get brief attention from me, but this one is different, because I used to work out there. I spent three years working for a radio cluster that covered Joplin, MO and Pittsburg, KS, and seeing on the news places that I used to shop, used to drive through, and more, it's surreal. Thankfully, everyone I know is accounted for and well, but I have heard stories of people from competing radio stations losing their homes in the tornado. Living in Philly again, I wish there was more I could do to help.

So for today, I've dug up a Joplin artist. NeverShoutNever is a solo project of Christofer Drew Ingle, and can best be described as "Indie Pop." He dropped out of Joplin High School to pursue his music career, and was briefly signed to Warner Brothers Records. The video for his song "I Love You 5" was shot in Joplin.

If you would like to donate to the Joplin Relief, or if you would like to find any information as to how you can help out, head over to Help Joplin.com and all the information you need is right there.

Enjoy "I Love You 5" by Joplin's NeverShoutNever. You'll have to click through to it though, since Warner Brothers Records decided to disable embedding, those jackasses.

CLICK HERE to view the video.