Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Baking break

Not too much fun things happening around here at the moment, can't wait to sail away in a few days. We're both dying to get moving on the sea again. Currently we're still busy with cleaning, organizing, moving out and unloading things from the boat to make space for visitors arriving in ten days, and simultaneously I'm trying to get some of my work done while Alex fixes with his things here on the boat.

I'm taking a break from work now though, I've been dreaming of guava muffins for a while too long so it's about time to try them out. Never seen or even heard of such things as guava muffins before but I figured they would make a good combo. Not as easy to get hold on fresh guavas here on this island as is on Martinique for example so I'll have to use this preserved jam thing instead, will get back with the results later on if you're interested. 

And regarding the boat, I know that you all are curious to know what new boat is it they're going to change to???, and I must say that we don't put you through this waiting because it's fun (although it is quite fun actually) but because there in fact is a technical reason to why we can't reveal it just as yet. Maybe in a day or two.

Maybe you guys can guess a little in the meanwhile, what type of boat do you think we are changing to?