Thursday, May 26, 2011

I left My Heart in Marinduque

I have always wanted to write a song about Leaving my heart in Marinduque. This song will be sang to the tune of the famous song in honor of the city by the bay ( I left My Heart in San Francisco). Here's it is: I hope you like it: Note the original lyrics as sang by Frank Sinatra is in the video at bottom of the page.The loveliness of Fair Oaksseems somehow sadly gayThe glory that was Boacis another day!Ive been terribly aloneand forgotten in SacramentoI'm going home to my town by the sea.I left my heart in MarinduqueNear by the beach it beckons meTo be where the Moriones areCome, visit whereever you areThe morning sun rise by the seaI don't care!My love waits at Chateau Du MerNear the blue and calmy seaWhen I come home to you, MarinduqueChateau Du Mer will welcome me!