Thursday, July 14, 2011

Fear and falling

What many people do wrong in this life is that they don't dare to make mistakes. It can drive me insane when I see so many human beings with great potential being locked up because they are afraid to fail, afraid to fall, and desperately they hold on to the only reality they ever knew, thinking that this must be the only way to go, even when they're not content with their life situation. But it is not before you let go of your lifelines, when you've released yourself to the risks of the reality, when you fully opened up your eyes and acknowledged the truths around you and when you have fallen on your own knees a couple of times that you fully can become you. Do you really want to remain a pale shadow of what you could become? Do you really want to limit your own personal development just because you are afraid? Afraid of what? What is it that could really hurt you? Take some risks, enjoy your life, break some rules, don't look back and remember that there are thousands of other ways to go than the safe road you always walked along. Life is grand and holds a mountain of opportunities, both technically and mentally. Don't limit yourself to the minimum.