Saturday, May 28, 2011

Happiness is...

To spend your life at sea, touched and embraced by the simpleness, the beautiful and raw world of water that can be so gentle yet so unforgiving at the very same time. Happiness is to be able to jump from deck into the crystal clear ocean, feel the life and energy of water flashing around your naked body. You are one now, for the seconds your body rapidly burst through the water you are one, just like the moments before you were born. Naked, wet, surrounded by water. 

Happiness is to swim up towards the surface, to rise up from the sea into the warm air where the sun quickly dries your skin, giving you warmth from the evening rays of sunshine. It is to draw your hands through your salty hair and realize that these absolutely simple things are what helps a human being feeling free. Completely and utterly free. The excitement and joy from the moment makes you promise yourself that you will never let anything come in between you and your relationship with the nature. Nothing should ever take that freedom away from you. Nothing, ever. /T