Monday, July 18, 2011

Papers signed

So the papers for the new boat are..... SIGNED!! Which technically means that we now have a new family member to start nursing and making her ready for a continued tour across the oceans of the world. Will give you more details of it all very soon, don't worry. We just have so incredibly much to do around here at the moment so that will have to wait a while. I hope you can be patient.. We are very happy and content with this decision, but also a bit nervous because there are some serious amount of work that has to get done with the new boat to make her as well prepared and ready for extensive offshore cruising as our beloved Caos is..

Here's the info of our faithful Hallberg Rassy 352 - Caos if you are looking for an amazing blue-water cruiser which is completely prepared and equipped for a circumnavigation. Hoping to find her a new owner/s in the nearest future.