Friday, July 8, 2011

Fashion at sea

Considering the fact that I earlier lived in a house where my walk in closet was as big as the whole boat we live in today, I think I've made a damn good job in weaning myself off the relatively serious shopping syndrome I possessed in my previous life. I have not the same hunger for new things, new labels and the obligatory new designer high heels that I earlier always made sure to convince myself that I needed to update my wardrobe with once a week back home in the city. I have came to the understanding that there are much more important things in life than things. Here on the oceans I simply don't need so much. Give me 20 bikinis, a couple of dresses, shorts and tops and I will be fine. I must say it feels really good to not live for consuming any longer, I'm comparing with the normal society now where you almost are forced to believe that you need so much things all the god damn time, because let me tell you one truth: you don't actually need  more than you  physically need, if that makes any kind of sense. 

I bought myself one new dress the other day though, the green one you can see on the picture. It cost me 20 ECD(Eastern Caribbean Dollar) which is equal to approximately $8 and with this one included I think I have spent a maximum of $100 in the past ten months on clothes. $100 in ten months? Interesting thought, especially when comparing with the crazy amount I used to spend on fashion back home. I honestly think that Alex have bought himself more clothes than I have in the past ten months and who could ever think that was a possible equation. Just yesterday he found himself one new pair of Henri Lloyd jeans which he told me that he needed, apparently good for cold rainy evenings (even though I can't find the logical meaning in wearing jeans in the tropics but anyway..)

One other important aspect of this all is of course that I don't go out on social functions and parties like I did before, and when you are out in the nature most of the time like we are, who needs fashion anyway. The clothes that I need and want should be easy to put on, easy to take off, they should be comfortable and cozy, they should be able to deal with the heat (and sweat) in a good way and they should be as light as they can be. Just like with everything else in life nowadays, I want it all to be as easy as possible to deal with to reduce the amount of hustle and headaches.

One thing that I laid my eyes on the other day though, was a beautiful Ralph Lauren swimsuit that I think I have to go back and make mine, with blue and white stripes and navy colored foundation and all, perfectly suitable for lounging on the boat... will show it to you later if it's still there when I go back to the shop next time.  /T