Thursday, July 28, 2011

Girls in rock/electro/metal bands (Part 2)

Deadlock (Schwarzenfeld, Bavaria, Germany)
Sabine Scherer is a clean vocalist :)

Delain (Zwolle, Netherlands)
Charlotte Wessels is a lead vocalist!

Eisley (Tyler, Texas, USA)
The girls are Sherri DuPree (Vocals/Guitar), Stacy DuPree (Keyboard), and Chauntelle DuPree (Lead guitar)

Electric Valentine (Los Angeles, CA, USA)
Lauren Baird is the lead vocalist and synth.

Epica (Reuver, Limburg, Netherlands)
Simone Simons is the lead vocalist :)

Eths (Marseille, France)
The vocalist is Candice :)

Evanescence (Little Rock, Arkansas, USA)
Amy Lee is a vocalist :D

Evarose (Oxfordshire, Midlands, UK)
The girls are Dannika (Vocals), Imogen (Guitar/Vocals), Connie (Bass), and Robyn (Drums)

Exilia (Milan, Italy)
Masha is a vocalist of this band :)

Eyes Like Diamonds (Las Vegas, Nevada, USA)
They have a keyboardist named Danielle.

Eyes Set to Kill (Tempe, Arizona, USA)
The girls are Alexia Rodriguez (clean vocals) and Anissa Rodriguez (bass)