Wednesday, May 25, 2011

5/25/11- Josh Joplin Group- "Camera One"

Let's keep our attention focused on getting help and aid to Joplin, Missouri for another day, as they are still searching the rubble in the tornado ravaged city.

Josh Joplin Group has no connection to Joplin, other than the name. Josh Joplin was born outside of Washington DC, and grew up in Lancaster, PA and Columbia, MD. In 2001, via Artemis Records, they released "Useful Music" and spawned a minor hit with "Camera One."

As for the City of Joplin, you can donate blood, cash, food, supplies, and more. The website Help has all the info, including several numbers you can text to donate $10. Please, help Joplin rebuild after the devastation.

Josh Joplin Group - Camera One
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