Sunday, July 17, 2011

Running away

Quite often since we began this journey of ours, we have received the same question: What are you running away from? Just like a journey around the world, and a detachment from what you might think is "normal" is something that must be "wrong". We have sometimes met this perception that exists out there that people who are not interested in locking themselves up with a conventional job or who're not interested in settling down in one specific place, must be "running away from something bad". And every-time I receive the question I laugh and I wonder: Where the fuck do you want me to begin?

If you have read this blog before, you should have also understood what we actually are running away from, it is partly explained here, here and here. But if you have a second to spare I can try to refresh your memory, but listen closely as a few of you seem to have missed the point in what earlier has been said.

We run away from conformity, from routines of an everyday life that doesn't suit us and times and appointments that we have no interest in living by at the moment, we run away from cold air, snow and miserable weather. We also are not very fond of the psychological climate that sometimes occurs in both big cities and small villages where people tend to become jealous, bitter and fake when they are not fully content with their own lives. We want to escape mundanity and stagnation. We also wish to eliminate the closeness to people who are everywhere around us, the ones who are insecure and who take their bitterness out on others. We want to get released from the stress and pressure that sometimes is a part of the normal everyday world. In the normal world, the society and the people like to box each other in to categories, and as long as you know who you are, this shouldn't be too much of a problem, but here on the seas you almost don't have to face that conflict at all. We do not wish to stay in one place for the moment as the world is huge and offers so many possibilities. We want to see it all, experience it all, smell thousands of flowers and taste a vast amount of fruits before we know where we wish to settle.

Both of us have gone through quite a few relationships in the past, long and short, good and not so good ones, not so serious and the very serious ones, but this is the first one where we both feel that we finally have found completely right. This journey is a fantastic way for us to get even closer to each other, to get to know every part of each other without too much of outside distractions which hopefully will help us prepare for the day when we wish to begin expanding this little family of ours.

We have always been explorers, vagabonds, travelers, free-spirited gypsies in heart and we are immensely interested in different cultures, in inspiring people, in the simple but beautiful things, the real, naked world and its natural wonders - and in order to stimulate those interests, we must "run away" as you call it, to be able to experience for real. For us it has never been enough with only "visiting" places for a week or two, we've always wanted to become a part of the cities, towns and countries we stayed in as we know that this will help opening up our eyes to the magics of the world, even more. We have embarked on this journey to get a chance to breath, to be able to feel something new. We do this to get a chance to feel free, you know, we want to study what type of feelings and thoughts one can experience, create and embrace when not following the rules and codes of a mundane traditional way of living. Do you know how much there is to feel, understand, experience and see when you are no longer part of the normality, but instead free on your own? There are many people in the "normal world" who can inspire you to make business in the best ways possible and who can teach you a thing or two about ... things. But there are not many people out there in the locked up world that has something new and inspiring to say about true things. Because it sometimes seems like everyone are copies of each other. And as soon as one inspiring person arrives, people tend to imitate that very one and suddenly you don't know who is who, as they all blend into the same soggy mixture where everyone desperately tries to be the one.

Me and Alex are dreamers, doers and even creators and we love life too much to lock ourselves up when we know that there is a possibility to sail the oceans of the world. We have no will to live by someone's else law or order for the moment as we know that there are other ways to go in this life and we know that there still exists the possibility to feel much more free than what you do in your "normal" world. Therefore we have taken the chance and the possibility to release ourselves for a while. We have given ourselves the opportunity in getting out of the normality and into the wild. Into a world where only we (and the weather) decides what we will do, where we will go, what time we should wake up in the mornings. For the moment we are not interested in anything else than making ourselves, our families and closest friends happy and content human beings and the rest of the rules, worries and questions a normal world might offer we do not pay too much attention to.

I know that some of you might think that this all sounds selfish, but this is our truth. We do what we want, we go wherever we wish, we go to sleep and wake up whenever we feel like, we have the whole wide world as our playground, we have not much to complain about as we don't put ourselves in trouble and pain and we are making sure that we can fulfill all of our dreams, the small ones and the big ones, one after another, day after day.

Why? Because we can.