Friday, May 27, 2011

San Isidro Cave Now Drawing Visitors

Some 500 visitors, according to local barangay officials and guides, have come and gone to the San Isidro Cave and Subterranean River since the hidden cave was opened to the outside world two years ago. To ensure excellent caving experiences the local barangay provides visitors with head and sight equipment (helmet with mounted light), gloves and experienced guides to assist.

Visitors, who are first given a thorough briefing on basic do’s and don’ts when they are inside the cave, are charged a minimal fee of PHP100 (less than USD2), for the adventure. Proceeds go to the barangay. Visitors are advised to wear clothes they don’t mind getting soiled and to bring extra clothes. Manila-based tourism students, national caving groups, provincial residents and the plain curious comprise the bigger number of visitors to San Isidro Cave. Facilities with lockers and open showers for visitors are now being drawn up by the local barangay and the municipal government.

This is a video (now with over 12,000 hits), created by this blogger two years ago to create awareness on this perfectly preserved cave that lied hidden for ages.