Monday, July 18, 2011

It's all about time

One other good thing with leading a life like we do, far from it all to repeat myself for the hundredth time, is that you have all the time in the world to make all those things you never usually would have the time for. At home in the city, you continue to collect pages from magazines, handwritten notes and bookmarks are slowly filling up your computer with things that you should get back to, to read one day when "there is time for it", but you always end up not coming back to it, simply cause a normal life doesn't offer much free time in the end. A normal life is too busy anyway and doesn't in fact offer that much free time to reflect, breath and to do what you always wanted to do alone, in peace. Our society is not made for this type of relaxations, it is made for working hard and constantly delivering results.

Here, on the other hand, we have all the the time we wish to read all of those books we always wanted to devour, we have the time to check off all those movies from that miles-long list of old classics, Alex has all the time he want for all of his boat projects (never ending, he always find something new to do), I have plenty of time for my book project (I see no end to this either, never thought a book would take so much time to write/photograph/edit) and also I can take my time to try out new interesting concoctions whenever I feel like. If you have followed us, you should know that I've been curious about the meat from the goats here in Antigua for quite some time now, and while we've tried the famous local speciality goat water a couple of times in several different local restaurants, I've finally had the chance to try it out myself, too. 

This goat stew on the picture is made with tons of garlic, a massive amount of yellow onion and a spicy pepper sauce. This was my first time ever to cook with goat but I prepared it more or less like I would have done with lamb. The meat itself is very low in fat with almost no marbling, just what I guessed, and I cooked it very slowly over low heat. Made for a good meal with butter and lemon cooked rice and enjoyed with a refreshing bottle of sparkling water. I'll probably try the curry stew version next time.

I have tons of more Caribbean delights and interesting new ingredients I wish to try out when there is time for it, and it is definitely a joy to be able to go them trough, one after another. Guava muffins or guava cake is something I wish to have the opportunity to get together soon too, maybe already tonight.