Thursday, July 21, 2011

Rum for all

Here's our friend Byron. He's homeless and spends his days hanging around here in between Nelsons Dockyard and Falmouth Harbor. He sometimes asks people for money and so also us and I guess we've given him some dollars every time we had something with us. Since we have gotten to know each other better now as we've been around here a few months, we occasionally buy him a bottle of rum, too, because that's what he anyway will go and buy for the money. Who doesn't get happier with some warming and delicious rum? I know I do. And once when we had cleaned the boat here and we gave Byron some clothes that Alex no longer uses, he turned around and looked at us with a bothered face: "Clothes? For what? Does it look like I'm homeless or what?" whereupon he cracked up in his characteristic loud laughter while he happily grabbed the bag. Ahahah. Gotta love this guy. Think we'll need to get him another bottle of Cavalier before we leave this place.