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Regionen Brandenburg Stadt Karte Bilder

Brandenburg if "listen Lower Sorbian: Bramborska; Upper Sorbian: Braniborska" is one of the sixteen federal-states of Germany or Deutschland. It lies in the east of the country and is one of the new federal states that were re-created in 1990 aloft the reunification of the above West Germany and East Germany. The basic is Potsdam. Brandenburg surrounds but does not accommodate the civic basic and city-state of Berlin.

Originating in the medieval Northern March, the Margraviate of Brandenburg grew to become the amount of the kingdom, after Free Accompaniment of Prussia. The eastern third of celebrated Brandenburg (Ostbrandenburg/Neumark) was ceded to Poland in 1945.

Brandenburg is belted by Mecklenburg-Vorpommern in the north, Poland in the east, the Freistaat Sachsen in the south, Saxony-Anhalt in the west, and Lower Saxony in the northwest.

The Oder River forms a allotment of the eastern border, the Elbe River a allocation of the western border. The capital rivers in the accompaniment itself are the Spree and the Havel. In the southeast, there is a wetlands arena alleged the Spreewald; it is the northernmost allotment of Lusatia, area the Sorbs, a Slavic people, still live. These areas are bilingual, i.e., German and Sorbian are both used.