Wednesday, July 27, 2011

On the coast of Guadeloupe

Can you feel the tranquility of this moment above? We are finally out on the vast seas. Cannot with words describe the feeling of having everything and nothing in front of you like this after being kind of locked up in one place for such long time (almost two months). This is where we belong. The sea is addictive and the freedom that comes with it is a feeling I'd never want to live without, ever again.

Regarding the previous post: I am sorry for all of you who doesn't get the point of my art. Not that I in any way need to explain myself to you strangers out there but FYI: I quit smoking more or less when we arrived to Caribbean for six months ago (which I also think that I earlier mentioned here on le blog) and I feel very happy with that decision. I still smoke maybe 5 cigarettes per month (earlier 1-2 packages/week), but I'm doing my best to not over do it as it feels much better without the nicotine. For that video I posted below though, I would have smoked in it even if I would've never tried a single cigarette in my whole life, because it was what made the movie for me

And also: some of you guys really need to stop telling people what to do, if I would have listened to all wannabe cops and moral preachers (vad heter moralkärringar på engelska?) that I met in my life, I wouldn't have gotten far that's for sure. Everyone are free to do what they like, no? I smoke when I want to, I drink when I feel like, I smoke a spliff when I feel the lust for it, I swear and use inappropriate words whenever I find it suitable etc etc and if you have any kind of problem with any of that, well, then that is your problem, not mine. 

Have a good Wednesday you all and try to chill down now some of you. Life was made to be enjoyed and you shouldn't waste your precious time on getting annoyed for what other people choose to do with theirs. This will only make you bitter and boring. Take care of yourself, it's a too heavy task to try to change others.