Friday, July 15, 2011

More from Dan Pagulayan's "Discoveries" photos

"Every once in a while, one gets to tread untrodden paths. That opportunity knocked on my door during this trip, where I got acquainted with two ordinary folks, restaurateurs in their own right, who bear the passion of collecting articles of antiquity. Relics that bear stories of the daily grind of the lives it touched -- folks of a bygone era, as well as the folks who possess these today.

"Never before had I seen a huge antique collection, ranging from pianos, chandeliers, candelarias, whole altars, lamps, books, home furniture, gramophones, wall clocks, grandfather clocks, musical instruments, radios, softdrink bottles, paintings, and bric-a-brack. All these find home in a nondescript abode way up a steep hill (in Boac), that is accessible only by foot."

Text and photos by Dan Pagulayan.