Tuesday, July 19, 2011

One misshaped cake

So I ended up trying out a guava sponge cake roll instead with an old recipe that I had here. By the way, what do you call this thing in English/American? It's called rulltårta in Swedish and kääretorttu in Finnish FYI, but when I google translate this into English it says Swiss roll, and I don't know if you guys refer to Switzerland when you're talking about cakes like this or where did you get that from? Please advice.

Perhaps you can't even figure out what I'm talking about here as this very cake in the picture turned out to become the ugliest swiss roll/sponge cake roll/rulltårta that I've ever made and it is not very reminiscent of how they really should look like. It became too stiff and ended up breaking in three pieces when I was about to wrap it up into a nice roll. Nevertheless, I'm trying to convince myself it has some kind of arty design to it and the taste is seriously to die for.

Here's what you'll need:

3 eggs
2dl / 1cup sugar (I used cane sugar)
2dl / 1cup all purpose flour
2 tsp vanillin sugar
2 tsp baking agent
1 dl / 0,5 cup milk

filling: whatever jam or preserve you prefer.

Whisk together eggs and sugar to a fluffy batter. Add the rest of the ingredients and mix well for some minutes. (Don't eat it all with your fingers before you got it into the oven!!) Pour the batter onto a buttered or paper covered baking tray and put into the oven on 220°C/428°F for 8 minutes. Make sure to watch it carefully at the end so it doesn't get burnt at the top. When ready, bring it out from oven, remove it from the pan while flipping it over onto baking paper covered with sugar. Now remove the top paper, spread your filling all over the cake (guava, strawberry, apple jam for example) and wrap it all up into a nice roll. Cut in slices. Your cake should hold together much better than mine, otherwise who cares. It's the taste that is important. This is one of those basic cakes that I've baked since I learnt how to bake when I was around 12-13 or something and it is equally delicious every time. First time I'm trying it with guava though.