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Suanbo Hot Spring and Sajo Ski Resort

Suanbo is a small village located in Chungju, North Chungcheong, South Korea. Nowadays, Suanbo is a favourite tourist known for it's hot spring bathing and skiing. Nearby is Woraksan National ParkSuanbo.

Suanbo is your one-stop winter destination. Visitors can enjoy hot springs and skiing all in one spot. This region is well known for its gourmet food and the surrounding areas of Danyang 8 Sights, Mt. Woraksan National Park, Chungju Dam, and much more making this region one of Korea’s most famous tourist destinations. Suanbo is only a two hour and 20 minute drive from Seoul. Due to its close proximity to Seoul, this destination is highly recommended as a day trip. There are three things that all tourists to the area should experience: hot springs, skiing, food

Hotspring (Oncheons) are everywhere around the cities, but some of the hotels also providing bathhouses with spring water.

About Suanbo Hotspring

Suanbo Hot Spring

Suanbo Hotspring is the first naturally yielded spring which originally started to flow 30,000 years ago The sulphur spring is officially mentioned on the record during the 9th year of King Hyeonjong's reign (1018). It is also stated in the Joseon Dynasty’s authentic records, Donggukyeojiseungnam, Yeojido Map, Cheonggudo Map, Daedongyeojido Map and up to 30 historical books.

The spring water was brought up deep beneath the ground (250m) with a temperature of 53°C and acidity level of 8.3. The alkaline water contains minerals such as lithium, calcium, natrium, fluorine, and magnesium that are healthful and refreshing.

Some of the oncheon baths:
Hi-spa is along the main street. This costs 6000 won adult admission and is the only publicly-owned hot spring resort in Korea. It's a very comfortable place to hang out in.
Suanbo Park is high up on the hill a ways above the town. It costs 10,000 won admission but one can get a discount coupon from the tourist bureau. This applies to several other spa hotels as well. Featured here are outdoor baths for each gender.
Suanbo Sangnok Hotel has a bath for which a coupon is available.
Likewise, the Daelim Hotel has coupons available for its bath. Ask at a tourist bureau. At the Daelim, the oncheon is "sebisu" to hotel guests.

Sajo Ski Resort

Suanbo Ski Resort

Besides go to hot spring, visiting Suanbo will not complete without visiting the ski resort. Less than 2km from Suanbo Hot Springs is Sajo Ski Resort. Sajo Ski Resort

The Suanbo Sajo Resort area is a basin with high snowfall and good quality snow. Located in the middle region of Korea, transportation is convenient and both skiing and hot springs can be enjoyed in one place.

The Sajo ski Resort in Suanbo offers skiing, snowboarding, and sledding. Opened in 1989, the Sajo Resort is the only domestic hot spring ski resort. Visitors can ski all day long, and then relax in a hot spring at night. The resort has slopes for all levels, ranging from beginning to advanced. There are seven types of slopes and four lifts, as well as 4,000 kinds of snowboard and ski equipment available to rent. Convenient lodging facilities include a 50 room condominium and a 78 room youth hostel. Approximately 1,000 lockers make it easy to store valuables. Ski passes are divided into the following categories: all-day passes (9:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.), half-day passes (9:00 a.m. -12:30 p.m.), and night-passes (6:00 p.m. - 9:30 p.m.). Beginners should always play it safe and start with a lesson.

Skiing and snowboarding is popular with the younger crowds, while many families take to the slopes on sleds. The slopes designated for sledding measure 120 meters in length. Speed picks up quickly when going down the slopes, putting youngsters in danger, and so it is recommended for children to ride with an adult. Due to the fact that this ski resort is less crowded than others, visitors don’t need to worry about waiting on long lines.

Sajo Ski Resort is very modest in scale, a big handicap in a country that believes bigger is better. There are seven slopes and three lifts, and ski equipment can be hired. Night skiing is also possible. Near the slopes is a hotel and a youth hostel, but the best plan is to stay in Suanbo and use the free shuttle buses that run during the ski season.

Add: 642-1 Oncheon-ri, Suanbo-myeon, Chungju-si, Chungcheongbuk-do
Tel: 82-43-846-0750, 82-2-3443-6690 (Seoul Office)
Fax: 82-43-846-1789, 82-2-3446-7144 (Seoul Office)
Homepage: (Korean, English)

How to access Suanbo :
- By Bus: Take a bus from Chungju Intercity Bus Terminal heading Suanbo, Songgye Woraksan Mountain, and Samgwanmun. → Get off at Suanbo Post Office. (First bus 5:45a.m., last bus 9:50p.m. 20 minute interval, 35 minute ride)
- By Train : Nearest trains are in Chungju to the north, and in Jeomchon to the south.

Suanbo Shopping :

The famous local market is Five-day market. This market is held on days ending with 1 or 6. It's in the middle of town, on streets leading off the one where the buses run.

Suanbo Sajo Ski Resort Photos :

Suanbo Sajo Ski Resort
Suanbo Sajo Ski Resort Ski Equipment Rental

Suanbo Ski Resort

Suanbo Ski Resort

Suanbo Ski Resort

Suanbo City
Suanbo City. Suanbo is a small place with large buildings

Suanbo City At Night
Suanbo City At Night

Suanbo Hot Springs Resort Photos :

Suanbo Hot Spring

Suanbo Hot Spring

Suanbo Hot Spring

Suanbo Hot Spring

Suanbo Hot Spring
The Special Features of Suanbo Hot Springs. The temperature of Suanbo hot springs is 53 degrees Celsius, the pH is alkaline at 8.3 to 8.6 and it contains disolved sodium and sulfates to relax your muscles and treat your skin. Suanbo is the only publicly run hot springs spa in Korea.

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