Thursday, July 21, 2011

7/21/11- Hot Hot Heat "Middle of Nowhere"

So. It's hot as balls outside. Simply put. And pretty much if you're reading this from somewhere within the United States, it's hot where you are too.

That being said, it seemed appropriate that I dig up a "Hot" video.

Hot Hot Heat have had their indie success for years now, with a splash of mainstream exposure here and there. In 2005, they released "Middle of Nowhere," which had this video. It's kind of "Lost"-esque. Is the lead singer in the same "time" as the rest of the people? Or did he go back in time, like half of the people on the island? Hmm.

Check it for yourself. Although since Warner Brothers Records doesn't allow embedding of their videos (asshats), you will have to CLICK HERE to watch the video.