Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sorry to keep you all on tenterhooks

So this is now our new 43' baby. It was a rainy, dark and windy night when we began looking around for another boat online. Something that could match our requirements with additional space, a boat with a longer length of hull to make us go faster and we wanted her to offer a possibility for us to be able to rebuild it a bit to our personal taste. Suddenly we found her. We both went oooh and aaah for a long time after she showed up on the screen. We obviously had to go visit her to find out if she was that beautiful, fast and gracious as we had imagined her to be.

And yes she was. 

Designed by Halsey Herreshoff, built in Bristol 1971 and structurally made for off-shore race. Being made in the early 70's she is what we normally call a classic yacht, a classic with fiberglass hull and with beautiful and characteristic wooden details both in the interior and the exterior. Many of you have wondered why we want to change boat when we have something so good for cruising as Caos, and yes you are right: the Hallberg Rassy 352's are most definitely excellent live aboard cruisers and although it is around 30 years since they began to produce them, they are still one of the most sought after models for people and couples wishing to sail around the world in comfort and safety.

But we have now lived almost two years on Caos and we've felt that although our boat has proven to be the most reliable, safe and comfortable boat on the planet, there were a couple of things that could have made our life just a bit better:

- Additional space for all of our things. And we're not talking only shoes anymore, it is Alex massive amount of tool boxes that takes most space, all of his surfboards (and he wish to add more to the quiver), we also got the diving equipment, hundreds of books, loads of galley and cooking utensils and all kinds of other things we carry around here. Alex also bought Caos before we met and before this tour was planned and I think that he never really could've imagined to have to fit all of those things, one woman and her wardrobe and go sailing around the world with that boat when he first bought it.

- Additional speed and pointing ability. Since Alex been racing quite a lot in his youth, he hasn't been too happy when other boats have passed us by when sailing. It will be a new interesting life here for us where I hope to see him less frustrated and more relaxed while sailing.

- Different design and more possibilities to redesign a boat more suitable for our personal preferences.

So we've been looking for something unique, something with beautiful lines, plenty of space and longer LWL. And we've found it all in this beautifully gracious boat.

What we will be missing though, and what our Caos possesses, is the comfort at sea. The Hallberg Rassy boats are made and designed to live on, and being very very comfortable while doing so. This Herreshoff on the other hand, is fast and offers a total different sailing experience but wasn't made for the exact same purpose as the HR352's and therefore we will have to adjust our life on water to suit the features of this new boat.

There is this deeper draft to consider, the cockpit is not as protected as the one on Caos, the galley is much larger but on the other hand it isn't as usable in high seas as is the galley of Caos and so on. There are quite some new challenges with this new boat that's for sure, but we are convinced that with Alex passion and skills for building and designing we will be able to adjust her to our personal comfort and style. This new boat gives us a wonderful project and a challenge that we've been dreaming of for a very long time. 

Now begins the long process of making this boat prepared for the rest of our journey around the globe. We can't wait to see what memories she will be able to bring us in the future. Hoping to have her ready and fully equipped by the end of this year.