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How To Commute From EDSA To Buildings Inside Ortigas Center

The sign in front of jeepneys that ply the route from the corner of EDSA and Ortigas Avenue to different buildings inside Ortigas Center CBD is 'Robinson's Galleria-Ortigas Complex'. The exact location where you can ride this jeep is in front of Galleria Corporate Center, the tall building connected to Robinson's Galleria Mall. Wait for a jeep to pass by at the corner of Galleria Corporate Center. This jeepney passes through the one way service road around Robinson's Galleria Mall from Ortigas Complex to its Terminal along Ortigas Avenue. The terminal is a long walk so commuters ride at Galleria Corporate Center and then they transfer to another jeepney at the terminal in going to Ortigas Center Complex.

From top-right clockwise: Orient Square, Wynsum Corporate Plaza, Discovery Suites, and JMT Corporate Condominium stand next to each other in this photo of Ortigas Center. Jeepneys with "Robinson's Galleria Ortigas Center Complex" sign passes through their location.

'Robinson's Galleria-Ortigas Complex' jeepney route is a loop within Ortigas Center CBD that serves passengers from EDSA-Ortigas bus loading and unloading zone. So if you're traveling by bus in EDSA from either north (e.g. Monumento, Cubao, Fairview, Novaliches, Malanday, Valenzuela) or south (e.g. Baclaran, NAIA 1-2-3, Pasay, Alabang, Sucat, Bicutan, Pacita, Muntinlupa, Magallanes, Makati) of Metro Manila, all you need to do is get off the bus at Robinson's Galleria (just make sure you're riding a bus with "Ortigas Ilalim" sign and not "Ortigas Ibabaw") , ride this jeep, transfer to another jeep at the terminal and get off at the area in Ortigas Center Complex near to the building of your destination. Riding a jeep from Galleria Corporate Center in EDSA to its terminal is FREE. Just get off the jeep and get in another jeep located to the front of the terminal. Minimum fare applies.

This post is a second part of series of articles on how to get to buildings located inside Ortigas Center CBD. Our first post entitled Walking Directions From MRT Station To Ortigas Center Buildings shares to you fastest way to reach some buildings from MRT-3 Ortigas Station. You can also read the third part of this series which explains how to commute to the buildings located to the southern side of Ortigas Center from MRT Shaw, click HERE. Meanwhile, the fourth chapter will give you walking directions from MRT Shaw to some important institutions nearer to the train station, i.e. San Properties Centre, EDSA Shangri-la Hotel, St. Francis Twin Towers, St. Francis of Assisi Church, etc., click HERE.

Ortigas Station is a long walk from jeepney route going to Ortigas Complex. I presume the time it takes to walk from MRT Ortigas Station to loading area of the jeepney plus the waiting time while the jeepney is being filled up is longer than the time it takes to walk from MRT-3 Ortigas Station to some of the buildings in Ortigas Center Complex. To find out the buildings that are walking distance from MRT-3 Ortigas Station, go to Walking Directions From MRT Station To Ortigas Center Buildings or click here.

Now, if you're riding a bus and you get off at Ortigas Avenue, riding a jeepney in going to the location of a building inside Ortigas Center CBD is not quixotic. This is also true if you're riding a bus or jeepney or even taxi from Quiapo, Greenhills, San Juan, SM City Santa Mesa, Legarda, Gilmore, Ronac Arts Center, Ever Gotesco Ortigas, Libis, Antipolo, Taytay, etc. All you need to do is alight at unloading area along Ortigas Avenue in Robinson's Galleria, then ride the jeep at its terminal nearby.

Even so, there's no need to ride a jeep if you're going to any building located outside the opposite end of Robinsons Galleria such as Crowne Plaza, Holiday Inn, Robinson's Equitable Tower, Mega Plaza, AIC Burgundy, AIC Grande Tower, Corinthian Executive Regency, AIC Gold Tower, Greenhills Christian Fellowship and East of Galleria. These buidlings are just short walk away from the second main entrance of Robinson's Galleria located at the opposite end of the mall which is in ADB Avenue. Just enter the mall at EDSA main entrance, walk towards the opposite end of the mall, exit the mall at ADB main entrance and go towards the building of your destination.

Here's the route and direction of 'Robinson's Galleria-Ortigas Complex' jeepney from its terminal to different areas in Ortigas Center Complex where you can get off to go to your building destination.

To make it easier for you to determine when and where to get off the jeep, the buildings are listed in order of their locations along the route of 'Robinson's Galleria-Ortigas Complex' jeepney. Not all buildings have their photos taken.

From the terminal, the jeep enters Ortigas Center Complex by turning right onto F. Ortigas Jr Road formerly known as Emerald Avenue.

It will cross Sapphire Road where Ortigas Building and AIC Gold Tower is located. These buildings are walking distance from Robinson's Galleria.

The jeep will turn left on Garnet Road. Grand Emerald Tower is at the corner of Garnet and F Ortigas Jr formerly Emerald Avenue.

Next building to Grand Emerald Tower, along F. Ortigas Jr Road is Jollibee Plaza, followed by Padilla Building.

