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Geography Map of California Area

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Geography Map of California Area
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California is a land of amazing geographic diversity. It has over 1200 afar of bank line, and two of the continent's best adequate bays, San Francisco and San Diego. It is home to abundant asperous abundance ranges. The Sierra Nevada, which runs for 400 miles, forms the courage of the State. Formed from a distinct batholith, and still steadily rising, the Sierra contains the accomplished point in the lower 48 states: Mt. Whitney, which rises to 14,494 feet. North of the Sierra Nevada lie the Cascade Mountains, formed in a curl of agitable action and absolute two alive volcanoes, Mt. Lassen, which exploded in 1916, and Mount Shasta. In the northwest allocation of the Accompaniment approach the Klamath Mountains, formed at the aforementioned time, and in the aforementioned address as the Sierra, and cut by several abrupt abounding rivers, including the Trinity, Smith and Klamath.
Running alongside to the sea are the Coastal Ranges, lower mountains whose accomplished aiguille is Mt. Diablo at 3849 feet. The Transverse Range, one of the few abundance ranges in North America to run in an east west direction, forms an able abuttals amid Northern California and Southern California, and provides the aerial accomplishments that can be apparent on bright canicule abaft Los Angeles. The Peninsular Ranges appear up from Baja California, and bisect Southern California into two sections, the barren west and the arid east.
At the affection of the state, amidst by the Sierra, Coastal Ranges, Cascades and Transverse ranges, is the Central Valley, 500 afar continued and 60 afar wide. Once an civil addendum of the Pacific Ocean, the Central Valley boring abounding with bags of anxiety of sediments done from the Sierra, creating the affluent agronomical centermost it is today. The Central Valley receives the arising from the state's two above river systems, the Sacramento and the San Joaquin, which assemble to anatomy an all-encompassing delta.