Wednesday, August 3, 2011

8 best drinks while enjoying the beach

If you worship the sun, love the water, and just crazy for all the fun summer brings, then you might also be into the best summer drinks you can get hold of. We list down some of the best beach drinks that we know of while at the best beaches across the globe:

Caipirinha in Brazil

You will find caipirinha in any cafe or bar along the beaches of Brazil. It is made from cachaca (spirit made from sugarcane juice), sugar, and lime. This blend is quite easy to make as vendors along the beach can prepare them in no time. You can also find variations of the caipirinha like the caipifrutas which adds a fruit into the equation like kiwi, mango, passionfruit, or cashew fruit.

Daiquiri in Cuba

This beach drink was named after a popular seacoast in Santiago, Cuba. The rum based daiquri was allegedly concocted by American engineers managing a project in the area who ran out of gin. Today, it is served in frozen form.

Piña Colada in Puerto Rico

This slurry mixed of coconut, pineapple, and rum is a popular drink anywhere in the Caribbean even before it was perfected back in the 1950s at a Hilton bar in San Juan by Monchito Marrero. The Piña Colada is famous world wide but nothing beats it when you sip it while lounging by a pool or chilling on a beach in Puerto Rico.

Mai-Tai in Polynesia

The name goes way back in the 1940s when a Tahitian traveller tried the drink in a lounge in Oakland, California and said “mai tai!” or out of this world. He was so amazed with the blend of rum, orgeat syrip, and orange curacao that he had to blurt it out. Mai-Tai further got into the scene when it was in the frames of the Elvis flick Blue Hawaii.

Margarita in Mexico

What will be this list without the margarita? The origin of the drink is still unclear whether it was invented by a bar tender to win a smile from Rita Hayworth born as Margarita Cansino or was it a blend made by a socialite having a holiday in Acapulco. It does not really matter where it came from. Today, this mix of tequila, lime juice, and cointreau served in a glass with its lip dipped in salt is among the top selling cocktail across the globe.

Cape Codder in Massachusetts, USA

When cranberry juice was promoted to be a good mix for rum or whiskey, it went plopped. But when it was with tried with vodka, Cape Codder was born and has taken several twists ever since. One of the most popular variation is the cosmopolitan, a hybrid of the martini.

Limoncello in Southern Italy

Farmers had an oversupply of lemon so what they did was soaked its peels into grain alcohol and put in some sugar to make limoncello. This drink is often taken after dinner but it is now being use as base to make simple cocktails while enjoying the picturesque seascape.

Rosé in France

It has been a long practice to sip a glass of cold dry rosé in the beach cafes of Cote d’Azur while enjoing langoustines and fish soup. The drink is made from the skin of red grapes after being crushed during the process of wine making. Rosé is considered as something in between red and white wine.