Thursday, July 7, 2011

Drink of the night

Like I said earlier on our Twitter: I am such an extremist. No alcohol whatsoever for one week/ten days, and the following I tend to jump on every possibility that comes my way to sponge something alcoholic. Malibu is one other sort of rum that I can't get enough of. Makes for such sweet and delightful drinks that I'm almost able to convince myself that it isn't alcohol. So I drink it like juice and get drunk accordingly. Malibu mixes best with pineapple juice and coco Lopez like I showed you here, but it goes also very well down with sprite zero and a squeeze of lime for an extremely refreshing and a bit lighter version of a tropical coconut drink. Incredibly fresh and perfect for hot summer nights here in the Caribbean.

Cheers to life and have a great Thursday evening you all. /T