Along Garnet Road to the right, first stop is back entrance of PLDT. Followed by back entrances of Strata 2000 and Ortigas Center Post Office, respectively. Garnet Road is the back door of most buildings along F. Ortigas Jr Road formerly known as Emerald Avenue. If you're going to the main entrances of the buildings located along F. Ortigas Jr Road formerly Emerald Avenue, get off the jeep at the corner of Garnet Road and F. Ortigas Jr Road and walk your way to those buildings.

To the left of Garnet Road opposite Ortigas Center Post Office is Onyx Road, a T intersection. Get off at Onyx Road to go to Unionbank Plaza, Parc Chateau Condominium - corner of Garnet and Onyx, Horizon Codominium - along Sapphire and Onyx Road, Suntree Tower - next to Horizon Condominium, and the back of Millenium Place - next to Suntree.

After the jeep stops at Onyx Road, it continues on Garnet Road up to the corner of Garnet and Julia Vargas Avenue. To the right of Garnet Road from Ortigas Center Post Office located respectively are: back entrances of Emerald Mansion, Raffles Corporate Center, Prestige building and Taipan Place. The jeep stops at the corner of Garnet Road and Julia Vargas Avenue, opposite Centerpoint Building. It stands there for a while to wait for passengers leaving Ortigas Complex.

If you're going to One Corporate Center or Antel Global Corporate Center, get off at Centerpoint Building, corner of Julia Vargas Avenue and Garnet Road. The two buildings stand to your left if you're facing Julia Vargas. One Corporate Center is situated at the corner of Meralco Avenue and Julia Vargas Avenue. Next to it is the Antel Global. Just walk your way to Caltex, then walk across Julia Vargas.

From Garnet Road the jeep will turn right onto Julia Vargas. It will pass by T-intersection to the right. This intersection is F. Ortigas Jr Road formerly Emerald Avenue where the main entrances of the buildings and different coffee shops, fast food chains, food court and convenient stores are located. Among them are Jollibee, KFC, Greenwhich, Chowking, Starbucks, Figaro, Lasapin Food Court (also accessible through back door along Garnet Road), 7-11, etc.

There's pedestrian overpass at Julia Vargas and F. Ortigas Jr Road. If you're going to Tektite Towers or Octagon Building where Teleperformance and Sony Philippines are located, get off at T-intersection of Julia Vargas and F. Ortigas Jr Road.

Use the footbridge and get across Julia Vargas Avenue. Located at the foot of the overpass, opposite of F. Ortigas Jr Road alaong Julia Vargas is Amberland Plaza. Next to it is Parc Royale Condomium, followed by Nobleland Ventures.

Use the walkway located to the right of Amberland Plaza to get to Tektite Towers, located at the back of Amberland Plaza and Parc Royale. You need to pass through another walkway at the middle of a large parking lot behind Parc Royale to get to Exchange Road where Tektite Towers are located. Octagon Building can also be reached by using this direction. Just walk towards the building.

After F. Ortigas Jr Road, the jeep will turn right onto Ruby Road where El Pueblo is located to the left corner. El Pueblo is a commercial area where fast food chains, cafes, restaurants and bars are located. There's a McDonald's here. Along Ruby Road, to the right, are back entrances of buildings located along west side of F. Ortigas Jr Road formerly known as Emereal Avenue.

First building is Agustin 1, followed by The Orient Square, then Emerald Building. Fourth is Wynsum Corporate Plaza. Next is Hanston Building. Followed by Strata 100. To the left of Ruby Road, next to El Pueblo is a T-intersection which bends to the right. This street is called Topaz Road where after it bends THE JMT Building is located to its left, followed by Discovery Suites, then Anson's and lastly the Malayan Plaza.

Buildings along Ruby Road are nearer to the ones along Topaz Road, as what you see in our main photo from which Wynsum and Orient Square looked nearer to The JMT and Discovery Suites as if they're all situated along opposite sides of one street.

From Ruby Road, the jeep will turn left on Opal Road, the next T-intersection to the left of Ruby Road. Opposite Opal, to the right of Ruby Road is the Ortigas Park where Coffeebean is also located. It is important to note, that you can get to Ortigas Park faster if you get off the jeep at the corner of F. Ortigas Road and Garnet Road, just before the jeep turn left. Walk along F. Ortigas west side until you reach Ortigas Park. In Opal Road, the jeepney will turn right onto ADB Avenue on its way to Robinson's Galleria and the Bus Bay located in front of Robinson's Galleria EDSA entrance. At the corner of Opal and ADB is Yamaha Y-Zone. And along ADB Avenue's east side is the Joy Nostalg, next to Volvo Ortigas.

Unionbank Plaza, Onyx Road cor Sapphire

Jeepney Stop in front Centerpoint Bldg

One Corporate Center

Antel Global

Tektite Towers

Octagon Bldg

El Pueblo

From top  right: Orient Square, Wynsum, Discovery, JMT

Ortigas Park

Joy Nostalg

Below is the Route Map of Robinson's Galleria Ortigas Complex Jeepney that gives you clear view of how the jeepney traverses the locations of the buildings we've just discussed on this chapter.

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Route Map of Robinson's Galleria Ortigas Complex Jeepney