Sunday, May 29, 2011

A Birds Eye View of Alluring World Picnic Spots

Picnics are fun time. Children love going for a picnic, so do adults. Travel anywhere in the world and make sure you have gala time at a picnic, be it with friends or family. The world has much to offer. Here are some spots, which perhaps you can consider while visiting those countries:
Giant causeway
Giant’s causeway is a UNESCO recognized World Heritage site in Northern Ireland. It consists of 40,000 black basalt columns and attracts a lot of tourists during the summer. It is a fantastic place for outdoor feasting. You will come across designated picnic tables.
Hyde Park and St. James Park in London
The Hyde Park and St. James Park in London, U.K. are beautiful scenic spots. One can spend time feeding the ducks, listening to music on a sunny afternoon at St. James Park. Primrose Hill in London is another exciting spot one can spend time lazing around on a cool summer day.
Brisbane Water National Park
In Sydney, Australia one can visit the Brisbane Water National Park for a picnic or long walk. Then you have the Audley Weir located in the Royal National Park, which is an alluring riverside locale. One can traverse the Carrington Drive. Other attractive spots are the Nielsen Park and Manley Beach. For beautiful picnic grounds and garden one can go to Mount Annan.
Burswood Complex
Again in Perth, Australia, one can visit the Burswood Complex, which is located adjacent to Swan river. One can jog and go in for cycling and have fantastic picnics. The Hyde Park is another popular place, with its walking paths, huge overhanging trees and a lake that is ornamental. Barbeque facilities are available and the children can play under the shade of the evergreen trees. A beautiful family spot. One can visit Lake Monger Reserve, a lake which has parklands around it. How about Matilda Bay? A popular site for picnics. Children will just love it. You will come across sheltered areas, barbeque facilities, play areas for children and river beaches that are safe.
Would you like to go for a picnic in China? Why not at Baita Mountain, the White Pagoda Mountain, located at Lanzhou city, with its mountain ranges. The mountain turned into a public park in 1958. One can go off to the Beijing Grand View garden.
Off to South Africa? Then, why not picnic at Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens. There are lot of rocks to climb and trees to play around. Children will love being here. Take your baby in pram and stroll around. A superb place for a family picnic. One can go to Newlands Forest. One would enjoy walking around pine trees and along the streams. It is a nice place to get away from the city. Silvermine Nature Reserve is another place to picnic. The pine- tree fringed lake is exotic. Spend your precious moments there. A getaway place no doubt.
Goa in India is a place you should definitely visit. There are superb picnic spots that one would like to spend time at. Fun loving beaches and enticing lakes make a tourist want to come back.
There are many more picnic spots in the world to choose from. This was only bird’s view of what is in store. It makes you realize that one can have a gala time anywhere in the world.