If you have an extra property, or you have extra rooms at home, then summer is a good opportunity to rent it out so you can earn some extra money. This is especially true for those living in beach communities where the demand for rental vacation homes will be pretty high.
Homeowners will deal with strangers so all precautions must be taken into consideration so the safety of your family and property will be ensured. If you are renting out the whole home for a few days or a bed space for a night, here are some important reminders so everything goes smoothly with your vacation rental:
Never rush
You will not be operating like a hotel which immediately books reservations for guests. As the homeowner, you can screen potential clients through online profiles, phone interviews, and exchange of emails.
Some experts suggest to at least talk to the client over the phone before confirming the booking. You can get a lot of valuable information about the guest in just a few minutes of phone call. There is another belief that booking it first is better before taking the phone call but you are still encourage to correspond with the potential client via email.
Always get to know the potential guests whether you are opening the doors of your own home for them or renting out another property.
Ask to find out
If you ask the right questions during a phone interview, it may help uncover any red flags. Ask the potential client the purpose of their trip or if they ever used a rental vacation home before. You might also want to ask if there will be only adults or will there be kids coming along during their stay. You can also ask them if they are looking for particular attractions they want and you might be able to give some inputs.
Use social media and the internet
Some cybersleuthing is okay if you are renting out your vacation home. Add your potential guests temporarily on Facebook so you can check their profiles. The pictures might also give you a hint of their lifestyle so if you see a whole gang going on a drinking spree from a beer funnel, then you might want to think again.