Monday, July 25, 2011

Dreamland Beach Bali Favored By The Surfing Water Sports Enthusiasts

Dreamland Beach is a tourist place located south of Bali in the area called Pecatu. Dreamland beach surrounded by cliffs towering, rock and surrounded by a fairly large around the beach. This beach location is in the complex Pecatu Graha Bali (Kuta Golf Links Resort) which is about 30 minutes from Kuta beach.

Dreamland beach itself is almost similar to Kuta beach. White sand and a steep gully into the scene so compelling eyes to look at. Location of clean white sand on the narrow beach just below a steep rock walls suitable for enjoying the sunset or simply watch the surfers attractions. The waves are high and large great demand by fans of water sports surfing (surfing), even Dreamland has become a new kind of surf spots for the area of Bali.

Our streets again. Have you ever heard Dreamland beach in Bali.? I never asked you this time a trip to Dreamland Beach. Dreamland beach in the area called Pecatu. Still on the southern island of Bali. More precisely, a few miles before the Uluwatu Temple from Denpasar. Dreamland beach surrounded by cliffs towering, rock and surrounded by a fairly large around the beach. There was a video tape last one on the beach situation dreamland Bali is not natural as those who have been there. Pecatu area is now being built golf course and housing complex. The only way to dreamland beach is to go through these complex and now in the stage of large-scale development.

Pecatu population had lived as farmers and poor fishermen. Living in the hill that contains lime, making them truly livelihood from agriculture that can not be expected to result. Then came Pecatu Graha project, sponsored by Tommy Suharto (the program said the people Kalao ga salah sih) in the time before his father was still in power. The plan, Pecatu Graha will be made of a housing complex and other tourist attractions other than land used pantai.Walaupun Pecatu Graha project is a land of "coercion", but residents are hoping Pecatu completed projects, and they could pursue other business tourism sector. That's why land around the beach called Dreamland (dream land), and its beach called Dreamland Beach. But it eventually abandoned the project because the rulers at that time already stepped down. Uh, the truth of this story was just 99%, so do not believe this fake story he he he.