Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Seropan Cave Amazing Lanscape Yogyakarta Tourism

Asiawonder Team-Seropan Cave of Gunungkidul Regency in the village of Semuluh, Semanu, Regency of Gunung Kidul in Yogyakarta. Cave seropan located around 45 km east of Yogyakarta. The line in the mileage is Yogyakarta-Wonosari-spliced road towards Bedoyo. Located 200 metres from the road Wonosari-Bedoyo. Can be achieved by using private vehicles or public transportation, with travel time is about 1.5 hours from Yogyakarta. The length of the cave is approximately 888 m with a depth of around 62 meters.

Seropan Cave

Office of Gunungkidul Regency has a potential for ecotourism in abundance, among them the cave karst (limestone caves in the area of land). One of the cave that is traced is the cave seropan in the village of semuluh subdistrict of Gunungkidul Regency semanu Regency Yogyakarta special region. Acintyacunyata Speleological Club (ASC), a group of caving has set foot in the cave with a length of 888 meters. Pursue inches by inches dent cave seropan, berpeluk lovey-dovey with lembutnya air times underground flowing in it. Feel the sensation of being in the depths of the Earth of gunungkidul Regency, revealing the beauty behind the aridity of his country the workhorse.

Seropan Waterfall In Seropan Cave