Monday, July 18, 2011

Dear followers and fans

Today we've hit a magic number. We're now having 400 Followers here on Blogger. Thank you all for following! And you're not only quietly following behind the screen as we can see on our backlink statistics, relatively high Pagerank and our Alexa rank, you guys are incredibly keen on sharing your thoughts about this blog with others, too! I don't think we could have ever imagined having so many of you amazing people following our voyage around the world, and it seems like it all is increasing with each day. Every month, there are now a steady 110.000 unique readers reading my ramblings and participating in this amazing journey we've embarked on. Some months we've hit even higher numbers due to loads of big links sent our way, but since May onwards this is the minimum amount of readers that we have had for each month and 110.000 is a seriously fantastic amount of people, don't you agree?

We're also soon up with the insane amount of 3000 facebook fans, there's now almost 500 Twitter followers and we have more than 700 RSS subscribers on Google reader. Incredible. 

Thank you all cool people out there that we have got the chance to "meet" here online through this diary of ours and all of the ones we've had the possibility to meet IRL thus far. Many of you readers have been truly amazing sending us fun, thoughtful and interesting emails and comments, you've been sharing your expertise in areas where we've needed help, you have been a wealth of knowledge in everything from literature to places to go, places to see and it is always a joy to hear from you guys (with the exception of a few blog trolls that come and go).

Thank you again for reading and sharing, we hope that you all will be following us and our adventures for a long time to come.

P.s: For the ones sharing our journey this week, there is a delicious price to win. One of those two scrumptious rum cakes can become yours, only thing you have to do is to share our journey on your blog or on one of your social media sites and you are automatically in the competition. Just send us a note and you're in the run to win. Only four days to go..